Tuesday, June 28, 2022

How to Read the News - Vox Popoli (War is get the idea! - CL)

 A brief lesson in mendaspicy, a form of divination based upon the inspection of lies exposed through the dissection of a media article. As the media’s relentless anti-Putin and anti-Russian propaganda increases in intensity, it’s useful to examine it closely in order to see if it can help us better understand what is really happening beneath the media cover of its inverted Narrative.

ITEM: Vladimir Putin is panicking. “Panicking Putin ‘calls up OBESE 20st retired general, 67, to lead forces in Ukraine'”

ITEM: Vladimir Putin is desperate. “Desperate Putin plans to send nuclear-capable arsenal to Belarus”

ITEM: Vladimir Putin is running out of financial resources. “Financial noose around Vladimir Putin”.

ITEM: Vladimir Putin is running out of military resources. “Putin ‘running out of puff'”

ITEM: Vladimir Putin cannot divide the G7 nations. “Vladimir Putin will not divide G7 leaders”

ITEM: Any steps toward peace will lead to global instability.

Boris Johnson reveals downside of settling Ukraine conflict. Any effort to resolve the conflict between Moscow and Kiev peacefully will cause more harm than good, the UK PM has said.

The West needs to keep arming Ukraine instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told French President Emmanuel Macron, according to Downing Street. Any attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully will lead to global instability, he said at a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit on Sunday…

The prime minister also cautioned the French leader against seeking alternatives to resolving the conflict. The Prime Minister stressed any attempt to settle the conflict now will only cause enduring instability and give Putin licence to manipulate both sovereign countries and international markets in perpetuity.

Johnson took a similar stance at a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday. “Ukraine is on a knife-edge and we need to tip the balance of the war in their favor. That means providing Ukraine with the defensive capabilities, training and intelligence they need to repel the Russian advance,” a statement from Downing Street read.

On Sunday, Johnson tweeted that Ukraine’s “security is our security, and their freedom is our freedom.”

Now, note that these are all headlines featured in The Daily Mail for 26 June 2022. There are 26 direct references to Vladimir Putin on the home page, compared to 20 for Boris Johnson, 7 for Joe Biden, and 0 for Xi Xinping. Applying the mendaspicic principle of narratival inversion, what can we potentially discern about the present conflict between Russia and the globalist forces from these six headlines?

  1. The globalists are panicking.
  2. The globalists are desperate.
  3. The globalist economies are in a financial crisis.
  4. The globalist militaries are running out of infantry, armor, and ammunition.
  5. There is an incipient split in the G7, most likely between those who want to negotiate a peace settlement (Japan and Italy) and those who don’t (USA, UK, Canada). France is leaning toward the former and Germany is leaning toward the latter.
  6. The neo-liberal rules-based world order will not survive either a) a peace settlement with Russia or b) a war with the Sino-Russian alliance. Therefore, gambling on c) defeating Russia while avoiding war with China is the globalists’ preferred option.

Time will tell whether mendaspicy is any more accurate than haruspicy, but at least it gives us a predictive model against which we can compare future events and actions.