Monday, October 11, 2021

DaJabber Report - those stubborn FACTS keep adding up - but who reads facts? Certainly not DaSheepDips!

Did you know? Why not?

The Forgotten Headline - Billionaires Try to Shrink World's Population

It’s May 2009, the world’s billionaires secretly get together at Rockefeller University, a graduate school of biological and medical sciences in Manhattan. They’re having drinks, the finest cognac and wines, dinner, the best of everything, with people scurrying to grant them their every need. But, their purpose was not social. It was a strategy meeting, an important discussion…a discussion on the world’s population. As they see it,...the definitive crisis of the millennium.

The headline was reported by The Wall Street Journal and The Sunday Times of London. Very few news gathering outlets showed interest.

By The End Of The Year We Won’t Need Vaccines. So Why Are You Getting Jabbed?

Virus Dangers vs. Vaccine Dangers - Fact Sheet

Sins of Omission and the COVID Bottom Line

The COVID Page -- updates, comments, corrections, etc.

For anyone who ends up in a hospital -- or knows someone who does -- diagnosed with COVID-19, you MUST check out a practice called "proning" which is much safer than using the ventilators and is adequate in many cases.  BUT last I checked, it's only used in a few hospitals -- and the hospital doesn't get the $39,000 reimbursement from Uncle Sam - - -  

Proning COVID-19 Patients Reduces Need for Ventilators | Columbia University Irving Medical Center

All you need to know about vaccine failure - not in Israel, in the US - in one incredible chart - by Alex Berenson - Unreported Truths

Practical Reasons Why Vaccine Injuries Are Rarely Reported

Jessica Berg Wilson’s death shouldn’t have happened

Effects of Basic Amino Acids and Their Derivatives on SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza-A Virus Infection

Shut ‘Em Down - The Jacksonville air traffic controllers walk over the vaccine mandate:

Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?

Vermont Boasts Highest Rates of Injection and Infection

"So Deeply, Deeply Wrong" - Lithuanian Without Vaccine Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny

Is The Small Business Sector Being Deliberately Targeted For Destruction?

UK Funeral Director Whistleblower: Pandemic Is Cover Story For Euthanasia, Mass Sterilization, And Murder By Injection

If This Is True.... - If in fact Congress, their staff and families have been using the very process I just described while screwing everyone else by banning it either explicitly or implicitly then they are all murderous *******s. 

Exactly why does the public allow such abject fraud to be run upon them?  We're all used to lies out of Congress and the Executive; that's what they do best.

But now we have an allegation that with these lies they're killing Americans -- literally -- by arguing against and permitting outright bans on the use of the very intervention they themselves are using to beat back this virus.

Never Listen to the Elite - And don’t ever do what they tell you to do. They are lying hypocrites from beginning to end, starting with the US Congress:

Why do we let them get away with all this?

Why? Because DaSheepDips need to be fleeced regularly and besides, they seem to like it! They even brag about it, insisting that all should be jabbed – by force if necessary!