Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hopeful Heroes Speak Out For Health And Medical Freedom At Ty And Charlene Bollinger’s Nashville Conference - By Ginny Garner

Ty and Charlene Bollinger organized a phenomenal conference assembling a Who’s Who in America of medical experts, doctors and activists known by any researcher questioning the official Covid plandemic narrative. The Bollingers sponsor an annual Truth About Cancer event but this time the timely focus was appropriately on health and medical freedom and censorship. The event was held in Nashville, Tennessee at the Gaylord Opryland Conference Center on October 22-24, 2021. See here.

About 2,000 attendees travelled from all across America as far as Washington state. Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, HighWire host/Informed Consent Action Network founder Del Bigtree, documentarian Mikki Willis, Roger Stone and Eric Trump were just a few of the many speakers too numerous to name in this article. A group photo of the speakers taken at the end of the event (missing a few who had already left) are seen here.

Ty and Charlene Bollinger were names familiar to me. I knew the couple was involved with alternative approaches to treating cancer rather than the medical establishment’s solutions of chemotherapy and radiation, but they weren’t really on my radar. Then I saw they were named #2 on the Disinformation Dozen list published by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a group whose politically motivated censorship agenda has been exposed by Dr. Joseph Mercola and others. See here and here.

Making this list – dubbed the “dirty dozen” by Bigtree – alongside Tenpenny, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Mercola – was a badge of honor as they have been very effective in warning that the official narrative that the Covid shots are safe and effective is not true.

Conference speakers and attendees shared a spiritual connection with God, not exclusively but overwhelmingly Christian, an understanding that they were born for such a time as this and are compelled to warn others and to take action, and the faith that God will win in the end.

Ty Bollinger noted government should not dictate health and medical policy and stressed one has a moral responsibility to disobey unlawful laws. He denounced the lucrative revolving door where someone can work for the FDA and then work for Covid shot manufacturer Pfizer or Moderna. He also talked about the 30 year persecution of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a pioneer of the use of biologically active peptides to treat cancer. See herehere and here.

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies who downloaded 950 pages of Google internal documents describing their censorship regime, delivered them to the DoJ and disclosed them to the public via Project Veritas, discussed how to defeat censorship. He explained how Google uses algorithms to de-platform and purge views it dislikes. He said he was working on a vertically integrated system called to counter this censorship.  See here.

Dr. Judy Mikovits was greeted as a hero with standing ovations and thunderous applause. She has emerged from her persecution by “little Tony Fauci” as she refers to him – imprisonment and the loss of everything material she had worked for – with an unshakable faith and humility. “Nothing they’re telling you has a basis in truth,” she said of the official Covid narrative. “Only people with compromised immune systems can get sick.” She cited DMG as an amino acid that is building wellness. She called for a repeal of the 1986 act that granted legal immunity to pharmaceutical companies as well as a moratorium on all vaccines. She said we need to forgive ourselves and each other. “Abide in Him,” she said, citing Psalm  91. See here.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny drew such a massive crowd that the fire marshal ordered audience members standing in the back to leave the room. She said many people are addicted to fear, masks are a sign of servitude, and you can detox from the Covid shots, but nothing can repair your DNA. She said the announced boosters are just the beginning: Big Pharma has 109 shots in its pipeline. She has identified 40 mechanisms of injury caused by the shots: acute reactions such as anaphylaxis and cardiac arrest, blood clots and illness or damage caused by the spike proteins, cardiac rupture, lung damage, convulsions, neurological disability, and autoimmune disease. She said 28 of 55 body tissues are being damaged by the monoclonal antibodies. On a spiritual level, she said those getting the jab are defiling God’s temple. She has co-founded a group to raise funds for legal pursuits, a new legal system, Christian training centers, and protection for athletes and performing artists. See here.

Dr. Carrie Madej discussed how the Covid shots are a gateway to transhumanism. “They are trying to put an AI nervous system in you.” The shots contain hydrogel which can meld with bodies. Using an electron microscope, she said she examined the vial contents from Pfizer shots and found parasites, cube-like structures, metallic fragments and graphene oxide. Her speech is here.

