Sunday, June 26, 2022

How can we fix things if you don't get involved? By Jay Davidson

(After reading this excellent essay, you should seriously study - - and begin the lifetime journey...NOW! - CL)

Joe Biden and his puppet masters want to destroy fossil fuel use in the name of an unproven theory called "man-made global climate change."  Not only do they refuse to admit their guilt for the current crisis, but they don't seem to understand the unintended consequences of their actions.  Or the backlash in future elections.

In order to solve a problem, one must first understand complicity.  There is no redemption if there is no admission of guilt, and  then remorseful contrition.  Every problem has a solution, and every error can be rectified.

Redemption would be signaled by gas prices returning to Trump-era levels, including energy independence.  Since the party in power doesn't understand cause and effect, or the Democrats intentionally sabotaged a successful economy, redemption won't grace our nation until the culprits have all left Washington.  On both sides of the aisle. 

This level of destructive ignorance cannot be allowed.  Yet it is rampant throughout politicians and bureaucrats.  For instance, the EPA makes law and assesses fines on all private energy companies.  The FDA permits medical procedures, not your doctor.  The Federal Reserve decided, unilaterally and without consultation, to print vast sums of U.S. dollars and thereby set up the crippling inflation of today.  Not one of these agencies, or the bureaucrats who run them, for whom we pay through taxation, understands what they have done to private businesses and citizens.

Further, the stated law of the land, our Constitution, specifically precludes the kind of bureaucratic control by government employees we experience today.  The powers granted the federal government were carefully enumerated, and then the Bill of Rights specifically states that all powers not granted to the federal government are to reside with the states. 

The authors of our nation knew that we would one day, 250 years in the future, face the behemoth of excessive government.  They also provided us with the means to solve this problem.  

First, select only politicians who you believe follow the first principle of individual freedom from oppressive government.  Teach them, support them and vote for them.  Then hold them accountable.  Elected politicians work for the free citizen, not the other way around.

Second, Trump had many faults, but he made some critically important decisions.  In particular, Trump nominated three Supreme Court justices who understand the first principle.  Further, these three are conversant in a body of law that is unconstitutional and must be reversed: the Chevron Deferral.

In 1984, the Supreme Court allowed the House of Representatives to abrogate and abandon its constitutional duty to citizens by giving extreme regulatory autonomy to the EPA after a Chevron oil spill.  Now every single bureaucracy has accreted that power to itself.  And our elected officials lazily sit by and let it happen.  There is no difference between control by a tyrant, like communist dictators, and our own government controlling our individual lives and business.  The most important step to reclaiming our nation is reversal of the Chevron Deferral.

Third, America has a unique situation.  We are a representative government.  That means we individuals are responsible for the government we have.  It takes active engagement and individual involvement to direct our government, both elected and employed.  Our contrition is to admit that we have not followed this idea of representative government.  Our redemption is to get involved and change it.  

Start the journey.  Your children's and grandchildren's well-being depends on it.