Monday, February 28, 2022

A Confession of a Reformed Neo-Con!

 If it was 1982, I would be all in for the Ukies, since my hatred for anything Russian was practically inborn – but something happened since then – what was it? Both the world and I changed in those 40 years and you can read that if interested – – but the sad fact is that most folks have not – and that includes people in my own circles – they absolutely refuse to accept anything that counters their presuppositions or binary thinking, and when you add in the years of accumulated ignorance, you end up with our human condition which is delusional – – thus articles like this by Mr. Stockman confirm what the already informed know, but are dismissed by the established filters of presumptuous presuppositions which continue with willful ignorance.

I learned in the last 20 plus years that almost all of my previous learning had been pure bullshit and propaganda – a hard thing to swallow…but true….and still learning.
Here’s logic – the systematic study and practice of discerning and speaking the truth! It is a process – never an end state.