Friday, June 24, 2022

Suppressed, Banned and Demonised | Dr Vernon Coleman

I’ve been getting into trouble for years. I didn’t want to get into trouble. And I didn’t mean to get into trouble. But that’s the way it’s always been.

In 1964, at the age of 18, I went to Kirkby, Liverpool to spend a year as a Community Service Volunteer.

I arrived as a schoolboy, in a school blazer, tie and flannels. I spent my time there helping old people and working with an army of teenage school-children. I organised groups of teenagers to tidy gardens, paint flats and do shopping for lonely, housebound people. Nine months later, I had seen more of life than I’d seen in the previous 18 years. I had become a professional rebel – fighting for freedom and human rights and against injustices of all kinds.

When I started medical school I carried on working with ‘lost’ teenagers in Birmingham. I recruited a couple of gangs and got the members to help me run a night-club in the city centre so that kids had somewhere to go in the evenings.

And I spent much of the 1960s and 1970s writing articles and columns which were critical of the establishment.

To begin with, the establishment was moderately tolerant.

My early books such as ‘The Medicine Men’ and ‘Paper Doctors’, (both published in the 1970s) were widely praised in the national press. The Guardian newspaper bought serial rights for the first and published a huge extract. The BBC made a programme about it.

During the 1970s and early 1980s, while working as a GP, I worked a good deal for both broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and for national TV stations. I wrote numerous columns and made several thousand TV and radio programmes. And I wrote a host of books which were mostly very well received and reviewed – appearing in the best-seller lists around the world. I was sued and served with injunctions and so on but probably no more than most authors.

My medical career came to an end in the 1980s when I was fined by the NHS because I refused to put diagnoses on sick notes. I felt that maintaining patient confidentiality was important. I resigned as a GP, though my protest resulted in a change in the regulations.

But then, at the end of the 1980s, there was a not very subtle change in the way the establishment treated original thinking: anyone who questioned the ‘official’ line was either actively suppressed or attacked. Any questioning of vaccination or vivisection, for example, drew violent attacks from the medical establishment and, in particular, from the pharmaceutical industry.

I was sued by all sorts of people, including a police force. (And I sued one back.) Most of the lawsuits were, I suspect, more to cause annoyance and waste my time. Because of my opposition to vivisection, I had MI5 and private detectives (hired by drug companies) chasing me and tracking me down. My mail was opened and two separate insiders told me that Special Branch had a growing file about me. I was ‘door stepped’ by journalists on more occasions than I like to remember. I was regularly filmed by police forces. I received writs so thick that they wouldn’t fit through the letterbox and had to be pushed through a cat flap. I’ve had papers relating to drug companies stolen from my home. And, of course, my phone has been tapped for years.

Overnight, I was banned in China where the Chinese Government was so annoyed by a weekly column I wrote for a big Chinese newspaper that they banned all my books in Chinese and also banned other ‘foreign’ authors. The column which caused the fuss was one in which I criticised vaccination.

In the UK I was banned from speaking to NHS staff because it was felt that I would be a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. I had been booked to speak about drug side effects at a large conference but I was replaced by a drug company representative.

I resigned from my last national newspaper column in 2003 after the editor refused to publish an article I had written criticising the Iraq war.

A serious death threat was investigated for many months by the police and by Interpol, and when I travelled to South Africa to speak against vivisection, I was met by an agent of BOSS within hours of arriving in Johannesburg.

After I exposed the way the AIDS ‘crisis’ had been exaggerated, I found that I was no longer invited to contribute to TV or radio programmes. And publishers around the world suddenly let my books go out of print or remaindered them – and refused to consider new titles. A German publisher had been selling large amounts of my books but my books disappeared overnight. The publishers did not respond when I asked for royalty statements. Much the same sort of thing happened around the world.

Book contracts were suddenly withdrawn and TV companies cancelled invitations. By the late 1990s, for no discernible reason, nasty articles about me started to appear in the national press. A nasty and inaccurate piece about me appeared in The Spectator. It was commissioned by Boris Johnson and written by his sister. (The Spectator had to publish a letter of correction.)

And then came the events of 2020.

In February and March of 2020, I questioned the claim that we were at the start of a major plague. My comments (all of which were entirely accurate and based on fact) proved deeply unpopular with the medical and political establishment..

Twenty years previously, I’d been allotted a Wikipedia page (though I had frequently asked for it to be removed).

Suddenly the content of the page was dramatically changed and distorted. Overnight, without any evidence, I became a conspiracy theorist and a discredited doctor.

All details of my books, TV series and columns were removed and replaced.

Wikipedia pages which had been put up about two of my book series (Mrs Caldicot and Bilbury) mysteriously disappeared. Google repeated the lies. It was clear this was all designed to make sure that no one took any notice of what I had to say.

Even the Wikipedia site relating to the award winning movie of my novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War has been deliberately wrecked. The film had terrific reviews, is regularly shown on TV and has over 1,000 reviews at nearly 5 stars on Amazon but Wikipedia now shows only a one star review from the BBC. The only time I’m mentioned as the author, I’m described, inevitably, as a conspiracy theorist.

