Friday, November 26, 2021

Decolonize This! | Kunstler

 Now that Thanksgiving with all its racist trimmings is put to bed, will Americans be able to “decolonize” their minds? Not if the masters of universal hysteria can help it. Here it comes, just in time to reignite the limbic channels in your brain with pulses of cosmic terror on the runway to Christmas: The B.1.1.529 Covid-19 variant out of Botswana. It’s a beauty, with thirty-two mutations on its decorative spike protein, supposedly making it a deadly hazard to the already-vaccinated.

Except the already-vaccinated were already catching the boring old Delta variant that so energized the year 2021, with its Fauci-inspired affronts to the Bill of Rights, working needle-in-arm with the mystery managers of “Joe Biden,” the cigar-store Indian who has decolonized the oval office from the brutish grip of western civ and all its dastardly legalities.

Yes, I am sorry to tell you that the mRNA “vaccines” are just not working that well. The already-vaccinated millions, marinated in the goodness of their obedience to authority, live in terror of the unvaccinated, who so knavishly spread disease to those vaccinated against it. Say, what? Something ain’t workin’ right here.

Half the nation can’t think straight, and for a good reason: The relentless mindfuckery abroad in this land courtesy of your politicized news media, the despotic social networks, the bottomless greed of the pharmaceutical-makers and their errand boys in the CDC, plus the malevolent generosity of sponsors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros. Thus, the blue mommies of America follow Pied Pipers like NPR and Sanjay Gupta holding hands with Big Bird to vax-up the kids.

It’s just a cult initiation ceremony, you understand. Vaxing the kids reinforces the psychotic mass formation intoxication of the blue mommies. It does absolutely nothing good for the kids, who realistically have a near-zero chance of being harmed by Covid-19 — but have a fair chance of being harmed by the mRNA “vaccines,” which will mess with their still-developing immune systems and their various organs. All the authority of Anthony Fauci’s officialdom presses remorselessly toward the ever-receding horizon of max vax. It begins to look like enough parents are onto the game and will refuse to go along with it.

Dr. Fauci and his evil network are in the process of being smashed at long last. First, there is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book just out, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. I was up reading it at two-thirty in the morning. The Kindle version is $2.95, cheap. Get it. It’s a seamless, gripping, and lucid legal brief against a bureaucratic monster who was allowed to run amuck in forty-plus years of power-seeking, malicious money-grubbing, and death-dealing, and who has capped that career by destroying the economies of the western world and our accustomed liberties with it. RFK lays out exactly what Dr. Fauci has done, footnoted to the max with fact and numbers to back it all up, so that the people still capable of thinking cannot avoid the conclusion that they have been viciously played.

But events themselves are dispelling the cult psychosis that infected the blue half of the public consensus. The not-guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case confirmed at least one remaining constitutional principle: that you have a right to defend yourself even with a firearm against forces of anarchy. Rack up an “L” for blue Marxists whose ultimate yearning is to disarm American citizens so that they would have no say in the further destruction of this society (accomplished by manufactured anarchy). Those forces of anarchy are on notice now, despite all the funding by George Soros and the perfidious operations of Merrick Garland at DOJ and Christopher Wray at the FBI.

The vehicular mass homicide at a Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade, carried out by a walking stereotype of a dangerously deranged antisocial maniac named Darrell Brooks, who advertised his racial animosities lavishly on public video and Twitter, is taking the starch out of the popular “white supremacy” meme brandished by the likes of President “Joe Biden” and his dwindling corps of admirers. That trend was reinforced by the flash-mob robberies all over the country last week. Observers couldn’t fail to notice, for instance, that the eighty-or-so folks rampaging out of Nordstrom’s in Walnut Creek, CA, their arms full of stolen merch, were not a manifestation of “white supremacy.” Could be we have turned the page on that hustle.

Up ahead on this runway to Christmas we’ll be waiting to see how many people get sick in the heralded latest Covid-19 surge, but especially how many of these are among the “vaccinated” and re-vaccinated. Many of the really old folks who got their shots early-on in the January-to-March 2021 period have by now lost whatever immunity those shots conferred, since the alleged protection dribbles away after six months. Dr. Fauci and his CDC will do whatever they can to confound the statistics on their illnesses, probably referring to this cohort as “unvaccinated” — which they have already been doing in their campaign to force the latest boosters. Don’t put it past them to simply not report it.

Among the non-old “vaccinated,” it remains to be seen how much their immune systems may have been damaged by the invasive mRNA magic, and whether they will meet with severe contagion as a result. On a quite separate track from the immune system issue is the question as to how much the spike proteins prompted by the vaxxes have damaged people’s bloodstreams and organs, meaning, whether we’ll see a spooky uptick in non-Covid deaths from heart attacks, strokes, embolisms, and other typical vascular dysfunction as the winter wears on. In the face of all this, how do the organs of our body politic come through? And will anybody pay for the many harms done?