Monday, November 29, 2021

Winning A War - by Karl Denninger

The fundamental problem is that most people, and virtually all conservatives, are unwilling to lift a finger until they are personally affected, even in the event that they can see the trouble coming down the road. And by then, it’s too late for anything but reactionary tactical action. - Vox Day

 From the ever-irreverant Ishmael....


Logistics: the things that must be done to plan and organize a complicated activity or event that involves many people

Tactics: the art or skill of employing available means to accomplish an end

--Merriam-Webster online dictionary

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” --Mike Tyson


No one can win a war without a plan. A plan includes goals, milestones, and victory conditions.  Without these, one side is reacting to external events. If this is all they have, that side loses.

It takes logistics and tactics to win a war because no plan survives contact with the enemy. Logistics are the broad strokes that support the victory conditions of the plan. Logistics are often done in advance. They ensure your side has supplies and tools before they’re needed. Leaders typically plan and direct logistics.  Tactics are in-the-moment reactions that advance the plan.  Tactics are necessary because no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Let’s analyze an example, the Karen Battle Plan.  They have one.  Don’t mistake the obnoxious busy bodies for the mastermind.  The screeching harpy Karens are mere cannon fodder for whoever is pulling their strings. But typing “the mastermind behind the screeching Karens,” is cumbersome to type more than once, so the enemy is dubbed Karens.

Karens have a plan, milestones, and victory conditions.  They use logistics and tactics to achieve them.

Karens have two obvious victory conditions.  Tickerforum commenters discuss and infer other goals often.  For the purposes of sussing out their battle plan, we don’t need an exhaustive list. Two victory conditions they talk about all the time are:  

  1. Masks forever

  2. Vaxxing the entire world 

Both of them are concrete and measurable.  Without these traits, any goal is harder to achieve.  

Milestones are important for keeping  morale high and judging how well the war is going.  Measurable means milestones are clear.  Every locality that implements a mask mandate is another milestone.  Ditto the rising “fully vaXXXed” and “boosted” numbers.  These are tangible stats that either are or aren’t.  Someone either had the clot shot or didn’t. Masks are required or they aren’t.

Karens use logistics to achieve victory.  Three logistics they currently employ are:

  1. Mask mandates

  2. Vaxports

  3. Vaccine mandates

Mask mandates don’t appear magically on county commissioner meetings, someone adds it to the agenda.  Vaxports were a conspiracy theory a year ago, now they’re a reality in New York City.  It took a while to logistically maneuver them into place.

Karens use tactics to support the logistics and advance towards the victory conditions. Their two biggest tactics are:

  1. Gaslighting

  2. Fear porn

When a locality drops a mandate, the Karens tactically pressure them to reinstate it by trotting out fear porn.  Never mind that masks don’t work, they bring in an expert to tell you what your lyin’ eyes don’t see.

The OSHA mandate is on everyone’s mind.  Currently it’s awaiting judicial review in the 6th Circuit Court.  How it’s played out so far is a good example of how the war proceeds.

The OSHA mandate was a logistical attempt at vaxxing the entire world.  Filing an injunction was a tactical reaction by the pure bloods.  Pedo Joe’s statement telling companies to proceed with the mandates was another tactical reaction.  Once the 6th Circuit Court rules, there will be another round of tactical reactions on both sides.  If recent history is any guide, only the Karens will make a logistical move afterwards.

Karens are winning.  So far this is a one sided political war. Pure bloods are only tactically reacting because they haven’t begun to fight yet. 

Can you name a single victory condition the pure blood side has stated?  I’m looking at you, Repubcucks in Congress.  There’s a ****ton of words and ZERO ACTION.  It’s all political theater.

If they had any victory conditions, the OSHA mandate would never have been filed with the Federal Register, there wouldn’t be a single mask mandate in this country, and we’d all be laughing at vaxport conspiracy theorists.

No one has come to save us yet, and there is no salvation on the horizon either.  We are on our own. But this has been the case for the past two years.  It’s old facts, new confirmation.  Nothing has changed.

The pure bloods need a plan, milestones, and victory conditions.  They need logistics and tactics to support them.  But they need a few other things:

  1. Stakes

  2. Line in the sand

  3. Boundaries

  4. An outline of the enemy’s battle plan

These guidelines can be applied to life’s daily battles.  Clown world won’t quit, perhaps this mindset will come in handy in other ways.  There’s not a pure blood leader at the moment to implement and direct logistics.  What follows gives individuals ideas for what to do until a leader or leaders arise.

Concrete victory conditions are essential.  The concept of “return to NORMAL” can be expressed by things like:

  1. No masks.

  2. Laws against vaccine mandates.

  3. No social distancing.

  4. Laws against vaxports.

Pure blood victory conditions are diametrically opposed to Karens.  There can be only one winner for each. Milestones track progress towards victory.  Once a victory condition is decisively met, that particular battle is over.  When all are decisively accomplished, the war is finished.

Stakes is number one on the list because everyone needs a reason to fight. Concrete stakes are better than vague doom and gloom.  Stating stakes crystalize what happens if one side fails. 

“If they can make my kids wear a mask, they can make them get the shot.”

If you want to win, you need a line in the sand that you stick to.  No cucking.  Cucking means it was never a line in the first place.  The line has to be compatible with victory conditions.  If you are a go along to get along type of person, be honest with yourself.  For example, if you are planning to get the shot rather than lose your job, set your victory conditions and line appropriately.

Boundaries means what someone is willing to do and not do.  The list of “will dos” forms  a list of possible tactics.  Now is the time to plan when to employ them.

Finally we come to the most important part of winning a war:  Knowing your enemy’s battle plan.  

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” --Sun Tzu, Art of War

Karen’s battle plan was outlined above.  Based on it, pure bloods can predict what happens after General Karen directs a logistical maneuver and when pure bloods take the offensive.

The gaslighting campaign of the past two years is a successful tactic. We’ve all experienced it many times now, but look at it in the context of Karen’s battle plan.

Someone mentions reality or a scientific fact around a General Karen (like Fraudci or Pants ****ter) and the next thing out of their mouth is gaslighting.  Pure bloods scramble to explain why what the General stated is bull****.  More gaslighting, fear porn, and shaming follows. 

“But I don’t want to kill Grandma,” the pure blood stammers.  It’s a poor tactic and plays right into Karen’s logistics.   Gaslighting allows their battle plan to proceed because the pure bloods are distracted and defending instead of going on the offensive.  

Now you know what to look for and what to expect.  Don’t be shocked when it happens...again.

As soon as pure bloods have victory conditions and logistics and tactics to support them, they join the battle.  Until then it’s a one sided battle into cattle cars.