Friday, October 29, 2021

And Now, The Admission.... - by Karl Denninger

In short, the governments lied and now they're admitting it.

My goal as virologist Drosten, is … I want to have vaccine immunity and then, on top of that, I want to have my first infection, and my second, and my third at some point.”

You mean... like measles?

Oh wait... not like measles, because if you take the measles shot you won't get measles -- or give it to anyone else.

Of course this forms the entire premise of so-called "mandatory" vaccinations, all of which has always been a crock of **** and worthy of a piano dropped on the head of anyone arguing for it.  The only reason it didn't happen over the decades is that those other shots were in fact safe (which these are not) and, once taken, you didn't get the disease.

But now we have an actual Government so-called expert, in this case Germany's, stating out loud that the vaccines are in fact worthless as a public health measure.  They neither prevent you from getting the virus or transmitting it, making them nothing more than a very dangerous flu shot.

The flu shot usually doesn't prevent you from getting or spreading the flu either.  Indeed in Canada nurses have won court cases against their employers who argued for mandatory flu shots on exactly this basis.  The flu shot, which is pushed heavily by a lot of doctors and so-called "experts", has the virtue of being quite safe, however, that only about 20 or 25 people die associated with it and it has no record of causing effects like myocarditis.  Neither can be said for these jabs that are somewhere between 100 and 1,000 times as dangerous -- bad enough that for someone under the age of 30 who doesn't have a pre-existing life-threatening condition the jab is more-dangerous than the virus itself.

But what's worse is the continuing stream of data out of England which strongly suggests that not only do these jabs not stop you from getting the virus they also have a very nasty tendency to prevent you from building "N" antibodies if and when you do get infected after being jabbed.  That's very bad, because it is those antibodies that, we have reason to believe, are in fact critical to prevent serious or fatal outcomes.

Nobody cares if they sneeze; indeed, coronaviruses produce that all the time.

So why would Drosten say he looks forward to his first, second and third infection post jab?  We already know that being infected without being jabbed produces durable immunity.  Exactly how durable is open to some question but by the data over the last 18 months the answer is "very durable" with only a tiny fraction of one percent of people becoming symptomatically ill, if not vaccinated, twice.

What Drosten is telling you is that not only have the vaccines failed to stop you from getting the virus they've screwed everyone.

No, not everyone has or will drop dead from the immediate side effects such as myocarditis, although the longer-term impact of those nasty adverse effects is very likely to be materially worse than the immediate count, which is bad enough.  No, the really hideous news, it appears, is that it is basically universal that the jabs produce OAS in every single person who takes them and thus you will not only get Covid, you'll get it more than once if you were stupid enough to take the shot(s).