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Our Family Covid Recovery Story – The Burning Platform

 Guest Post by Mark

Over Two weeks of sudden hard hitting ambush shedding sickness…how we implemented my plan for Covid home treatment…and a desperate Anti-Body Fusion WILD CARD HAIL MARY…Caught in the End Zone!

My buddy Glock-N-Load (AKA Donkey Balls and a Wondering Wip) asked me to tell this story and Admin agreed…so here it is. I hope it helps someone else deal with Covid and dealing with the Medical Industrial Complex threatening us all through sins of treatment commissions…and treatment omissions.

The Family Covid Risk Factors

I’m a few weeks from 72, my wife is 66, and my father in law is 88. My wife and I have no co-morbidities…zero.  I don’t know another couple our age in the positive weight/shape we both are in. Still…the Covid Bio Weapon (that is what I believe it is) hit us hard and fast.

My father in law fights high blood pressure, glaucoma, occasional skin cancers, has had prostate cancer (successfully treated 5 years ago) serious hearing loss, is about 25 lbs. overweight, and has occasional gout. His heart is strong…he is a tough former Marine Korean War Vet…and his mind is razor sharp.

Husband: I’m in intentional hard earned solid shape, only weigh 10 pounds more than I did 50 years ago. I have been extremely careful/intentional my entire adult life about my weight, physical shape, daily nutrition, vitamin supplementation, and especially my constant detoxification. As a Nam Vet Grunt I’m more then aware of my indisputable past exposure to Agent Orange (Dioxin) through drinking river, pond, and when desperate…bomb crater water in defoliated areas. There was no connection at the time of course, just pour in the Kool Aid and Iodine tabs, and get back on the hump.

I have been determined not to have been killed in Nam through Agent Orange…once I understood it…hence the serious and constant detoxification since reading the first edition of this book below…and serving on a State Agent Orange Commission from 84 to 85.

So being poisoned by my government with Covid was not my first government poisoning rodeo.

Having been sprayed and betrayed at 19 and still alive at almost 72 can give you a determined…and defiant detoxification perspective.

Wife: I call her the Petite Flower and she still is. We have been together since 1975. She is still cute, petite, and perky in an engaging enduring way. She has always been in extremely robust health all these decades.

I have never know any human being with less guile that her. She is the most honest person I have ever met. Seeing her this sick this fast was hard.

Most people think she is much younger than she is…because she looks it…and she is and always has been a high energy positive person. “Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow” has been one of her favorite sayings.

I have always said she has the metabolism of a squirrel and the appetite of a lioness.  She loves meat…and I have always been amazed at the amount of food she can put away and not gain weight.

  • Father in Law: Now this is a West Texas raised…dirt poor, tough old man whose brother’s (older and younger) nick named him ‘The Iron Man’. Many stories…many reasons that nick name was well earned.  His wife died slow and hard from MS many years ago. He is our last living parent and we are thrilled to have him living with us all these years. I was raised in a three generation home…and a two generation home is almost as good.
  • The Farm/Compound/ Last Stand: I have been posting here about 7 years…put up an occasional thread. I have many friends here who I talk to around TBP. We live on a 14 acre farm/compound in a new house (built like a fort) behind two gates recessed into deep woods. To say I am a serious prepper self-sufficient…kiss my Mick/Wop ass tyrannical government defiant American would be a gross understatement.

Below will explain how I prepared for Covid in case it came in…exactly what happened when it snuck in…and I hope this information and our experience helps someone else.

Covid sneaks into my house through Shedding: I cannot prove this…but this is what I believe happened. My wife went to visit a girlfriend for 3 days in her girlfriend’s home in another city. The girlfriend had – had Covid a while back…had it bad…but like 99.7% of people recovered from it. She is in her mid-50, is a breast cancer survivor. They have been close friends for 25 years.

I had no idea (nor did my wife) she was double jabbed…and was double jabbed after she had recovered from Covid…and had the anti-bodies!!! (People who do that are so uninformed and or brainwashed it saddens me…for them – such a useless potentially deadly and unnecessary move).

I never, ever would have let my wife be around her for 3 days if I would have known she was double jabbed. There were other jabbed people there also…I found out later. MY WIFE AND I ARE PURE BLOODS! That is how I believe the Spike Proteins invaded my home…and our bodies…SHEDDING!

My wife came home on the 3rd day sick after being around the Shedder(s)…not real bad that first night…but not normal. She went to Urgent Care the next morning as she woke up much worse. She tested negative for Flu but positive for Covid. I immediately had her take Ivermectin 12mgs, 200 mgs of Doxycycline…and started shoving the immune support (especially D-3 with K2) into her. She does not take the vitamins like I do. The list of the immune system support I had prepared and we took daily is below.

I immediately giving my father in law two HCQs 12 mgs a day and tried to keep him away from my wife…it worked for a week.

The next day I was sick and with a vengeance just like my wife…feverish, no appetite, nauseous, lethargic, massive night sweats…my wife lost all taste and smell (still does not have them back) however I retained mine. She was vomiting occasionally I never did, but came close a few times. I had a bad cough, her cough was not as bad as mine.

For the best part of 10 days we both could barely get out of bed some days…and she was throwing up most of the little food she was eating…but neither of us were eating much. Many times after she had taken the various immune support pills she just threw them up.

One Lesson Learned: Have as many Immune Support vitamins in liquid drops as possible…as they will slide down in water without trigging the vomiting my wife was experiencing.

