Saturday, November 27, 2021

When Resistance Becomes Duty - By Milosz Matuschek

 As the government is cranking up the pressure in its final battle to salvage the COVID-19 narrative, there is no getting around civil disobedience anymore. 

Machiavelli recommended that the strategic sovereign was to commit atrocities right at the beginning of his rule. But democracies know an even better time. Chancellor Merkel, who is to resign from office soon, may commit the potentially greatest cruelty of her term in a kind of managerial capacity in the zombie phase of her rule. She has just announced that life for the unvaccinated is to become even more unpleasant very soon. What does that even mean at this point? Curfews and lockdowns for the unvaccinated? The marking of unvaccinated people? Whatever it is, it’s likely to be the completion of the quasi-ghettoization within the vaccination apartheid state. In Orwell’s 1984, anything but work was forbidden. The “2G” rule for the workplace or the de facto vaccine mandate implied by the “3G” rule (due to daily required tests at one’s own expense), moves us ever so close to Orwell’s vision of the world.

Desperation is at the root of the imminent state atrocities 

We are reaching the height of madness regarding anti-pandemic policies. The narrative of the worst pandemic in a 100 years, for which the unvaccinated are now being blamed, is falling to pieces bit by bit. A collective act of cruelty inflicted upon a minority and tolerated by the silent majority appears to be the final linchpin holding together a flimsy narrative consisting of a jumble of data, propaganda and fear-mongering. From the standpoint of the political class, this is all too understandable, as everything remotely associated with logic is currently exploding in its face.

Let us briefly summarise:

  • The number of cases and ICU admission rates are higher today than they were a year ago. Back then the vaccination rate was zero, today it is over 70 percent (or is it 80 percent?, even that can’t seem to be established beyond doubt). It’s finally dawning on even the last one of us: Either the vaccinations aren’t working or the population is being vaccinated into the next wave. Looking at the data from other countries (such as Israel) the latter was foreseeable months ago, as the numbers of cases went through the roof following mass vaccinations in these countries.
  • The so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is the latest fairy tale emanating from Spahn’s lie factory and has been scientifically refuted. It’s nothing but government propaganda of the shabbiest kind and has destroyed the last shred of credibility of a political class that is entirely detached from reality. The blatant adoption of the Soviet communication strategy under Stalin is nothing short of unbelievable. Back then calamities such as supply shortages were equally ascribed to saboteurs and never to the poor planning of a political caste ideologically hovering above all material things.
  • How exaggerated the panic-inducing numbers are and have been, has recently been shown by the magazine “Multipolar”, which sifted through the billing data of health insurance companies. Accordingly, only around half of the patients officially treated for Corona were in hospital primarily due to Corona. But that’s not all: “The billing data reveals further controversial findings: Compared to 2019, the number of cases requiring intensive care that are not linked to acute respiratory diseases – especially strokes, cancer and heart attacks – increased significantly after the first lockdown. This points to the consequences of postponed treatments and delayed check-ups resulting from the first lockdown.”
  • The brazen manner in which Pfizer falsified Covid vaccine trial data has just been leaked to the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) by a whistleblower. Apparently the company couldn’t even ensure the proper storing temperature of the vaccines used during the trials. There’s no other way to put it: The pharmaceutical industry has taken the population hostage and turned everyone into guinea pigs aided by politics and media. But what kind of criticism can be expected from a media industry, which is entirely under the spell of Big Pharma, anyway?
  • So far the “pandemic-narrative” has fed on the slavish obedience of a core of pro-government “vacc-influencers”. The fact that this circle-the-wagons mentality is now falling apart can be considered as the actual worst-case scenario for the government and is probably the reason for the accelerated tightening of measures. The brutal public crackdown and quasi-execution of footballer and “vaccine hesitator” Joshua Kimmich was supposed to be a shot across the bow aimed at other prominent critics to deter them from questioning the narrative. Kimmich is one of the initiators of the “We kick Corona” campaign and was even mentioned in the “panic- paper” of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The shot backfired totally. Even Richard David Precht, a know TV philosopher and bestselling author came to Kimmich’s aid and condemned the ongoing witch hunt, referring to the mRNA vaccines as “genetic engineering” in a podcast with Markus Lanz; just as Kimmich, he pointed to the lack of long-term studies and spoke out against vaccinating children with the Covid vaccines. This U-turn is surprising: In his book “Über die Pflicht” (“On Duty”), Precht underlined the importance of the citizen’s duty to obey the welfare state, hereby offending many people himself. Now he, too, is being reprimanded in an insulting manner and even torn apart by the media for his failing loyalty towards the government. The journalist Norbert Häring speaks of an unprecedented reckoning instigated by the “Spiegel”. It’s the same old game with the same monotonous vocabulary: Anyone who refuses to toe the line is defamed. • Even though it’s barely visible to the outside world, it has been rumbling in the media for a long time. The SWR employee, Ole Skambraks, who published a statement containing all of his sceptical questions in the magazine “Multipolar” (“Ich kann nicht mehr”) (“I can´t go on like this”), has since been fired. The code of omertà in the media cannot be sustained for long. By now, everyone knows that they have endorsed a machine of systemic disinformation at the expense of the citizen. All media producers and journalists, who want to maintain a last shred of credibility, will have to draw the appropriate consequences.

