Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jul-Dec/2018- Latest first)

This Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jul-Dec/2018) is part of a continuing compilation as explained in the Introduction posted earlier. If this is your first exposure to it, I strongly recommend reading the introductory material to fully understand the purpose of the LIST.

To catch them all as they accumulate – just put Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST in the search window and voila!

Also, you will notice that not all items mentioned are linked – just find them from the date column on right – close to date of Crush Note.




Happy New Year! - Really? How exactly will that happen? - CL

Memo to Mentors – Dec. 26, 2018 – Why is the United States military involved in endless wars? And why are Americans fine with that? Are you?

Note to Mentors – Dec. 18, 2018 – A discouraging and an encouraging report on Millennials - CL

Note to Mentors - Dec. 13, 2018 - The Empire is Killing Us! - CL




The Christian Challenge to Empire – (Are we up to it? - CL)

Note to Mentors – Nov. 23, 2018 – Do we need a leader?

Note to mentors – Nov. 17, 2018 – More on World War I and the perils of our short term thinking.

Note to Mentors – Nov. 16, 2018 – Why the focus on World War I in recent posts? – CL




Note to Mentors - Do Christians Need to Grow in Grace and Knowledge? - CL

Note to Mentors - We are back home and getting slowly reoriented to posting in the archive.




Note to Mentors - Is DaSwamp about to be drained and what about that Tariff and Free Trade squabble? - CL

Note to Mentors - "Blacks, Jews and You" by Linh Dinh - (Will the White race and culture survive? - CL)

Note to Mentors - Remembering 9/11 - Who dun'it? And what about those NeoCons - are they at it agin'? - CL

Note to mentors - A Vox Day collection addressing the crucial question - will America survive? - CL

Note to Mentors - A history lesson on empires, kings, castles and Christian leaders - CL

Note to Mentors - Are we on the verge or in the middle of a national restructuring? - CL

Note to Mentors - What if almost everything we know........ain't so? - CL




Note to Mentors - Your intellectual curiosity should be your strong suit - CL

Note to Mentors - Are Conservatives and Christians up to a spiritual and/or physical battle? - CL

Note to Mentors - Is the US on the verge of Civil War? - CL

Note to Mentors - "An Appeal to Patriots" - Oh Yeah? And Who is Appealing? - CL




Note to Mentors - Political Correctness - The Glue That Holds Us Slave to Our Ruling Elites! - CL

Note to Mentors - Frauds, Cons and Faux Causes.......All Supported by......WeDaPeople? - CL

Note to Mentors - When the watchman falls asleep............. - CL

Note to Mentors - Deep State Coup fatigue......... - CL

Note to Mentors - Deception, deception, deception........

Note to Mentors - The status quo is getting desperate as we focus on their evil deeds - by Crush

Note to Mentors - Our cross country journey is over and an observation from Crush

Important Note to Mentors - A New Post by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (from his book)