Friday, October 8, 2021

Don't Blame Russia if Europe Freezes - Vox Popoli

 Even Angela Merkel has admitted that the European natural gas shortage is not Russia’s fault:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected suggestions that the increased price of gas is due to Russian policy. Instead she has pointed the finger at the EU’s own approach asking whether the bloc could have acted differently.
Speaking on Wednesday, Merkel noted that Russia has never refused to deliver gas and has fulfilled its contractual obligations.

“That’s why we should ask the question: was enough gas ordered, or is the high price at the moment maybe the reason for not ordering so much?” Merkel asked, according to London’s Financial Times.

The European Union has sought to move gas trading to the spot market in recent years, whereas Russia has consistently preferred long-term contracts, often as long as 25 years. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed at the reluctance of the bloc to sign longer deals as a cause for rising prices.

So, the Europeans didn’t order enough natural gas to meet their needs, shut down their nuclear plants, and chose to rely upon green energy production that has fallen woefully short of requirements. But since Putin refuses to sell them additional gas at contract prices at the same time they are trying to deny Russia’s ability to deliver gas via the new Nordstream 2 pipeline, this is somehow supposed to be all Russia’s fault.

Literally no one is buying it. Which raises the obvious question: what else are they lying about? Other than Covid and the “safe and effective” vaxxes, of course.