Thursday, June 2, 2022

China is in the North Atlantic? - Vox Popoli

Further to my explication of WWIII being the global clash between Imperial Clown World and the independent nations of Sovereign World, NATO has officially designated China as a strategic threat to continued clown rule.

NATO’s new strategic concept will describe Russia as the “primary threat” to the bloc, while China will make its first appearance in the document, US Permanent Representative to NATO Julianne Smith said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a Defense Writers Group event, Smith said that even prior to the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine on February 24, “there was a deep appreciation across the alliance that the language on Russia from 2010 was sorely outdated and needed a significant upgrade.”

NATO’s current strategic concept was published in 2010, four years before Crimea voted to split from Ukraine and join Russia following the 2014 coup in Kiev. The 35-page document says that “NATO-Russia cooperation is of strategic importance as it contributes to creating a common space of peace, stability and security.” The alliance also states that it is seeking a “true strategic partnership” with Russia and therefore aims to “enhance the political consultations and practical cooperation” with Moscow.

“We are largely in agreement that Russia is the preeminent challenge, the primary threat that the NATO alliance is facing in this moment, and because of that, you’ll see a heavy emphasis on Russia right out of the gates at the top,” Smith said.

She also revealed that the alliance’s members agree that “China, for the first time, needed to be part of the strategic concept.”

If you still haven’t grasped that we’re living in an entirely post-ideological age, the fact that the fake democracies of corrupted Christendom are now gearing up for war against Christian Russia (Right), Communist China (Left), Hindu Nationalist India (?), and Shi’ite portion of the dar-al-Islam (NA) should suffice to convince you.

Nationalism vs Globalism is the only international political metric that matters anymore, while state-level politics are now mostly identity-based. And, of course, underneath it all lies the age-old war of the Serpent against the Creator and His Son.

That’s the situation. Concerns about Russian imperialism or the Left-Right political axis is about as relevant as Athenian imperialism or the Blue-Green factions in Byzantium.\