Friday, June 24, 2022

A World That Hates Truth - Vox Popoli

 Dr. Vernon Coleman explains what is in store for everyone who dares to publicly refute the Narrative:

My early books such as ‘The Medicine Men’ and ‘Paper Doctors’, (both published in the 1970s) were widely praised in the national press. The Guardian newspaper bought serial rights for the first and published a huge extract. The BBC made a programme about it.

During the 1970s and early 1980s, while working as a GP, I worked a good deal for both broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and for national TV stations. I wrote numerous columns and made several thousand TV and radio programmes. And I wrote a host of books which were mostly very well received and reviewed – appearing in the best-seller lists around the world. I was sued and served with injunctions and so on but probably no more than most authors.

My medical career came to an end in the 1980s when I was fined by the NHS because I refused to put diagnoses on sick notes. I felt that maintaining patient confidentiality was important. I resigned as a GP, though my protest resulted in a change in the regulations.

But then, at the end of the 1980s, there was a not very subtle change in the way the establishment treated original thinking: anyone who questioned the ‘official’ line was either actively suppressed or attacked. Any questioning of vaccination or vivisection, for example, drew violent attacks from the medical establishment and, in particular, from the pharmaceutical industry…

Privately and professionally, sharing the truth in 2020 was the worst thing I ever did. It has brought me and my beloved, hard-working and constantly loyal wife nothing but personal and professional pain. It has taken up nearly every minute of my life for two years.

The aim of the attacks was not, simply to destroy me – it was to stop people listening to anything I said, or reading anything I wrote. Before March 2020 I had many millions of readers around the world. I wonder how many I have left now. Precious few, I suspect. How do people know that the word ‘discredited’, plucked out of thin air and applied to my name by Google, is just a libel and not a fact? How many know that the ASA which is quoted is a private organisation funded by advertisers?

I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts because ‘of my views and my recent involvement in the BBC Panorama programme’. That’s what they said. This seemed to me to be a bit like arresting someone because they’d been mugged. (I was never invited to appear on the programme they mentioned. The BBC boasts that it won’t ever give airtime to those questioning vaccination ‘whether they’re right or wrong’.)

The abuse on social media grew and grew. It isn’t normal, unpleasant social media abuse. It is a campaign of suppression and oppression, decorated with malicious lies, and threats (including death threats) invented to help keep the truth suppressed.

If my videos or articles are put on sites such as YouTube by other people they are taken down within minutes.

Someone watches everything I do. In May 2022, a publisher working outside the UK and the US finally produced an English language paperback version of my thrice banned book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History. I mentioned the book’s publication on my website. Within hours the publisher’s PayPal account was closed making it difficult for him to sell books by mail order. He then opened another payment account with a different company and, almost immediately, that account was also closed…

I tell you all this to show just how bad things have become, how the truth is suppressed and how whistle-blowers and truth-tellers are mercilessly and ruthlessly demonised.

Satan and his servants absolutely hate the truth as well as those who tell it. This is because they hate and fear the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and even those who don’t consciously and willingly serve Jesus Christ are doing so every single time they refute one of the myriad of satanic lies that presently engulf our fallen world.

But this demonization of truth-tellers is little more than psychological projection of a false narrative constructed by those who are literally oppressed by demons, whose minds are clouded and whose eyes are blinded by the very forces they serve, knowingly or not. And while there is someone watching everything that everyone does – there are actually two levels of surveillance, the material Panopticon of which Charles Stross and AC write as well as the spiritual witnesses described by Epictetus and Jesus Christ- there is One who is much greater watching the watchers, who will judge them for their crimes against good men like Dr. Coleman.

So don’t cry and curse your fate when evils great and small target you for harassment or attempt to harm you and make your life more difficult. It’s an honor, a distinction, and a testimony that you have been effective in your service of the Creator of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. Even if history doesn’t remember that, one can reasonably hope that God will.