Sunday, November 14, 2021

What They Didn't Tell You - by Karl Denninger

 And now, the rest of the story.

This study is a bit dense -- but has been peer-reviewed, and makes clear that indeed, what I hypothesized was true -- and had to be, given the circumstances with Diamond Princess and elsewhere, in fact validates by scientific fact.

In summary, RTC regions like polymerase, expressed in the first stage of the viral life cycle, are highly conserved among HCoV and are preferentially targeted by T-cells in pre-pandemic and SN-HCW samples. A subset of T-cells from donors able to abort infection could cross-recognise SARS-CoV-2 and HCoV sequences at individual RTC epitopes, pointing to prior infection with HCoV as one source of pre-existing cross-reactive T-cells. 

"SN-HCW" are health-care workers who were repeatedly exposed and while they did not get sick or seroconvert "(SeroNegative)" showed very rapid response to Covid-19 from cross-reaction as a result of other coronavirus exposures.

Remember that Diamond Princess only had about 20% of the population on board that got sick despite all of them being confined together over an extended period, and even more-telling, there were multiple instances where one member of a cabin pair (husband and wife, usually) got seriously ill while the other did not only not get ill they did not test positive either.  This also occurred among a couple I know early in the pandemic; one (the husband) was killed by the virus, the other (the wife) never got sick.

What's even more damning is that by May of this year about 20% of the population, according to a NEJM study that I wrote on, had seroconverted.  This strongly implies that statistically everyone who could get Covid-19 and have a serious problem with already had done so.

So how is that we had a "surge" this summer and continue to see infections this fall?

It can't happen if there are no susceptible people.

But it is.

So there are susceptible people.

How did they become susceptible when they weren't before in any material size?

We jabbed them.

The CDC and hospitals do not count someone who gets Covid before 2 weeks after their last jab as "vaccinated."  So if you have a cycle of 28 days from first to second from the first jab to a period of time six weeks later if you get Covid-19 you're considered "unvaccinated."

Every place where we've had very high vaccination uptake as the uptake occurred we have seen material spikes in infection contemporary with the jabs, even out of regular season with normal respiratory viral patterns.


The reasonable hypothesis is that the jabs are destroying pre-existing resistance that formerly was sufficient to prevent significant, seroconverting infections in about 8 out of 10 people, but post-jab that resistance is suppressed either temporarily or permanently and thus they are able to get significantly infected.

Leaving aside the hazards (direct -- myocarditis, abnormal clotting, etc) of the jabs the data supports that there should have been no surge in infections this summer whatsoever as there simply was an insufficient cohort to support them, yet since it happened we created that cohort by an action we took.  Further, the worldwide data is that the surge occurred starting exactly when the widespread jabbing did in multiple nations and areas.

While this does not prove that the jabs have destroyed existing cross-immunity it very strongly points at it.

Note that for someone who is cross-immune being vaccinated confers no benefit yet is dangerous both to the individual and others in that if existing cross-immunity is destroyed you can not only now be infected where before you could not you can screw others as well.

If you're a health care or "public health" so-called professional who "urged" people (or worse, got involved in mandating people) to get jabbed the evidence is that is likely you directly caused the wave of disease and death this summer.  If you think I will ever forgive you for that you can go **** yourself with a rusty chainsaw; your best and highest contribution to society given what you've done and the impact you've had on mortality and morbidity would be to commit seppuku on television.  I will never forgive or forget what you've done nor will I ever forgive or forget anyone who supported you and the drive to screw others, which the evidence shows is exactly what happened, in any way.

Oh, for employers, especially in health care: You ****ed yourselves.  Your "vaccinated" staff, which you insisted on, is likely to now be 100% susceptible which means they're screwed where before they were safe. If that immune damage is not Covid-19 specific, and it may not be, then they're really screwed and so are you.  Every single employer who pushed or mandated these jabs deserves a date with Mr. Hands and when you get it I will cheer.  Loudly.

Final point to parents: If you jab your healthy kid(s) you're materially increasing the risk of killing elderly members of your family because those kids likely are cross-immune and if you destroy that you take someone who can't get infected and pass it to others into someone who can.  If you jab your healthy kids, in short, you're a murderous monster.

What we did was stupid, in short, and everyone involved in it, given the evidence we had all the way back to Diamond Princess either knew it or should have known it.  Everyone involved in pushing this bull**** on a mass-basis should hang for it as they have produced the summer surge and now, coming into winter, a quite-possible severe outbreak directly caused by the jabs.