Del Bigtree correctly predicted years ago that forced vaccination of the world’s population would become an issue but few were paying attention. He said preserving inmate immunity is paramount, and that “We cannot let them vaccinate our children and destroy their immune systems.” See here and here.

Filmmaker Mikki Willis said as a result of his first documentary Plandemic, his character was assassinated and he was investigated by the FBI. “Covid has had us reevaluate what we are doing and why,” he said. “I lost a lot of people I thought were my friends, but I gained a lot of warriors.” His next documentary Plandemic: Indoctornation featured Dr. David Martin’s documentation of the patents owned by Fauci and his colleagues. The upcoming sequel features Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Willis noted the common thread in mythologies where an average person is confronted with a problem and they choose to take action and related that to each audience member. “The force within the hero always wins.” Big Pharma has created synthetic remedies to survive a war on nature when nature provides all to us, he said. He is hopeful about victory as he witnesses airlines backing down from mandates, firefighters suing states, and Covid creating a generation of journalists and professional researchers. See here.

Dr. Paul Thomas presented data from his study which concluded unvaccinated individuals are much healthier than the vaccinated who suffer higher incidences of chronic illnesses, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. His speech was held in a breakout room, smaller than the main room, and he asked the audience of about 700 how many had never been vaccinated in their entire lives. A few hands went up. He asked how many had had difficulty with their relationships with family and friends since Covid started, and nearly all hands went up, the same reaction as when he asked how many had not been injected with any Covid shots. See here.

Pastor Greg Locke, who speaks truth to power, got the audience on its feet with his Sunday morning sermon. “I promise you a fraudulent Biden administration and Covid will not defeat the church,” he assured them. Locke noted the absurdity of the official narrative trying to make people believe “The only place you could catch Covid was at church or at Trump rallies. The difference between the truth and conspiracy theories is about five months.” He said, “The church started America. I am a renegade redneck pastor who refused to close his church. I never thought I would have to fight spineless and cowardly preachers. Everyone knows who John the Baptist is in history, he said, but “Who chopped (his) head off? No one knows. They tried to burn us down,” he said, so instead he built an ever growing tent as increasing numbers of people travelled from all over to attend his church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. “We have the truth and they know it. Life is too short to die a coward.”

Roger Stone, who is still battling 17 frivolous lawsuits, said he was living proof Jesus Christ can do anything. He was swat teamed for lying to Congress. “Can you say Anthony Fauci?” Stone said, “I’ve had it up to here with that guy,” he said, positioning his hand inches below his neck. “I thought about suicide. My many friends urged me to put my faith in God. His wife has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and is recovering thanks to Vitamin C infusions and other alternative therapies. “The complete censorship of all mass communications is historic,” he said. His plan to save America is to build platforms and web hosting sites; demand fair elections; and show country club Republicans the door. “I would rather die on my feet than beg on my knees.” Every time Charlene Bollinger referred to Stone, she said, “And Roger Stone still did nothing wrong.” See here.

The conference’s Freedom Panel featuring two panelists pardoned by Donald Trump – Angela Stanton King and Stone. King said she didn’t know how bad things were until she ran for office as a black Trump supporter. “Unity is coming,” she said. “This is a fight for life.” Radio show host Robert Scott Bell, speaking about the sacrifices of the Founders said, “We’ve had it too easy. We are close to drowning. You have got to want freedom as much as someone who is being held under water.” Wearing a mask is a satanic ritual, he said, because it restricts the breath of life. “I believe we are designed for some purpose,” said actor and freedom activist John Schneider, known for playing the character Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard. “You are here for a specific reason. We have been complacent. We should expect bullies.” His wife Alicia advised finding out who the “butcher, baker and candlestick maker” is in your community.

