Friday, June 3, 2022

America, We Have Chosen This Path!

“As a nation, we have chosen this path. We made the choices and now we will suffer the consequences.” - The Burning Platform

Let me count the ways……

It starts here - The Three Types of Men - Carnal Christians are the greatest burdens of the church.

Once the gates are opened - The Nature of Women and the ‘Woke’ Problem – The Occidental Observer - by RockaBoatus - When our men refuse to take their leadership roles in society, there will arise plenty of women who will be glad to do it for them. And this is where the problems begin.

The Real Reason Why Mass Shooters Kill - By Stephen Baskerville

they are all fatherless.

Once the home and family are corrupted, here comes - It’s education, stupid! Education reflects the mental attitude of the people. A society that recognizes neither wrong nor right, truth or falsehood cannot produce upright people who are capable of subjecting their thoughts and actions to deep reflections and applying the necessary breaks to curb their animalistic impulses.

Observed and written 10 years ago - 30 Blocks of Squalor – it was clearly evident then!

All the while….most of us continue with business as usual:

Do Soldiers Protect Us? This is major tenet of both American religion and American civil religion.

'Official Murder' Too many have forgotten what has always been well known, that progress takes a U-turn whenever haters of God, His Creation, and His people are allowed to take charge.

Whoever so hates people, the Creation, and the Creator as to allow “official murder” by government edict is one that would also sanction the killing of babies before they are born, abandoning science as a tool for the actual improvement of human life, warring against the Creator and attempting to smash what He created.

In the tradition of our elders - Reckoning With Insanity, Part Two – The Burning Platform - Robert GoreIt is American foreign policy which not only precipitated this war in Ukraine, it is THE driving force!

Who Wants War?

The created food crisis – Yup, courtesy of our inattention to check our evil leadership.

I could go on and on…….

Bottom line - Will We Survive Our Complacency?