Sunday, March 6, 2022

EXPOSED: Most Churches Now in Western Civilization Are Dupes of the Enemies of Christ!

How so? Let us examine the evidence….starting with….Ukraine.

“I see blood-soaked people being killed or injured.  They could be my children.  The little ones could be my grandchildren!  If I have to pay more for gas to help them, I’m willing to do it!” – from Is hating everything Russian a constructive form of cancel culture?

Ask…whose network are you watching…and who manages it? Who decides what pictures you see and/or do NOT see?

I noticed for instance some church denominations have started appeals to aid Ukrainian Christians - where were they when the Ukies were bombing the Russian Christians in Donbass...for SEVEN years? Since our popular press ignored that travesty, our churches were silent.

In the final judgment, Dear Fellow Christian – will we be allowed to plead ignorance…..especially if it is WILLFUL? Read Ezekiel 33 sometime….about the watchman.

Are you a Christian NeoCon? Do you get your news from DaEveningNews? If so, you are a servant of Satan – unwittingly perhaps – but a servant nevertheless!

In case you ask: Who am I to ask these questions?

A Confession of a Reformed Neo-Con!

Simple – Been There-Done That!

Another observation: I bet every church in America has a few veterans from our wars which the UNITED STATES started in the last 30 or more years – SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Remember? What exactly were they doing? So, Are Putin and the Russians as Good as These Guys? You Decide - - - - So, are Putin and the Russians as good at invading countries and murdering men, women and children as these guys?

Where were the pulpits and the pew sitters all that time? Silence!

Which leads me to the saddest fact of all – we who call ourselves Christians – have been clueless as to what is going on in this world for so long that we can no longer distinguish good from evil.

My point in bringing this up is that unless we can identify who our enemy is, we end up fighting each other. Think 20th century - "you and him go fight" - Christians fighting Christians!


So who is our enemy? Who wants war? Who rules us? These are questions that are rarely asked and I am convinced that Hosea 4:6 nails it - "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge...."
We in the churches of Western Civilization have lost our ability to discern between good and evil - Hebrews 5:11-14 - and thus have become unwitting dupes of the enemies of Christ.


We spend most of our church time in PIETISM and SELECTIVE VIRTUE SIGNALING while our pastors become pompous denominational theology windbags – to the point that we have no time left to MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS as commanded by Jesus Himself. Keep in mind – without Christianity there would be no Western Civilization – PERIOD! And we are on the verge of losing it – if not already lost.

We hear so much repeated on our boob tube about American values – what are they NOW? Ever hear about GLOBOHOMO?

Get acquainted with American values, folks - Meet the queer artists changing the country music landscape | CNN and In Wisconsin, a fight over whether children belong to the state or the parents - American Thinker – and those are just for starters.


And when Russia tries to return to its traditional Christian culture by restricting the infusion of our American values – all hell breaks loose on DaEveningNews that CHRISTIANS WATCH for our news – that is insane!


After two years of mindlessly idiotic and unhealthy masking and vaxxing edicts from our psychopathic overlords, DaCovid Cabal was visibly collapsing – so a new enemy had to be found…..Russia.. Russia…and we responded like trained seals. Absolutely shameful how naïve and gullible we are – but what can you expect after years and years of pabulum being dispensed from our pulpits? It is time to grow up, folks – NOW!

Here is an adult version of the Ukraine story - The US is Culpable in Today's Ukraine Crisis, by Liam Cosgrove - The Unz Review - If you are a US citizen, and if, God willing, the world survives this war, then please, do not continue to tolerate these neo-conservative and neo-liberal establishment politicians. They are on both sides of the aisle – Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama, Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, Cheney’s, Anthony Blinken, McCain, John Bolton. It’s a special kind of hubris and naiveté to believe covert and reckless regime change operations will flourish into Western values. The Middle East has paid this price for years and now neo-con machinations are potentially putting the entire planet at risk.

So what is a Christian to do? Go And Build - Vox Popoli (A message to Christians! - CL) - Andrew Torba gave a magnificent speech at AFPAC. Read the whole thing. He provides a powerful vision of a Great Restoration by Christendom to oppose the Great Reset of Globohomo’s satanic Prometheans.

It is TIME – for Christians to look in the MIRROR!