Thursday, November 18, 2021

And Now, The Bad News

 Well, I hate to say "I told you so", but.....



Israel has now been jabbing people with "boosters" for about three months.  This was cheered in September, with Nature publishing a glowing article showing a 20-fold reduction in risk for older people.

This, originally, was based on antibody titers -- which went up wildly following boosting.

Remember too that their claim of "success" (and that of everyone who tried to use them) was based on boosting into an already-peaked wave of infection.  In other words if they had done nothing the trajectory was still down as it had initiated before they made the change.  We've seen this repeatedly with masks and other so-called "countermeasures"; some government does a thing after a peak has occurred and then takes credit for the thing being responsible.

We did that here in Tennessee with masks and a few months later it was a ****ing disaster when the cases, hospitalizations and deaths blew up in our face.  The reason was simple: The mitigation did nothing since the change had occurred before the mitigation was applied.

So can you count on Israel?  No.  Why not?  Gibraltar.  Arguably the most-vaccinated place on the planet they are taking an exponential spike.  Gee, what's the data tell you?  This is round three for them, just like everyone else and the jabs did nothing to stop it.

Israel already had its three spikes

Did we have them here?  Not really.  We had two, more or less, but we tried to claim success by jabbing into the decline in January forward and which then blew up in our face this summer.

Has the UK managed to jab its way out?  No.

How about the Netherlands?  Nope.

Iceland?  HA!  They're getting ass-pounded right now with roughly 75% of the population fully vaccinated.

Singapore has roughly 83% fully-vaccinated but took the largest spike of the pandemic anyway, which is just now subsiding.

So who's "succeeded" thus far by jabbing people?

How about Sweden?  They took two pretty nasty spikes, didn't mandate much of anything and so far have not gotten a third.  Will they?  We'll find out.

Here's the basic problem that the data has disclosed: The jab immunity is not only worthless over time it may be harmful.  If the developing data I'm tracking proves up (it hasn't yet) the booster will wane at roughly double the speed of the originals.  This is catastrophically bad because the antibody titers produced by boosting is higher than after the original second dose and thus given any sort of fall-off curve should last longer than the original two doses -- but it does not.

This strongly implies that the jabs are inhibiting some other part of immune response.  Remember that antibodies alone are insufficient; while they can inhibit protein activity by themselves there are myriad other components of the immune system, such as cytotoxic T-cells, that are essential to protection.  The complement portions of the immune system is essential to prevent infection in the first place and links the innate and adaptive immune responses.

Leaving aside the direct toxic effects of the jabs (e.g. clotting-disorder and inflammatory related disease, such as myocarditis, thrombosis, embolisms, strokes and similar) suppression of portions of the immune system, which is strongly suggested by the data currently available, is especially nasty.  That impact may be permanent and in any event it is almost-certainly not Covid-19 specific.  We do not know and if that impact is permanent the disease and death that will be potentiated by this jab campaign will dwarf anything Covid could have ever dished up.

I will once again remind you that no coronavirus has ever been successfully vaccinated against in the past.  We have tried repeatedly and have never succeeded in producing durable protection in either man or beast.

If you think ignoring the data on the vaccines is bad you really ought to pay attention to Remdesivir, which I've pointed out repeatedly.  That we continually ignore the renal toxicity of this drug and are still using it on damn near every hospitalized Covid-19 patient is outrageous.  Indeed, I'm willing to bet at least half of those who died in a hospital "of Covid" after receiving it, if autopsied, would show severe damage caused by the drug and supporting renal failure or liver impairment as the primary cause of death

In other words I'll lay a wager we doubled the death rate for Covid-19 among hospitalized patients by using the drug.


May I remind you that of the original "study" on this drug had nearly a quarter of those who were given it report severe adverse events, all of which were potentially life-threatening?

Nor is this some "unique" finding; as I pointed out we knew damn well this drug was wildly dangerous up front because it was tried for both Hepatitis C and Ebola and failed both times on safety.  The Ebola trial was especially nasty in that randomization to people in that treatment arm was stopped mid-study due to serious adverse events!  This for a disease that is extremely deadly on its own.

Note that the odds ratio of Covid-19 causing renal failure itself is approximately 1/20th of that of Remdesivir!  Of course we're not doing autopsies on those people -- on purpose.

These ghouls are perfectly happy to slaughter people with Covid using a dangerous drug that has repeatedly failed on safety, even when attempted in a disease that is wildly more-dangerous than Covid (about 50% of the time with Ebola you die) and thus would justify using fairly-dangerous interventions in the first place.

Exactly zero physicians, nurses, or hospitals can claim ignorance of this since it was known before Covid-19 ever hit that this drug was insanely dangerous and that outcome was posted up in a formal, peer-reviewed study.  Yet it was immediately turned into and remains the "standard of care" if you go into the hospital with this virus.  Every single person who did not immediately revolt or quit and was involved in administering, ordering or allowing this drug to be used in their professional capacity ought to hang for the people that were killed as a consequence.

Do you really believe a single one of these *******s give a wet crap about how dangerous or ineffective the jabs are given this documented and proved record of universally using a lethal investigational drug that has never worked for a single indication and not only has it failed, it has failed on safety.