Wednesday, June 22, 2022

All This and World War Too - Kunstler

…perhaps, you can see how the dangerous mischief of RussiaGate, Hillary Clinton’s spoofish punkery that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 election, mutated into a foreign policy psychosis….

For three decades, since the old Soviet Union ended in a whimper, reincarnated Russia asked “the West” for very little, almost nothing, really, certainly not the kind of “aid” that the USA used like a fungo-bat to beat lesser states around the world into hegemonic submission. All Russia asked, after seventy-five years of mass formation communist insanity, was to be treated once again like a normal European nation. Early on, Russia even floated a possible application to NATO, which NATO laughed off — among many other insults to follow.

But slowly after 1991, and then all at once, Europe and the USA fell under their own mass formation spell, apparently at the instigation of a certain Schwabenklaus and his WEF factotums implanted throughout Western Civ, like poison raisins in a fruitcake, rendering the EU members and the USA insane, which is to say no longer able to entertain normal relations with others.

And so, by February of 2022, you get this coalition of lunatic countries — preoccupied at home with the rankest political degeneracy disguised as virtue — provoking a proxy war in Ukraine with the aim of impoverishing, humiliating, and weakening Russia. And despite the massive funding and training of a 200,000-man Ukrainian military poised against the Donbas, the whole thing collapsed in misadventure as a strategic Russian meat-grinder chewed through the West’s proxy army like so much lunchmeat… bringing us up-to-date.

As the psychologist Mattias Desmet points out in his just-published book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, the people tragically locked into a mass formation develop, among many other delusions and psychopathologies, the grandiose idea that they have an ethical duty to destroy other nations. Hence, perhaps, you can see how the dangerous mischief of RussiaGate, Hillary Clinton’s spoofish punkery that Russia “interfered” in the 2016 election, mutated into an American foreign policy psychosis.

By “Hillary Clinton” you must understand I refer not just to the Flying Reptile of Chappaqua herself, but the Party of Chaos she helped create out of the diverse-and-inclusive body parts stitched together from the graveyard of Leftist politics — socialists, communists, feminists, anarchists, Maoists, and Gawd-knows whatever other diverse ists this increasingly crazed coalition of Jacobin maniacs could enlist for beating a path straight into World War Three.

Now, having flopped in the Ukraine theater of conflict, and to the tune of their anthem, Get Russia, the Party of Chaos enters into a suicide pact with NATO as its useful idiot. They are using recent NATO draftee Lithuania to block the movement of railroad shipments between Russia proper and the geographically stranded province known as Kaliningrad Oblast shoehorned on the Baltic Coast between Lithuania and Poland. Kaliningrad had been swapped around by the principalities and kingdoms of the region from time immemorial. Its valuable ice-free port was annexed by Russia in 1758, traded variously to Poland and Prussia since then, and landed back in Russia’s possession after the Second World War. Thus, blocking transport from Russia to Kaliningrad Oblast might be construed as an act of war. Smooth move, NATO….

Britain is banging war drums the loudest at the moment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, having made a suet pudding of his country’s economy, apparently thinks that World War Three will be a welcome diversion from Old Blighty’s nauseating whirl down the drain of broken empires. Germany, led by the empty suit Olaf Scholz, begins to squirm a little as it contemplates its blunder of going along with “Joe Biden’s” anti-Russia sanctions — which comes down to burning the furniture to stay warm this coming Christmas. France’s Macron just got drubbed in the National Assembly elections and is calling weakly for talks with Russia, as if…. Anyway, Mr. Putin is no longer in the mood for that, having been dissed, demonized, without relent for years, and lately demonetized by the West’s banking system. I love my country and all (though not so much the regime currently running it), but can you blame the Russian president? Hillary can, of course, and still does to this day, and where’s her credibility at now, exactly?

“Joe Biden,” meanwhile, acted out the perfect metaphor illustrating where the USA is at when, on Saturday, in perfect weather, and on-vacation (as usual) at the Delaware beach (because there’s so little to do in Washington these days), he cruised his bicycle into a gentle stop for a photo op with the locals and proceeded to flop over on his side like a 99-cent gyroscope that just can’t keep a’spinnin’ on its poorly-machined axis. That’s kind of like how America will fight a land war in Europe with our army of “vaccinated” myocarditis victims hoisting the rainbow battle flag into the fray.

Speaking of war… the “Joe Biden” regime is already at war with its own citizens, you know, so we’re poised on the edge of the worst sort of a two-front war: at home and abroad. Late last week, and surely with the connivance of the FDA, CDC, and the NIH, the American Board of Internal Medicine threatened to yank Dr. Peter McCullough’s medical license for “providing false and inaccurate information to patients.” Dr. McCullough has been at the forefront of the battle to provide early treatment protocols for Covid-19 that were systematically banned by US government public health agencies for the sole purpose of preserving the emergency use authorization that protects pharma companies from liability for “vaccines” that don’t prevent transmission of disease and have produced millions of injuries including thousands of deaths.

They are messing with the wrong doctor. He has the goods on these malevolent idiots. If he brings a case against them in a court of law, Dr. McCullough, the most published, peer-reviewed cardiologist in the world, is going to prove definitively just how the people of the USA were defrauded and injured by Big Pharma and our own government, and eventually a lot of the people involved will go to jail, or worse, and they know it. That is, if anything is left standing in our country after “Joe Biden” starts World War Three.

For those of you interested in the theory of mass formation, I’ve just posted my podcast with Mattias Desmet from Ghent University, Belgium, the author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism.