Sunday, November 21, 2021

Biden's Incompetent Presidency - A Feature, Not a Bug - Author: Tom Luongo

 I won’t blame anyone if they are confused by the actions of the Biden Administration. To any rational person they beggar belief. If these people are supposed to work for the betterment of all Americans how can they act in such openly hypocritical ways?

The first of many executive orders Biden signed on day one of his Presidency was cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. We can argue all day about whether we need Keystone or not. But the market is telling you that we do.

When Biden signed that EO oil closed at $53.13 per barrel. Natural Gas was $2.49 per million BTU and the national averages for gasoline and diesel fuel were $2.379 and $2.696 per gallon.

Today those numbers are $76.10, $5.109, $3.399 and $3.734. In the case of crude oil and natural gas, those numbers are 20% below their peak at the beginning of the month.

Instead of improving the domestic production environment or working with international leaders to improve the global supply and demand mismatch, Biden and company doubled down trying to get the Enbridge No. 5 pipeline from Canada shut down to starve the Great Lakes region of energy this winter.

Now, having stayed the course on Trump’s ridiculous treatment of Venezuela and further deteriorating our relationship with Russia we are now not only more dependent on foreign oil than we’ve been in years but we’re actually more dependent on Russian oil than we’ve ever been.

As a fleet of Russian ships steam their way across the Atlantic, not full of hard-assed, stone-faced Russian marines and Spetsnaz troops, but millions of barrels of Urals grade medium sour to feed those Gulf Coast refineries Venezuela used to keep filled.

I wonder if we pay for that oil with petrorubles. If I were President Putin, I would demand that just for the lulz.

After four years of President Trump’s overly belligerent foreign policy towards China Biden’s team of ‘diplomats’ committed gaffe after gaffe with our biggest trade partner and rival. First at the summit in Anchorage and then multiple times over handling the sensitive issue of Taiwan.

Now, after a series of terrible phone calls, cables and visits by U.S. officials to the Pacific region we are treated to this:

When the protocol-obsessed Japanese and Koreans, whose safety you are supposed to guarantee, refuse to share a stage with you, you basically suck the sweat off a dead man’s balls (H/T Lt. Garlic!).

On relations with Russia, one day they are sending Arch Neocon to Moscow who then declares for the first time by a U.S. official that the Minsk agreements the only way forward for Ukraine. The next Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is in Kiev vowing to assist Ukraine in bringing the breakaway republics oft the Donbass back under Kiev’s control.

A position reaffirmed by top brass in NATO and the European Union.

Only to have CIA Director William Burns rush back over to try and smooth the Kremlin’s ruffled feathers, mostly to no avail.

Turning to Afghanistan, Biden ran for the office on ending our involvement there. But he did so stranding thousands behind with hostilities towards them raging out of control, surrendering the important airbase at Bagram to the Chinese and leaving behind tens of billions of dollars in war materiel behind only to be captured by the Taliban, who the administration immediately starved of funds and stymied any resolutions in the U.N.

This was one of the most ignominious moments in American history right up there with the Fall of Saigon in 1975, 9/11 and the sacking of the White House by British forces during the War of 1812.

The Biden Administration’s response? It was Trump’s fault.

I haven’t even gotten started on the patently unconstitutional and abhorrent vaccine mandate this man urged private corporations to ignore court rulings against. This is a clear attempt at usurping the courts, local and state governments and common decency itself.

But, then again, that pretty much describes the whole of Joe Biden’s life: corrupt, incompetent, out of touch (well, not always) and incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions.

We have a governing party so at war with itself it can’t overcome the weakest opposition party ever to pass even a simple debt ceiling extension without resorting to incomprehensible games of brinksmanship that belong more in a Mel Brooks movie than on Capitol Hill.

There’s a pattern here and it is a difficult one for most people to perceive, no less even believe, because it acknowledging would change everything.

This isn’t incompetence.

No, in fact, calling the Biden Administration incompetent would be an insult to incompetent people. Because while the incompetent aren’t good at much they are, in fact, good at being incompetent.

But being incompetent doesn’t mean you don’t mean well, it just means you are incapable of performing the task in front of you.

Trump was mostly incompetent at being President. But it was obvious to anyone remotely objective that he was sincere in his desire to make things better. That he couldn’t is forgivable. I wished many times he wasn’t, but I don’t harbor any ill will for his incompetence.

So, fine, put someone else in there, then, right?

We supposedly did that out of exasperation with Trump’s well-meaning incompetence.

But that’s not what’s going on with the Biden Administration.

Biden’s people, on the other hand, are simply scammers.

Scammers lie. They misdirect. They gain your confidence and then keep you in a bubble of lies and promises they don’t intend to keep. They prey on your good nature and your assumptions of how things work to keep you in their orbit.

They lie to maintain the appearance of being in control. They act like they have the solutions.

But the thing about lies is that they are always inconsistent. There is always a tell. But, you can’t see the tell if you don’t want to. And by the time you do, it’s far too late.

Biden’s folks and the media (and, yes, Davos) can’t tell you the truth about the COVID-9/11 clot shots because the COVID-9/11 pandemic was never about public health.

They can’t tell you the truth about the infrastructure bill they just passed because it was never about rebuilding failing infrastructure.

Similarly, they can’t tell you the truth about the Build Back Better bill because it isn’t about Building anything.

The media refused to cover the Kyle Rittenhouse trial or even the events in question with any honesty because the trial was never about Kyle’s guilt or innocence (and the jury ruled properly). It was an opportunity to grandstand on race relations when none of the men Kyle regrettably had to shoot were black.

And this is the first mistake people make when assessing current events. They believe these people are working with an honest desire to make things better. They refuse to believe malice because incompetence is easier to swallow.

It’s why it’s so easy for them to dismiss the truth as conspiracy.

To believe COVID-9/11 necessitated destroying the social fabric of society.

To make us all poorer with hypocritical energy policy because of Climate Change by destroying the oil industry that literally puts food on everyone’s table.

To eat the same rich people created their policies  in the first place.

To divide us into arbitrary groups based on our willingness to get an experimental gene therapy whose only observable real-world effect is to create a whole new strata of autoimmune disorders and possibly short circuit the normal immune response to a coronavirus.

The same people today who would nod their head about my assessment of Trump’s incompetence will immediately say we could say the same thing about Biden. And, that’s true to an extent, but that’s also a cope.

Because the worst thing about scammers is that they make you liars, too. We lie to ourselves that it isn’t their fault, it’s ours. We lie to our family and friends that things can’t be what they are.

Scammers turn the uncomfortable truth into a pacifying lie.

Because with Biden’s team the evidence points to something far different, something far more sinister.

These people are vandals. They are intent on destroying society itself and make us complicit in the lie that there is nothing good or decent left about America or, for that matter, everything that they tell us today (as opposed to yesterday) is unacceptable.

That is the hardest red pill to swallow in the end for too many at this point. The incompetence of the Biden Administration is itself a lie. These people have an agenda and a goal and they have moved with assiduous speed and deftness to implement that agenda.

They are not incompetent, but rather hyper-competent… at being vandals.

This is why COVID-9/11 will never end. This is why when we say no to the clot shot they double down and demand we give it to our kids. This is why when information gets out that proves they are lying they lie even more and suppress the information.

Truth is treason in the empire of lies. The scammer will make the lie bigger and bigger to keep you on the hook. They will never admit they are lying.

This is why I keep saying become #Ungovernable.

So, stop hoping they will find some dignity in the end and admit it so you can feel better. Don’t be afraid of it. Just accept it and the responsibility of it. Only then will you be free.

Only then can we put an end to this.