Monday, November 29, 2021

A Catholic Return in the Third Millennium - By Doug Fuda

.................................. “from the darkest hour arises the brightest hope”

In many ways the Covid crisis provided a window into the soul of our nation and it was a very dark  vision indeed. We had old folks trapped in charnel house nursing homes, lockdowns destroying family businesses, vaccine coercion of dedicated pro-life Christians (even enforced by “Catholic” colleges and some bishops), suppression of free speech of those who challenged the state approved narrative, and a general atmosphere of fear and division deliberately promoted by the governments and media. The “land of the free and the home of the brave” now had mandatory masking of 2 year old babies. In a disturbing and eerie parallel to the culture’s prevailing abortion/divorce mentality, much of Covid mania involved sacrificing the well-being of children for the imagined safety or self-centered satisfaction of adults.

The one bright spot in this overwhelming Covid darkness is that more and more people may now be ready to face reality. And, praise God, Dr. G. C. Dilsaver has a lot to say about the current situation that can help us deal with that reality. He is saying something that no one else is saying.

In his latest book, Crucial Christianity, Dilsaver puts forth ideas and arguments that need to have widespread circulation and discussion among Christians everywhere. He explains that the nations that constituted Christendom for hundreds of years have apostatized and become fully anti-Christic. These nations are largely inhabited by “technarcistic man” who denies the reality of death and suffering, refuses to accept the Cross of Christ and instead turns to the false gods of science, technology and the state. No wonder this man places his fate in the hands of apostate Catholics like Fauci and Biden.

But do not despair and do not be afraid. Although there is no going back to the traditional Christendom, Dr. Dilsaver argues that we can and must undertake to build a new Christendom for the 3rd millennium, based not on kings or states or popes or bishops but on the sociopolitical competency of a newly mature laity which now has unimpeded access to pure and unsullied Church teaching and dogma. This Magisterium is protected by the Holy Spirit and cannot change and cannot be taken away from us by weak or unfaithful bishops. The new domestic Christendom will be based on the central importance of the Christian family, led and protected by the father and with the mother as the heart of the home. Communities of families will be the foundation of a new society and will act when necessary to preserve their legitimacy and authority in defiance of the Satanic State and culture.

“Rather, in this third millennium, the Holy Faith must find both its dynamic leadership, primary identification, and impactive dynamics in the Christian family. This will entail creating nothing less than a grassroots Christian order that is a separate and self-sufficient power structure unto itself, with values, laws, and governance that transcends, and truly countermands, that of the perverse popular culture and the Satanic State.”

If like me you have been feeling under siege in your Christian beliefs, and you don’t know what to do, then read this book carefully and please help spread the word about it. It is deep but it is also very practical in that it will allow us to construct inspiring and realistically militant battle plans for a Christian restoration. If these plans are based on what Doc calls Crucialism, that is a Faith which is both stripped to the essentials and focused on the Cross, then our task won’t be easy (in fact we will be considered outlaws), but we will bring renewed hope to a despairing world as we assert our inalienable right to do our Christian duty to God and to our families. Brothers and sisters, let’s get on with it!


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