Sunday, November 21, 2021

FOOD Supply Disruption: HERE IT COMES - by Karl Denninger

 Oh, so you like "mandates" eh.....

Ok.  The various USDA offices are in, nearly-exclusively, rural areas.  They have inspectors who are in the various food production plants.  Without them production stops, by law.

Then you have the dudes (almost all dudes) "processing" the hogs, chickens and cattle you eat.  They are all in rural areas.  Without them, well..... there is no processing at all.

A large percentage of them have refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

You think you have a problem now with supply issues?

How would you like to be short 20% -- or more -- of the protein we eat in the United States?

Read my Ticker about the true character of war.  These people have the high ground and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

Go ahead Karen -- and Biden.  Keep being stupid. 

It doesn't matter even if the jabs worked (they don't) or were safe (they aren't.)  No means no and while you can fire people you can't magically replace the fired person.

As I pointed out with the container issue you can't wave a magic wand and make more containers appear in China.  So long as there is a constriction in the process of transferring goods anywhere in the chain you eventually run out of containers somewhere you need them and have more of them where you don't want them (on ships waiting to unload); without a receiving dock at the final destination and throughput to get the container from the ship to that place you eventually get what we have now.  That is why we have the situation off Long Beach today; it is not a simple "oh Long Beach is full of <X> therefore ordering them to work longer shifts fixes it."  Those orders were given and the backlog is worse now than then.  Gee, are you surprised at this?  I'm not.

Guess what you're going to see within weeks in the food supply chain if you don't force these *******s to cut that crap out with the mandates?

The same thing.

Yes, I said force and I meant exactly what I said.  Biden and Congress as a whole quite-clearly don't give a **** so you're going to have to force them to cut it out.  Unless, of course, you'd prefer a potential dislocation in the food supply that, I remind you, inevitably requires months or longer to clear if it happens because once a chicken or hog is culled you can't wish another one into existence; you must grow it, and that takes time.  If you let this happen the told-you-so sign that will be flying will be the size of a football field.