Also use D-3 with K2…superior absorption over standard D-3.

10 Days of Misery Before the Slow Covid Retreat: On the 10th day my wife woke up with her appetite back. She noticeably started to improve that day eating her first full dinner since she was sick. For me it was the 13th day…but my recovery was not as strong as my wife’s…and I’m still not 100%…have a bit of a clutch in my chest.

Father In Law Down: But the day after my wife started to improve my father in law went down…and he went down fast and hard with the same symptoms we had, only worse. I had started giving him Ivermectin and Doxycycline and all the immune support…but found out he was only taking 1,000 IUs of D-3 a day all this time, not the 10,000 IUs I had told him to take…one of his hearing issues.

Here is where it got hinky. We immediately took my father in law to Urgent Care to get a Flu and Covid test…and both came back negative???

He was even worse the next day…so we took him to the County Hospital to get a second Flu, Covid test, and then with a positive Covid test hopefully he would get the Anti-Body Fusion procedure that he more than fit that the County Hospital offered.


  • 65 years of age or older
  • Overweight (body mass index over 25)
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2)
  • Weakened immune system
  • Currently receiving immunosuppressive treatment
  • Cardiovascular disease/hypertension
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Medical-related technological dependence

But then that test came up negative as well and they wouldn’t give the Anti-Body Fusion to him, and sent us away!

We were grim and he was getting sicker by the hour.

The next day we were forced to take him to the VA. He did not want to go there and I did not want to take him…both of us get our health care there…and we have been bombarded to get jabbed by them, but we were getting desperate.

After three hours waiting in the emergency room (they wouldn’t let us in) he was given a Covid test and it was positive…HALLELUJAH!

He was admitted that afternoon, given a chest x-ray, and diagnosed with Covid induced pneumonia.

Then, I had two lengthy discussions with two VA doctors who immediately (once they found out) wanted to Jab all three of us…and were shocked and aghast to find out me and my wife had treated ourselves at home…had recovered…and all of us including our Father/Father in Law all were taking…GASP!!!!


I detailed these two terse conversations (I was talking through my gritted teeth at the end of both) in a comment in another thread that got 67 up votes…so many of you are familiar with it.

I don’t want to repeat it here…if you want to read it here it is in the link below.  All I can say is when you hit VA doctors with ‘Informed Consent’ on what is in the Jabs, the fact the Vaccines are not Vaccines…and explain why they are not Vaccines…and ask them to stop calling them Vaccines…and explain the treatment protocol of the FRONTLINE DOCTORS they will shut up and back down.

Now both these doctors were professional and polite, but to me were drones backing the do nothing hospital protocol…including not giving the obvious successful therapeutics to cure Covid patients.

We also had a discussion about putting my father in law on a ventilator if he took a turn for the worse…and I took that off the table and told them they were to call us if he condition changed.

I knew we had to get him the hell out of there ASAP!

Then we found out the kicker at the end of the conversation with the second doctor…the VA doesn’t do Anti-Body Fusions!!! WTF!!!

To say we were crushed would be an understatement…but WE FINALLY HAD A POSITIVE COVID TEST! And overnight he had an IV in him he desperately needed.

First thing the next morning we checked him out of the VA and drove him directly to the County Hospital (where he had – had the second negative Covid test) presented the third positive VA Covid test…and they finally gave him the Anti-Body fusion. It all took about five hours at County.

We got him home and out of the clutches of the other MIC – The Medical Industrial Complex…with Covid anti-bodies coursing through his blood!

The next day there was a noticeable improvement in him, the second day more…the third more…and today the fourth day he is about 85% back and heading in the right direction.

This was the full blown Daily Treatment Protocol I had prepared almost a year ago and did my best to get into all three of us.

Daily Protocol (Most of this comes from the Front Line Doctors but I enhanced it).

Ivermectin 12gms a day

Bought it from Insulin Hub in India, had 90 12mgs stashed for most of the year. It comes with 100.mgs of Doxycycline and takes about three weeks to be delivered. They don’t charge your card until its delivered.

Doxycycline 200mg a day (antibiotic)

D-3 with K2 10,0000 IUs a day (2 pills)

Zinc & Quercetin (1 every day)

B Complex with extra Thiamine (every day)

C 6000mg (minimum) spread out throughout the day (I believe in C saturation when I’m sick – use Liquid Liposomal)

325mg aspirin (every day)


12mgs melatonin at night

Super L- Glutathione (all this is in one pill from a company called Brilliant Remedies on Walmart on line)

  • L- Glutathione 50mg
  • Selenium 100mcg
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine
  • Milk Thistle
  • Turmeric
  • Curcumiolds

NAC (to further boost Glutathione levels)


Silver Wing Colloidal Silver 500 PPM

If you’re not familiar with Colloidal Silver don’t bring up the blue Man Big Pharma fear porn bullshit. Buy this book and educated yourself. I have used it successfully for many years for many health issues.

Essential Oils

I had numinous blends wafting in our bedroom and home. This book is the best guideline I have found to date:

WHERE TO GET IVERMECTIN: This is where I have bought mine successfully.

If you want to buy some Ivermectin and Doxycycline ($130 for 30 12mgs of Ivermectin and 100 100mgs of Doxy) here is where to do it. Ask for Andrew James…he is the sales manager and great to deal with…you won’t get charged until it is delivered, it takes 3 weeks:

Andrew James
Direct line is 1-718-312-8727


Live Chat:

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I love happy endings.

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