Thursday, February 17, 2022

Expected Mortality 2022 - Vox Popoli

 They’re not saying it’s the jab, but it’s the jab.

Summation of Major Insurance company corporate group policy Loss Ratios (Death Claims) Q4 rate vs 2019 rate:

Unum $UNM +36%
Lincoln $LNC +57%
Pru $PRU +41%$RGA +21%
Hartford $HIG +32%
MetLife $MET +24%

In a meeting between the various leaders of the insurance industry, they discussed what they’re all seeing on the ground and how to proceed.

“Additionally, they did something interesting,” Dowd continued. “They did a reinsurance deal for a high face amount individual policies, at what looked like very bad economics for them. On the conference call a Southside analyst was very confused. He said, ‘Why would you do this deal?’

“I can speculate why they did this deal. This deal looks bad now, but a year or two from now it may look like a genius move. And they actually think there’s going to be 300,000 excess deaths due to — they call it ‘Covid and indirect Covid,’ whatever that means — in the U.S. in 2022. So they actually raised their expectations for mortality in the U.S. during the conference call.

“So they’re not saying it’s the jab, but it’s the jab.”

Clearly, it is the jab. The insurance companies may not be willing to say it out loud, but they’re preparing for it behind the scenes. That bodes ill for those who have been jabbed and are starting to realize things aren’t like they’re being told.

To be honest, if it’s only 300k excess deaths due to the vaxxes in the USA, that will be a little better than I was anticipating.