Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Calling Out the Evil Empire - Vox Popoli

 Russia points out that Germany is an occupied state under the military occupation of the imperial USA:

The US continues to “occupy” Germany by any measure, while America’s NATO allies have surrendered all their sovereignty to Washington and aren’t allowed to have a say on issues like Nord Stream 2, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told RT in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

Commenting on US President Joe Biden’s talk of “shutting down” the Nord Stream 2 pipeline during the visit of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Washington on Monday, Zakharova pointed out that Berlin remains under Washington’s thumb long after the Cold War’s end.

“Germany, according to a number of relevant characteristics – this is neither mine, nor Russia’s opinion, this is according to politological terms and metrics – remains, one way or another, an occupied state: 30,000 of American [troops] are stationed there,” she told RT.

Zakharova added that “American ambassadors to Germany, who are supposed to work there to improve bilateral relations, are giving orders to German officials.” Richard Grenell, who was the US ambassador to Berlin during the Trump presidency, was “giving them orders literally every day on what to do on issues such as Nord Stream 2.”

Germany is being treated like “simply a protectorate” by the US, Zakharova said, adding that this doesn’t just take the form of financial leverage of threats, but is “backed up by 30,000 American boots on the ground.”

So, why is the US military still occupying Germany, 77 years after conquering it? The excuse of “defending West Germany from the Soviet Union” hasn’t even existed for the last three decades. It’s getting harder and harder for the New Neo-Liberal Rules-Based World Order to pretend that it isn’t the evil Empire That Never Ended, especially now that two of the largest national powers are not only resisting it, but openly calling it out.