Now resistance becomes duty 

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” is a quote allegedly attributed to Bertolt Brecht. Most likely the pandemic will only end as soon as the fear of a totalitarian public health dictatorship, which is a long standing subliminal agenda becoming increasingly clearer, outweighs the fear of the virus or personal disadvantages.

Resistance against injustice (including legal injustice) does not require a special permit. As soon as the state begins to act in a tyrannical manner, the bond of fundamental democratic loyalty is broken. In a highly recommendable rant the Romanian EU parliamentarian Cristian Terheș claimed that Tyranny is easy to recognise, alluding to the heavily redacted contracts between the EU commission and the vaccine manufacturers (you can find the unredacted contracts here): “If the government knows everything about you, it’s tyranny. If you know everything about the government, it’s democracy”. Have a look at this memorable speech from the inside of the European Parliament. There are already a lot more of us than we might assume.

The state is not superior to the individual, it is made up from the sum of individuals. As soon as the state attempts to break the individual in order to preserve itself as a whole, it betrays the initial idea of the state. It breaches the social contract and betrays its only contractual partner, the citizen. With the obedient nature of Germans in mind, our constitutional fathers created a legal norm for this kind of essential resistance, which is to be found in Paragraph 4 of Article XX of the federal constitution, however, with no respective case-law existing as yet.

Isn’t it high time to bring this norm to life?

With what right does the state expect to impose taxes on its citizens, who have been harassed, lied to and scammed with experimental vaccines? With what right do public-service broadcasters expect to collect compulsory fees in exchange for the disinformation they are circulating? Isn’t it time to finally explore the limits of the legal and extra-legal emergency laws placed at the disposal of citizens to defend themselves against the state? What else needs to happen?

Intelligent resistance begins with ceasing to go along with any of this. And making it clearly visible and documenting it. The campaigns #allesdichtmachen and #allesaufdentisch are only the tip of an iceberg of resistance with which politics is about to collide. The numerous examples of people standing up for their beliefs in everyday life are even more important. Everyone can set an example within the realms of their possibilities, whether it’s merely a banner hanging from the balcony or a candle in the window. In his essay on civil disobedience, Henry David Thoreau illustrated what it is all about: The machine can only be stopped when a large amount of individuals generates enough friction and stops condoning injustice, which it recognises as such and despises fundamentally.

A system of values manifests itself by demanding a price and not being available for free. A change of the current situation is impossible without the individual taking risks, making a sacrifice or accepting noticeable disadvantages.

The magic of resistance begins to take effect when resistance becomes visible and like-minded people recognise each other.

Some of us have taken the first step on this path.

Join us.