Friday, June 24, 2022

Remember Who Told You the Truth - Vox Popoli

The Saker has a reasonable request for his readers:

Please remember who told you the truth and who lied to you over the past months. There were many, many such liars, ranging from the official propaganda machine (aka the “free press”) to the “Putin has lost it all” emo-Marxists and assorted 6th columnists who, whether they understood it or not, served the purpose of the Empire’s PSYOPs. Also please remember that Andrei Martynov, Bernard and Gonzalo Lira not only spoke truthfully, but they were right and their detractors totally wrong. We all owe them an immense debt of gratitude!

Frankly, before my forced break, I was getting really frustrated trying to prove to misinformed or even fully brainwashed commentators that the official narrative (produced by the biggest strategic PSYOP in history) was a load of bull, based on lies and/or on a total “misunderstanding” (and I am being kind here!) of the real world outside the “mental Zone A”. Now most of that narrative has collapsed.

I am also confident that a month from today, things will be even more obvious than they are today.

I think it’s time to rehash that old bit of triumphalist doggerel.

Of all the words of screen and pen,

The saddest are these:

Vox was right again!

The current war was never about Ukraine, or Putin’s ego, or reconstructing the Soviet Union, or the tsardom of Peter the Great or Ivan the Terrible. It’s always been about the incessant encroachments of Clown World forcing Russia to choose between submission and war. And thanks to the genius and leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia found itself in a position to not only go to war, but do so with a very reasonable prospect of winning.

It will probably take at least six years to resolve World War III, and quite possibly an entire decade given the way in which it is more truly global than either of its two predecessors. But we can be optimistic that the world that has been remade by the conflict will turn out to be a better one than the one ruled by the wicked Empire of Lies.

Also, a piece of advice: stop paying attention to those who a) have lied to you and/or b) have been reliably wrong. Just stop!