Bell moderated a Vaccine Truth Experts Panel. Dr. Judy Mikovits said, “I was jailed a decade ago and you’d think it would be the worse decade.” She was gagged for five years and told if she spoke out she would be killed. Scientist Brian Hooker acknowledged the spiritual support he has received and said, “We were born for such a time as this.” Just as Queen Esther was standing in the gap, he said we all are standing in the gap for all of society in this last battle. “You are fulfilling God’s will.” He said unvaccinated children are much healthier than vaccinated children. Bell agreed, stating the chronic illnesses children develop from vaccines is a gateway to a lifelong dependency on drugs. “Injecting toxic poisons in kids is a sacrament in the church of mysticism,” he said. Dr. Paul Thomas, whose medical license was revoked after he published his study that concluded unvaccinated individuals were much healthier compared with vaccinated individuals said, “What would have been the worse year of my life has been the best year of my life.” Regarding the Covid shots’ resulting deaths and adverse events, he said there is no longer correlation but rather causation. Charlene Bollinger acknowledged she had vaccinated two of her four children after being intimidated and bullied by doctors. In reaction, her two children cried and broke out in rashes. “It pains me as a mother that I did that. It goes against our gut instincts. Praise God that we are now awake.” Her husband Ty said, “They forced us to jettison our logic and reason. They are anti-science.” He said the same techniques used by Edward Bernays to manipulate the human mind, later adopted by Hitler propaganda minister Josef Goebbels, were being deployed today with Covid. Del Bigtree wore a T-shirt proclaiming he was “Unvaccinated.” His mother listened to her intuition and did not vaccinate her children. At that time about 3% of the population was unvaccinated. Now about 50% of the population hasn’t gotten the Covid jab. “They are failing,” he said of the Covid shot pushers, citing the massive global protests against mandates ignored by the mainstream media. “The science is enough,” Bigtree said. “How many people will die before it is enough? The FDA is afraid to discuss it. If they were truly scientists, they would invite us to debate. They’re using the tenets of religion or a cult. The NIH is starting to look at Ivermectin. It’s a little late, isn’t it? Fauci stopped the hospitals from using it. He is going to jail for murder as he should. We are winning.”

See herehere and here.

Health Ranger Mike Adams, appearing on video, said he is working on building an IT infrastructure including new servers to allow those censored to have a voice and said the health freedom movement is exploding. “Half the globe is with us now” on medical choice, liberty and human rights, he proclaimed, crediting the “vaccine companies as being so evil they forced people to be aware of what is going on. We have half the police, firefighters, doctors, medical workers, laborers, truck drivers, port train operators, and teachers with us,” he said, “and that means this movement is unstoppable. We have reached the tipping point. Humanity will never again delegate health to dishonest scientists. The awakening is here due to people like you. They cannot control, silent or isolate us. Humanity is coming together to defeat evil. We want to uplift and enhance knowledge across the human race. We want to live in world where the people who committed those things are indicted and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. We are divine conscious creators and inventors and we shall defeat evil.”

Alicia Schneider explained how after she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer she rejected her doctor’s solutions of radiation and cutting off her breast. When it comes to your health, “You are either in the passenger or the driver’s seat.” With her faith and research, she went on her own self-healing journey, learning cancer feeds on sugar and that “the key to your life is minerals.”

Scott McKay, the Patriot Streetfighter, held a tomahawk over his head as a “peace pipe offering to deep state powers to walk away from positions of power. The only thing left is the blade of war from we the people. This is a murder machine run by the luciferian Kazarian mafia satanic order. He advised those waiting for Christ to walk on earth to recognize their ascension of Christ consciousness. “Christ beat the moneychangers. We have the opportunity to change mankind. This is a moment of ascension opportunity given to you by your Creator. This is the epic war of the ages.” See here.

