Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos? - Author: Tom Luongo

If you look around the headlines from the past week or so, you will see a startling similarity among them.  Coming in from all over the world are mandates from one country’s government after another instituting medical apartheid over the COVID-9/11 jab.

Where these restrictions are the most draconian are within the walls of the European Union, that region where The Davos Crowd’s influence is undoubtedly the strongest.

Latvia will bar unjabbed legislators from voting.  Slovenia made the jab mandatory to go to the gas station. Austria’s new Chancellor, who’s been on the job for around a month, is now fining and arresting the unjabbed for even leaving their homes.

A month ago this guy was a minor political hack in a mostly irrelevant central European country, now he’s issuing orders like he owns the place. Unfortunately, for most of Europe, that is actually the case, if not in name but in practice.

The list goes on and on and on — Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, just to name a few.

To describe this behavior as Orwellian is a kindness.  We’re closer to Terry Gilliam’s nightmarish bureaucracy of Brazil than we are Orwell’s 1984.  

At the same time, you have to squint really hard to find any mention of the massive protests in these same countries against these mandates. But, the videos flow freely around the internet if you are willing to look for them.

The protests in Rotterdam turned violent on Friday when two people were shot dead by police during the mayhem. Rome was literally overflowing with people on the streets saying no to this arbitrary and indefensible stratification of society.

Vienna saw police stand down and join the protestors.

In short, I’m seeing a whole lotta #Ungovernables out there and they are growing in number not falling.

I’m pretty much incompetent when it comes to Twitter but this may be the most trafficked of any tweet of mine ever:

To even contemplate turning an entire country into a patchwork of leper colonies over a nasty cold is indicative of the sickest mind, to agree with doing so makes you a party to crimes against humanity, and to pull a paycheck to enforce it the very definition of evil itself.

These mandates are coming because of the massive uptick in COVID-9/11 cases in all of these places where the experimental mRNA gene therapies were deployed en masse. Where the jab is job one, the infection rates are growing exponentially.

The worry over COVID-9/11 and its destabilizing effects on society have infected even the most sober and thoughtful world leaders on the subject, like Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin, in recent appearances, looks openly angry and puzzled that the virus was not defeated and the rate of mutation making public policy a difficult maze to navigate.

He just publicly offered himself up as a guinea pig for the latest booster for the country’s successful adenovirus therapy, Sputnik V, to help enhance Russia’s ability to fight off the disease. Unlike the mRNA therapies, the rate of complications with it are very low and if anything seem to, at worst, offer no added benefit.

Putin would be better served promoting prophylactics rather than the jab, but there it is.

The problem here is the authoritarian mindset. It cannot let go of the idea that some things are truly beyond their control and that some events like these are ‘in god’s hands.’ I hope Putin and others like him remember that in the coming days and restrain themselves leaving the jab, any jab, a choice out of respect for life itself.

But the title of this piece asks a question that seems incongruous given the full spectrum blitz for power that Davos and their minions are putting on.

Have we reached Peak Davos?

I think we have but that doesn’t mean things get better from here, only that this is as much pressure as they can bring to bear and it will either work or it will be clear that it will fail, albeit very messily.

So, let’s start with the obvious. Places like Austria, Australia, and even Italy will not go along with this. The sizes of the protests grow daily and as the desperation on both sides grows any further attempts at control will be met with violence, regrettably. Hopefully, we see more scenes like I linked above rather than what I fear is more likely.

But, let’s back out a bit further and discuss the failure of COP26.  This article by Rupert Darwall of focuses too much on the failure of Boris Johnson’s government to land the necessary body blows to gather the international cats to come together on Climate Change, but the results from Glasgow were pretty obvious.

No amount of schmoozing and glad-handing will overcome the enlightened self-interest of nations (or people) to destroy their energy production (society).  This time it was China and India watering down the language of the COP26 statement to the point of irrelevancy.

Because energy production is the basis for civilization itself. The entire Climate Change scam is nothing more than an attack on civilization.

The dissenters at COP26 showed their power within the global community and without their firm commitment to ending burning coal to produce a flow of electrons there was no way everyone else would fall into place.

That said, however, these same two countries are happy to go along with population control measures we’re seeing in Europe. Because both governments understand that the amount of economic damage done because of COVID-9/11 will bring inevitable social unrest. So they may not be implementing these controls in service of Davos per se, only to save their own miserable hides.

