Friday, June 24, 2022

"They All Knew" - Vox Popoli

 A reporter explains how the truth is hidden from the public and why it is difficult to call out the well-connected wicked and hold them accountable for their crimes:

Adam Davidson explained why he can’t publish what he knows about these powerful friends and clients of Epstein and why some victims won’t come forward.

He says powerful elites in the media knew of Epstein’s crimes and many of them participated in the sex abuse. In a lengthy thread on Twitter, Davidson lays out what he knows, writing: “I wrote something provocative about how I know stuff about Jeffrey Epstein and can’t publish it.

“I’ll do my best to explain and reveal here. It provides, I think, a good lesson in why it is hard to publish stories about bad things done by the rich and powerful: Just about everything I know has been published somewhere. It’s in books or articles or interviews with victims or revealed in depositions. And, I think, our podcast, Broken, went further than many in revealing scumbaggery. But, yes, there are things I believe, with good evidence, to be true that I feel I cannot publish.

“These fall into a few categories:

“Category 1: Protecting the victims.

“We spoke to dozens of Epstein’s victims and dozens of their lawyers. Many are, simply, terrified and don’t want to talk at all….

“The next circle of sources are the enablers,” he continues.

“Over the decades of abuse, Epstein had hundreds of staffers–pilots, house staff, chefs, assistants–the vast majority will never speak or will offer weak denials or will only speak through lawyers. We covered one of those enablers, Adam Perry Lang, quite well, I thought: he was Epstein’s chef for years and has become a Hollywood celeb chef, best friend of Jimmy Kimmel. “A few of these enablers would confirm details off the record.

“Then there is a huge group of people–those who witnessed Epstein and fancy functions. They saw him with teenagers at scientific conferences or sitting on his knee at dinner parties. There are countless people like this. A few did talk to us–totally off the record.

“Lastly, there are the people who (allegedly!) either had sex with children or were around when others were doing so. They are all rich and powerful and simply deny and refer to their lawyers often with clear insistence that they will sue.

“They knew. Yes, of course, many participated. But ALL knew.”

They did all know. At this point, we all know too. But there is a massive difference between a) what you know, and b) what you can prove to the satisfaction of a neutral prosecutor, and c) what you can prove to the public in the face of a corrupt prosecutor, a corrupt court, and a corrupt media doing a full-court press to hide the truth.

This is why we should neither fault nor shame those who are unable or unwilling to come forward, but rather, praise and reward the rare brave victim, enabler, or witness who does stand up against the corruption and wickedness in high places.

The media isn’t even remotely impartial, since it serves as the first line of defense for the forces of evil. Whereas it will cheerfully defame a minor public figure on the basis of nothing more than an anonymous accusation from a social media site, it will not permit even a hint of a suggestion that a powerful and well-connected individual has been part of a satanic sex-trafficking ring preying on hundreds of children for decades without permission from its masters, and in fact, will heap coals and calumnies on anyone and everyone who even asks the obvious questions about the observable evidence.