(Incidentally, some Wikipedia editors will remove rubbish from a page if you give them money. Then if it gets changed back they want more money to tidy it up again. It’s probably quite a nice little earner for those Wikipedia editors.)

I was accused of spreading misinformation because the truth I was telling was considered inconvenient. I was wrongly accused of having been struck off the medical register. I was even accused of falsely claiming to be a doctor. Both print and broadcast media attacked me. I was accused of making videos to ‘make money’ though I had always refused to monetise them because I didn’t want adverts on them. Telling the truth cost me a great deal of money, two years of my life (at a point when time is the one commodity I’m short of), a destroyed reputation, a career in tatters and a constant stream of abuse from trolls working for the conspirators.

Four decades ago my books were reviewed in most national newspapers and magazines, in countries all around the world. Today, my books are now never reviewed or serialised. Publishers in the UK and the US won’t publish them and mainstream papers which regularly used to commission articles won’t touch anything with my name on. (I’ve had four books banned in the last two years. Not even independent platforms will carry them.) It seems quite a price to pay just for telling the truth. None of those who has banned me or attacked me or accused me of spreading misinformation have ever found any inaccuracies in anything I’ve written.

YouTube removed my channel and banned me permanently. They even banned me from looking at other people’s videos. Nothing in the videos I made was factually inaccurate. But YouTube doesn’t seem to care about freedom or truth. Early on I suggested that lockdown victims should take vitamin D supplements. YouTube censored, removed and banned the video. A month or so later the Government issued exactly the same warning.

I then put my videos on a platform called Brand New Tube. Within a short time the platform was told it would be shut down if they continued to host my videos. The platform went abroad so that I could keep making videos.

I was refused permission to open a Facebook account or a Twitter account. My account on LinkedIn was suddenly closed without warning or explanation. I am not allowed any access to social media sites but fake sites have appeared in my name and are allowed to remain.

My website had been hacked and attacked for decades but for the last two years there have been at least 5,000 to 6,000 hacking attempts every month on the two main sites.

During the last two years, half a century of hard work and campaigning has been trashed and my reputation has been steadily destroyed by lies and libels on the internet and in the mainstream media. One national newspaper in the UK claimed that I was pretending to be a doctor. I have, inevitably, been threatened with legal action and I’ve received death threats.

Privately and professionally, sharing the truth in 2020 was the worst thing I ever did. It has brought me and my beloved, hard-working and constantly loyal wife nothing but personal and professional pain. It has taken up nearly every minute of my life for two years.

The aim of the attacks was not, simply to destroy me – it was to stop people listening to anything I said, or reading anything I wrote. Before March 2020 I had many millions of readers around the world. I wonder how many I have left now. Precious few, I suspect. How do people know that the word ‘discredited’, plucked out of thin air and applied to my name by Google, is just a libel and not a fact? How many know that the ASA which is quoted is a private organisation funded by advertisers?

I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts because ‘of my views and my recent involvement in the BBC Panorama programme’. That’s what they said. This seemed to me to be a bit like arresting someone because they’d been mugged. (I was never invited to appear on the programme they mentioned. The BBC boasts that it won’t ever give airtime to those questioning vaccination ‘whether they’re right or wrong’.)

The abuse on social media grew and grew. It isn’t normal, unpleasant social media abuse. It is a campaign of suppression and oppression, decorated with malicious lies, and threats (including death threats) invented to help keep the truth suppressed.

If my videos or articles are put on sites such as YouTube by other people they are taken down within minutes.

Someone watches everything I do. In May 2022, a publisher working outside the UK and the US finally produced an English language paperback version of my thrice banned book Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History. I mentioned the book’s publication on my website. Within hours the publisher’s PayPal account was closed making it difficult for him to sell books by mail order. He then opened another payment account with a different company and, almost immediately, that account was also closed.

And on it goes. There is much more but I expect you are as bored with reading this sorry tale as I am of writing it.

Everything I’ve written was absolutely accurate and time and time again my predictions have been correct. The videos I’ve made are still available on and my articles are available there and on

I tell you all this to show just how bad things have become, how the truth is suppressed and how whistle-blowers and truth-tellers are mercilessly and ruthlessly demonised.

My accusers and detractors will never debate with me. They are not interested in the truth – only in propaganda.

The question I ask myself often is an obvious one.

‘Would I do it again?’

The answer is: ‘I hope so.’

Hell of a price, though.

I know I’ll never have an article published in a main stream newspaper or magazine again. None of my books will again be published by mainstream publishers. None of my books will ever be reviewed or mentioned. And I’ll be reviled and libelled online for as long as my name remains.

Hell of a price for telling the truth.

Taken from the Appendix at the back of the book Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street by Vernon Coleman. Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street is subtitled ‘What social credit means to you and how it will change your life’. It is available now in paperback and hardcover.