China is far more advanced on this front than even Europe is.  But to see India, as Martin Armstrong talked about recently, using Climate Change as an excuse to lock people down is outrageous.

It goes to show that while Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be Davos-affiliated, he’s also smart enough to know that he can pick and choose from their mandates to serve his interests best.

This is what I’ve meant in the past about seeing the fraying of Davos’ various factions (covered in this podcast from June).  When members of the cartel think for themselves eventually the cartel collapses.  India would only issue an order like this because, as Armstrong rightly points out, they are worried about civil unrest from economic collapse.

But that doesn’t mean that Modi will get rid of the coal plants because he knows that stable electricity and heat are the surest ways to minimize the civil unrest.   Catch meet 22 for Davos.

A lot of world leaders will begin seeing this same light as we move into 2022.  Their power still rests on the consent of the governed.  It’s a race against time now for Davos.  From the death of COVID-9/11 as a thing to justify our compliance to the various factions seeing their opportunities to take advantage for their own gain(Wall St. for example), the balance of power globally could shift quickly.

China’s Evergrande policies are a major source of market instability right now — See this interview with I just published explaining how all these parts fit together. China forcing property developers into default, like Evergrande, is enhancing the demand for dollars and yuan and the best place to pull them from is Europe, whose leadership is on a collision course with hyperinflation and debt default.

The crashing euro alongside a strengthening dollar and yuan means that Europe is getting torn apart at the seams.  It means inflation there is going to skyrocket with the next round of CPI numbers and Christine Lagarde will look even sillier than the last time she tried to sell her bullshit to the world at the recent ECB policy presser.

Davos couldn’t pull the world together in Glasgow.  So, they are now going full court press for control where they can over COVID-9/11 jabs.  The two issues are inextricably linked.

Let’s take this one step further. They haven’t gotten rid of Powell at the Fed, yet.  They may not get the “Build Back Better” bill through this Congress. The rising dollar is torpedoing their plans for hyperinflation of energy prices.

Even the major oil companies see the writing on the wall.  

Royal Dutch Shell (NYSE:RDS.A) just announced a complete corporate restructuring to move the company’s domicile out of the European Union and fully into the U.K. to avoid the insanity of the EU’s ESG requirements.

Shell lost a recent court ruling from the Hague and it responded by taking its company out of its homeland and removing any traces of Dutch from its name.  The new company will be called Shell Energy.  Shell is playing a waiting game against Davos now. 

And when a company as politically connected as Shell makes a move like this you know the pressure is lifting.  I’ve covered them for years and they’ve always been ahead of the political curve, knowing where things were headed and where to pull out of.

So, while Shell may make noise publicly about phasing out ‘fossil fuels’ and all that rot to satisfy the ESG jackals, their actions were to extend the life of its primary business by avoiding the “pass a law, make reality” chaos of the unelected EUSSR Commissars.

This is why I’m now considering “Peak Davos” as potentially real.  If I’m right, this means their power is at its maximum, yet they still have tremendous inertia on their side.  Both China and Russia are taking full advantage of the chaos they are creating.

But, what’s clear to me now is this is what the worst case scenario looks like; chaos around the globe with a patchwork of mandates being implemented amidst massive resistance and enforced economic ruin driving world leaders to the brink of war.

Don’t think for a second both Xi and Putin don’t understand this dynamic.

At the same time, however, Davos has failed to overcome the enlightened self-interest of the developing powers they thought they could co-opt politically through the application of funny money. Remember George Soros recently calling Xi ‘the devil’ himself? Do you think he’s got money and agents in China he can’t extract from there?

That’s why I think the key here in the U.S. will be the next few weeks leading up to the December 3rd drop dead date for the debt ceiling.  Pelosi will try one last time to use it to blackmail Cocaine Mitch to cave and pass the Build Back Better bill, designed to destroy the U.S.’s economic future.

There seems to be just enough internal resistance within the U.S. political scene to keep this from happening. And McConnell has to know his days are numbered regardless.

The bond markets are beginning to smell a rat.

If Pelosi fails and has to raise it on her own without the BBB bill signed, then the Democratic party collapses completely in 2022 as all of their leverage over the Republicans and the Fed vanishes as we enter the primary season for the mid-term elections. We will see defections within Congress as Pelosi’s speakership fails. If she succeeds then we push towards a future with a compromised U.S. facing a two-front war with Russia and China whom both feel the EUSSR is a party to and will punish accordingly.

If that isn’t a signal of Peak Davos, I don’t know what would be.