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State of the Nation

It is of paramount important for every resident of planet Earth to correctly understand the primary purpose of OPERATION COVID-19 as well as the ensuing Covid Super Vaccination Agenda.

Both of these GLADIO-overseen global black ops constitute the two primary stages of an ongoing series of bioterrorist operations carried out against the world community of nations with great stealth and precision.

Throughout the execution of these complementary series of acts of bioterrorism, the genocidal perpetrators have one essential goal above all others: making it very difficult to correlate the premeditated mass death and disease to either the COVID-19 bioweapon or the weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.

In other words, all of the various phases of this false flag bioterrorist operation, as well as the meticulously modulated evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 disease process, cannot be definitively “pinned” on either the COVID-19 bioweapon or the weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.

In point of fact, the only reason why this manmade Plandemic continues unabated is because of how difficult the perpetrators made it for the countless medical researchers and scientific investigators to establish true cause and effect, especially with respect to the various Covid ‘vaccines’.

KEY POINT: The main objective of the Plandemic perpetrators is to perpetuate this unparalleled medical hoax and global depopulation event as long as possible, right through the preplanned GREAT RESET, collapse of the American Republic, and establishment of a One World Government.

Clearly, the perpetual Covid Plandemic is the most integral piece in the New World Order implementation plan.  Hence, the NWO globalist cabal will milk it until they have successfully accomplished their multifarious goals and realized their nefarious ambitions.

What follows is a bulletized breakdown of the most critical piece of the Plandemic game plan that was launched worldwide in 2019 and is now maintained with great attention to all the Covid details.

Executive Summary

(1) The COVID-19 bioweapon was fastidiously bioengineered to contain pathogenic spike proteins–“one of the most contrived poisons” and dangerous toxins to humans ever created in a laboratory.

(2) The Covid ‘vaccines’ were similarly designed to manufacture spike proteins in the human body after vaccination.  The primary aim of these toxic spike proteins “is to kill billions without anyone noticing it”.  It’s a deliberate poison with a very serious agenda.

(3) When you combine a bioengineered so-called virus with a mandated weaponized vaccine, which follow on with each other, the damage done by spike proteins is significantly intensified.

(4) Throughout the Plandemic, a large segment of the global population is exposed to a small dose of these spike proteins via exposure to COVID-19 and by taking the Covid ‘vaccines’.  The numerous vectors of these spike proteins initially trigger an allergic reaction.  This allergic/toxic reaction can even cause death as many COVID-19 patients have experienced.

(5) But these deaths do not represent the endgame; rather, they were used as a means to fearmonger the entire planetary civilization into isolation, quarantines, sheltering-in-place, social distancing and face mask wearing.

(6) Most of those deaths were actually caused by COVID-19 sufferers getting to hospitals too late.  Then the hospital patients were killed by the doctors and nurses via mandated protocols, some of which virtually guaranteed death or serious organ and/or tissue damage.

(7) This worldwide Covid predicament was stealthily fabricated via the engineered virus as a justification for the vaccination of all of humanity.  This will in turn expose a growing majority of people to the spike protein-containing ‘vaccines’ over a long period of time.

(8) The spike protein will initially trigger an immune response, and often a serious allergic type of reaction, which will manifest as an immediate adverse result.  This is why during the first two weeks after vaccination there are various symptoms that occur which are all dismissed as “the vaccine is working”.

(9) Following this process of predicted vaccine reactions, the spike proteins will have a great influence on the human ACE2 receptor causing deaths that were meant to occur, but will never be properly pinned on the spike proteins in the weaponized vaccines.

(10) The spike protein is also a membrane protein.  The mRNA will distribute the spike proteins throughout the human body, next they will be manufactured in various tissues in the body, those tissues will then be recognized as foreign and therefore trigger a whole host of debilitating autoimmune responses.

(11) The ensuing deaths due to so many autoimmune disorders and disease, dysfunction and dysregulation will never be appropriately attributed to the havoc created by the mRNA ‘vaccines’.  For the causes of those vaccine deaths will be too diverse, too many and too embroidered over a long enough time frame in order to make accurate scientific connections.

(12) The spike protein toxin is dependent on the host’s response to it just as the mild, moderate and serious reactions that different people have during the COVID-19 disease process are person-specific.

(13) In the long term, the spike protein will especially attack people who have pre-existing conditions and illnesses.  What ever medical ailment or health condition they have can be substantially exacerbated by the highly adverse spike protein effect, particularly after additional Covid vaccinations and boosters.  (Similarly, the more co-morbidities suffered by COVID-19 patients, the greater the mortality rate.  This is why there have been so many hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility and memory care unit deaths reported since the beginning of the Plandemic.)

(14) The Covid vaccines have bits of prions in them, HIV protein in them, as well as graphene oxide, so they are definitely engineered with purposeful destructive design.  In this way, the mass vaccination of the human race will ensure the killing off of a large proportion of humanity in a manner that will never be traced back to the Covid “Killshot”.

(15) Of course, the graphene oxide is another vital piece of this plan to depopulate the planet because of the life-threatening blood clots that they predictably cause.  The number and severity of blood clots will only increase the more vaccines that are received by any individual; hence, the whole world has now seen the quite GRAPHIC consequences of the aptly named “Clotshot”.

The preceding “Executive Summary” closely follows and frequently paraphrases the narrative provided in the excellent video below:

State of the Nation
November 13, 2021

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