Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Too Late to Shout "Stop!" - Vox Popoli

 The Tree of Woe explains why it’s too late for conservatism:

Conservatism is dead.

Who would stand athwart history and shout “Stop” at this moment in time? America today is a dystopia.

The ruling class has pilfered the wealth and productivity of three generations of workers, financialized it into securities, and sold it to the globe. Now the factories and infrastructure of the country decay, and with them go our productive capacities. As productivity declines, purchasing power declines, so more currency is printed for billionaires. Productive wages languish while financial wealth soars. The hyperinflation of our currency spells doom for our consumption. “You will own nothing,” and you will not be happy.

Meanwhile, personal autonomy has been discarded in favor of the grossest arguments of collectivism. Parental rights have been handed over to the nanny state. The borders have been left open, even as our citizens have spent the last two years locked in their homes. The freedom of assembly has been abrogated. The freedom of speech has been obliterated. Through the mechanisms of Tyranny, Inc., the federal government has learned that any act or speech it wants to be regulated, it can have corporations regulate on its behalf.

Federal omnipotence is matched only by federal incompetence: The government is no longer competent to craft a budget, maintain a city, or win a war. It is no longer competent to even lose a war. A functioning autocracy can oftentimes achieve national greatness. A dysfunctional kleptocracy can achieve nothing but its own corrupt enrichment, and even that only until the citizens have nothing left to steal.

This is why the Nationalist Right, the Nationalist Christian Right, is inevitable. The alternatives have already failed. Globalism will fail. And we know, from the Bible, that both the nations and Christianity will survive until the end.

Proceed with confidence and serenity. No matter what names they hurl at you.