When Covid first started, Dr. Edward Group said he knew HcQ, zinc, quercetin, iodine, Vitamin C drips, Vitamin D, turmeric, probiotics, and other natural solutions were the answer. “Most scientists have forgotten what God can do,” he said, but we all have a “natural ability to detoxify and cleanse.” He discussed an unorthodox treatment used since 1643 in Greece, Rome, China and India: urotherapy or drinking your own urine. He said the amniotic sac a baby lives in is made up of almost entirely of urine. People in the Third World people who had no access to medicine or treatments westerners had drank their own urine and cured themselves within 3-4 days. “Our body is the perfect internal healing mechanism,” he said, touting urine as the most perfect vaccine, antiseptic and disinfectant that can dissolve blood clots. See here.

Former Hollywood stuntman Mike Smith spoke on censorship in the media and the health care industry. He created the documentary Out of Shadows which he says has been seen by 100 million people and has been translated into 27 languages. “If we don’t rise up right now as one nation under God, the liberties we enjoyed will be lost forever,” he said. “The founding fathers created the Constitution to govern our nation under Christian values and principles.” He announced he is building an alternative system to Microsoft, Amazon and Google that will be free to use, an open market media cooperative where users can monetize their own content, an internet free of human trafficking, porn, occult, satanic content, and the destructive government doctrines of socialism, Marxism, communism and totalitarianism.

Leila Centner, CEO of the Centner Academy in Miami, has opposed harmful mandatory masks or Covid shots for her students. She said it is “against my soul to consider forcing a child to wear a mask.” She has been called all sorts of names by the Miami Herald and Vanity Fair and other woke media outlets. “The CDC has guidelines,” she said. “The amount of PSTD kids have is irreversible. Teacher unions are dictating CDC guidelines. They isolate you like in prison. You will spend years in therapy. This is not the law.” See here.

Speaking remotely on video, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of the documentaries Vaxxed  (produced by Del Bigtree) and 1986: The Act, talked about the power of film. Wakefield co-founded the Autism Media Channel with Polly Tommey, the mother of an autistic child and creator of the documentary Vaxxed II. In Vaxxed, a CDC whistleblower exposed how the agency covered up its own data linking vaccines to autism. It is “extraordinary to see the lengths (Big Pharma) will go to exert its will on people,” Wakefield said, but “they will fail. The industry is in chaos, although it may not look that way right now.” See here.

“Vaccination is an act of Satanism,” chiropractor Billy DeMoss said. “The biggest sin on the planet is jabbing babies.” He is a proponent of the terrain theory. “If the germ theory of disease were true there would be no one living to believe it.” He said “God needs no help. The power that made the body heals the body.” He listed the 10 factors of health as innate sleep, chiropractic, detox, nutrition, positive mindset, exercise, balance ECS, breath work, grounding, and meditation.  See here.

Gary Humble, Executive Director of Tennessee Stands, an activist group that supports exemptions from mandatory Covid Shots, said, “These are scary times, we are holding ground. Do not comply. What we are doing to children is Luciferian. No science is behind this.” See here.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was scheduled to speak but couldn’t make it as he is required to show he has gotten the jab when travelling from Canada to the US; he is facing jail time for keeping his church open. See here.

Other speakers were David Avocado Wolfe on Detoxification: Charcoal, Internal Cleansing, and Fasting for Healing and Spiritual Growth; Tennessee State Senator Mark Pody on Keeping Tennessee and America Free; actress Leigh-Allyn Baker on Unmasking Fear, Breathing Bravery; Dr. Terry Harmon on Cultivating Supernatural Health Through Automatic Nervous System Optimization; Dr. Patrick Quillin on Turn Your Body into a Fortress Against Cancer and Infections; Cherie Calcom – The Healing Powers of Juicing and Detoxing; Lori Gregory on The Importance of Real Science; Dr. Daniel Nuzum on God’s Perfect Design: Your Immune System and Plants; Lisa Hill on Living Clean in a Dirty World; and Dr. Thomas Lokensgard on 77 Naturopathic Approaches to Combat Cellular Terrorism. See hereherehere, here and  here.

Ginny Garner is a writer, editor, researcher, and music lover. She took the red pill many years ago and has been an avid reader of Lew’s website for the last 22-23 years. Write her at .