Friday, November 12, 2021

For Jews The Term ‘Judeo-Christian’ Has Served Its Purpose — Now It’s Time To Throw It Under The Bus- Christians for Truth


(JTA) A so-called “conservative” Jew and “Trump Republican” — Josh Mandel — who is running for U.S. Senate in Ohio — is being attacked by “moderate” Jewish groups who bristle when Mandel wraps himself in the American flag and advocates “Judeo-Christian” values to block the Muslim onslaught in the region.

These “moderate” Jews are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the term “Judeo-Christian” — a term, they feel, that has worn out its usefulness in promoting “Jewish values” — and has now become a “threat” to furthering their agenda of endless “diversity” and “inclusion”:

…Mandel, 44, is again running for a Senate seat, this time to replace retiring Republican Rob Portman. But first he has to earn the GOP nomination in a crowded primary field. And these days Mandel represents the far-right option for voters.

He claims that Donald Trump won last year’s presidential election and wants Congress to investigate baseless allegations of election fraud. He frequently calls Republicans who have opposed Trump, such as Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio, “traitors.” He says bringing in Afghan refugees exposes American children to predators. He likens coronavirus prevention measures to the conduct of the Gestapo.

And in a notable shift in his relations with the Jewish community, Mandel has become a leader in the movement to promote “Judeo-Christian” values in politics, routinely appearing at evangelical Christian events. The front page of his campaign website declares that he is “Pro-God” and features a picture of a church steeple topped with a cross. He frequently deploys the term “Judeo-Christian” on Twitter, without clearly defining its meaning, except usually as a means of attacking Muslims….

Faiths and creeds outside the “Judeo-Christian” ethic do not distinguish good from evil, Mandel suggested at a recent debate for the six Republicans running for the Senate seat nomination. The “Judeo-Christian ethic separates itself from Islam and atheism and all these other belief sets on so many levels, but one of the main levels is our acknowledgment of good vs. evil,” he said….

Judeo-Christian” is a recent term, one that most Jewish scholars say was deployed in the 20th century to bring together coalitions to fight fascism, communism and racism. More recently, it has been used as a cudgel, they say, to marginalize secular Americans and those belonging to other minority religions, particularly Muslims.

“Since its brief heyday after World War II, the term ‘Judeo-Christian’ has steadily shrunk in American Jewish parlance,” James Loeffler, a professor of Jewish history at the University of Virginia, wrote in an email interview. “Nowadays it primarily remains in vogue only among certain circles of Jewish political conservatives and religious ultra-traditionalists who seek common cause with the Christian Right. Most other observant Jews regard the term as theologically problematic and historically inaccurate.”

…Accusations that Mandel, whose children attend Jewish day school, is abdicating his Jewish roots infuriate him. “I’m a: Proud American. Proud Jew. Proud Marine. Proud Zionist,” Mandel wrote on Twitter after the Forward ran an op-ed attacking his Judeo-Christian rhetoric. “Everything Democrats hate.”

The term has been embraced in recent years by politically conservative Jews, including right wing media figures such as Dennis Prager, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and Ben Shapiro, although some Jewish conservatives are not comfortable with the term, arguing that it erases critical differences between Judaism and Christianity.

“While claiming the mantle of shared Judeo-Christian tradition may appeal to some Christian Evangelicals, it comes at the expense of a historic Jewish commitment to religious pluralism and separation of church and state in American politics,” Loeffler said. “American Jews deeply value religious faith, but they commonly recognize that the promise of religious freedom in American society cannot be reduced to an antiquated, exclusionary slogan.”

Jews cynically created the term “Judeo-Christian” in the 1940s as a Jewish “golem” — a creature that does the will of its Jewish creator.

In this case, the “golem” was an erstaz alliance of iron and clay — so-called “Judeo-Christian” values — a rallying cry employed to destroy the enemy of the Jews — Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany.

But as is often the case with golems, they turn on their creators — in a Frankenstein fashion — and now Jews perceive that this once-useful golem is actually dangerous to Jewry’s larger plan to destroy all of Christendom.

To justify destroying all of Christendom, Jews must distance themselves from Christianity — or change Christianity from within and make it virtually indistinguishable from Judaism.

To that end, the powerful Zionist Jew, Samuel Untermyer, hired the dupe, Cyrus Scofield to literally rewrite the Bible to make it appear to support the Zionist agenda of invading and ethnically cleansing Palestine — and convince Christians that this military action was part of God’s divine plan to hasten the return of “Jesus”.

And that’s what we are seeing today — mainstream evangelical Christianity — which should be called “Evangelical Zionism” because is it an utter rejection of real Christianity — and a fatal embrace with the satanic, anti-Christ overlords and their agenda of world conquest, ruled with a iron fist from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Judaism is indeed the embodiment of “pluralism” — which is proof that Judaism is not the same faith of the Israelites of the Old and New Testaments — that faith completely contradicts pluralism, subjectivity, and inclusion.

Judaism — along with secular messianic Jewish identity — is, by definition, anti-Christ, and its goal is to replace the suffering of Christ on the cross with the suffering of the Jews during their mythical “Holocaust.”

As a political concept — or weapon — pluralism was first conceived and promoted unsurprisingly by a Jew — Harold J. Laski — a staunch anti-Christian Marxist and Zionist.

But the one true faith of Israel — known today as true Christianity — embraces the idea of one, unified objective reality and truth — embodied in Jesus Christ and the Father.

Christians are commanded to be a “separate and holy” people — who have nothing to do with Jews or any other “unbelievers” who reject Jesus Christ and His true teachings.

Christians are again being duped by Jews into having a common cause with them to fight the Islamification of Christendom — which Jews themselves have orchestrated starting over 1,300 years ago when they aided and abetted the Muslim destruction of the Byzantine Empire.