Saturday, June 25, 2022

As The SHTF - Remember Who Told You the Truth!

The two posts today are illustrative of just about everything going on in every aspect of our lives and certainly remind me to again review Are We Governed by Humans?

You Don't Say - Vox Popoli

The vaxx trials for children have not gone well. This didn’t stop the CDC from recommending it. It appears the monsters are seeking to find another way to sacrifice children to their evil god now that abortion “rights” are no more.

When the Wicked Try to Flee - Kunstler

Even under those dire circumstances realize this: there will still be a lot of people left in this country who are not vaccinated, not sick, and not insane — millions —  and they are the ones who are going to keep the project of civilization alive here, including bringing judgment upon those who set into motion all the aforementioned calamities and wickedness.

Remember Who Told You the Truth - Vox Popoli

It will probably take at least six years to resolve World War III, and quite possibly an entire decade given the way in which it is more truly global than either of its two predecessors. But we can be optimistic that the world that has been remade by the conflict will turn out to be a better one than the one ruled by the wicked Empire of Lies.

Also, a piece of advice: stop paying attention to those who a) have lied to you and/or b) have been reliably wrong. Just stop!