Sunday, February 20, 2022

Ukraine Implementing Minsk Accords & Ending Conflict 'Very Last' Thing US, UK Want, Ex-MEP Says, by Nick Griffin - The Unz Review

NATO’s aggression towards Russia is not born of confidence but of fear. In just three decades, we’ve gone from the ‘End of History’ to the looming end of the Dollar Empire. The push for war in Ukraine is an attempt to recover from the defeat of the Anglo-Zionist Jihadi adventure in Syria, and the debacle in Afghanistan. Perhaps, when it ends just as badly, they will finally learn a bit of humility, but I guess none of us will hold our breath.


With the situation in eastern Ukraine deteriorating each day, the West keeps on promoting its “Russian threat” rhetoric and pledges “never-before-seen” sanctions on Russia should it invade Ukraine. Meanwhile, Kiev keeps violating the Minsk accord and continues to shell Donbass, forcing thousands of people to flee to Russia.

Nick Griffin, political analyst and former Member of the European Parliament, reflects on the geopolitical, economical and historical reasons for the West trying to force Russia into war with Ukraine, why the collective West turns a blind eye on systemic violations of the Minsk agreement by Kiev, and why no one in the West cares about the humanitarian disaster in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics in Donbass.

Sputnik: Why is the West not only ignoring but also encouraging Kiev’s provocations in Donbass?

Nick Griffin: The Washington and Westminster cabal are desperate to force Vladimir Putin to abandon his policy of self-restraint and negotiation. They intend to leave him no option but to use military force in defence of the Russian population of Donbass. So the NATO leaders are now engaged in the most blatant and irresponsible destabilisation and hybrid war operation since they used Islamic terrorists to destroy Libya and attempted to use them to break up Syria.

Their operation against Russia is in fact even more desperate than the campaign of lies and aggression against Syria, because the stakes are even higher. The West promoted conflict in the Middle East in the hope of gaining a geopolitical advantage. The attempt to force Russia into war in Ukraine, by contrast, is not really about promoting the geopolitical interest of the Dollar Empire – it is about its very survival.

The US is no longer the self-confident colossus that bestrode the world a few decades ago. America in 2022 is a financial, political, economic, military and social basket case, and its UK ally is in the same very leaky boat. The liberal Anglo world is further disturbed by the situation in Canada, which is now in the critical phase of a historic struggle between the Trudeau regime and a large and well-organised section of the working population.

On top of that, one shouldn’t overlook the influence of ideology and personal sexual obsessions in Western decision-making circles. There is in all this an element of a woke, liberal ‘crusade’ for ‘our liberal values’ against the ‘archaic Christian traditionalism’ which they see and detest in Russia.

More practically, the Washington policy-makers, who direct the semi-senile ‘President’, know that Nord Stream 2 is about far more than a mutually beneficial energy trading relationship between Germany and Russia. In the shorter term, it also spells further financial disaster for the already failed client state of Ukraine. Longer term, Nord Stream heralds a steadily closer relationship between Germany and Russia, which would in turn be a huge step towards the creation of a giant Eurasian free-trade block.

The fundamental targets of the NATO warmongers in this crisis are not Donbass, nor even Russia, but Germany, and China’s One Belt, One Road initiative. They are trying to keep Germany down, and China out; failure to do both means that the US will become an isolated rust-belt island thousands of miles away from the core economic block of the world.

The same development also spells the forthcoming end of the dollar as the world’s financial reserve currency, while America’s time as a sole military superpower has already clearly ended. This is a classic example of the Thucydides’ Trap, the moment when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as the hegemon of the age, a transition which all too often is accompanied by a war of desperation.

NATO’s aggression towards Russia is not born of confidence but of fear. In just three decades, we’ve gone from the ‘End of History’ to the looming end of the Dollar Empire. The push for war in Ukraine is an attempt to recover from the defeat of the Anglo-Zionist Jihadi adventure in Syria, and the debacle in Afghanistan. Perhaps, when it ends just as badly, they will finally learn a bit of humility, but I guess none of us will hold our breath.

Sputnik: The OSCE is registering ceasefire violations, with Kiev repeatedly using 120mm mortars banned by the Minsk accord; why is the West ignoring these facts? Why are the US and its allies turning a blind eye towards Kiev blatantly violating the Minsk accord?

Nick Griffin: Implementation of the Minsk Accord would end the crisis. That is the very last thing the US/UK want. It is very hard for nations with a vivid folk memory of the horrors of total war in their own land (such as Russia, Germany and China) to comprehend the very different attitude that prevails in the US.

To Americans, the elite and the general population alike, wars are things that are fought in other peoples’ countries. Despite the fact that the US hasn’t won a war since the campaign against Japan in 1945, the general view in Washington, in particular, is that there is nothing to fear and plenty to gain from war.

Sputnik: President Biden in his address held the self-proclaimed Donbass republics responsible for ceasefire violations and insisted there was no sign of Ukraine preparing a full-scale attack. Why is he downplaying the threat?

Nick Griffin: The US is bankrupt, and threatened with this being drastically exposed by a new subprime debt disaster with the collapse of the shale gas debt bubble, and by the steady erosion of the reserve currency of the dollar. The very dubious legitimacy of the President is questioned by half the population and the Democrats are months away from potentially disastrous midterm elections. Key ally Boris Johnson likewise faces political and personal disaster at home.

Ukraine’s provocations are therefore ignored and indeed rewarded with political backing and massive arms shipments because both Western leaders believe they have a great deal to gain from war or the threat of war.

Given the perceived benefits to the US of war in Ukraine, why on earth would anyone expect the US and its allies to be concerned over the brutal aggression which we now see from their puppet regime in Kiev?

If Russia is forced to act, then Nord Stream 2 will be stopped, inflicting massive economic damage on Germany and forcing Berlin to get back in line completely under Anglo-domination. If, on the other hand, Russia manages to keep out of the West’s proxy war, then Biden and Johnson will crow that it was their ‘resolve’ that ‘deterred Putin and saved Ukraine and freedom’. Thus, in their dangerously deluded calculations, it doesn’t really matter if the crisis ends in war or in peace. For them, it’s a win-win either way. That is why the Yanks and the Brits are only too happy to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian.

Sputnik: Instead of ensuring that Kiev doesn’t use banned weapons, the West is stoking “Russia invasion” fears around the world. Where are the guarantors of the Minsk agreement? Are they so desperate for a new war?

Nick Griffin: They are indeed desperate for war! Geopolitics, financial crisis, bribes from arms manufacturers, political advantage and personal vanity – they’ve been key drivers for disastrous wars in the past, and human nature doesn’t change. So here we are, back in July 1914.

Sputnik: Thousands of people have fled their homes and are being evacuated to Russia due to constant shelling by Ukrainian forces. Why is this humanitarian disaster in Donbass being neglected by the West?

Nick Griffin: Political elites always have a regrettable tendency to view the sufferings of the ‘little people’ as a price well worth paying for their own advantage.

The Washington imperialists have always been among the very worst at this. Their Empire was founded on genocide and on the ruins of the Confederacy and grew through a series of false-flag initiated wars, and the deliberate and ruthless incitement of tensions in Europe to destroy a string of rivals, including Tsarist Russia and the British Empire.

Why would anyone expect the heirs of those who obliterated Wounded Creek, Dresden and Hiroshima to give a flying fig for the well-being of a few hundred thousand impoverished Slavs? If ever there was a group who deserved to go on trial for the crime of plotting aggressive war, they are right now in the corridors of power in Washington DC and Westminster.