Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Strategic Virtues of Racism - Vox Popoli

 A detailed 254-page study of Chinese racism, entitled THE STRATEGIC CONSEQUENCES OF CHINESE RACISM: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States (PDF), leads to the inescapable conclusion that China will surpass the imperial USA as a global power in the 21st Century due to its unity as a homogeneous nation even if the USA does not collapse as a political entity in the anticipated 2033 timeframe.

Chinese racism helps to make the Chinese a formidable adversary. There are three critical consequences that result from this. The first is the sense of unity the Chinese possess. Second, it allows the Chinese to have a strong sense of identity, which in turn permits them to weather adversity, and to be focused and secure confidence that the rest of the nation is with them. Third, China is not plagued by self-doubt or guilt about its past.

The Chinese are never going to go through a civil rights movement like the United States. This is because, first, they have no freedom of the press, freedom to petition their government, freedom to assemble, all of which are necessary to support a civil rights movement. Second, there is no political drive or consciousness for equality in Chinese thought. Equality is associated with Maoism and rejected in today’s China, where inequality is accepted and celebrated. In addition, there is no notion of civil rights in Chinese political thought or, practically, in jurisprudence…

United States defense decision-makers must recognize that racism is a cohesive force for the Chinese. Racism does benefit the Chinese in four major ways. First, the Han Chinese possess a strong in-group identity with a polarized and tightly defined out-group. This allows the Chinese government to expect sacrifice as well as support from a considerable majority of the Chinese people.

Second, based in this identity, the government has the ability to focus with great willpower on the demands of the state. All governments make patriotic appeals, but the Chinese government is able to do so effectively because any entreaty is based on patriotism as well as nationalism. When we reflect on the tools the Chinese government has to extract support and resources from the population, only one conclusion is possible, they are formidable.

Third, they have strong societal unity and purpose, which supports Chinese power. The Chinese do not have a culture that is self-critical or one that ponders its fundamental faults. Fourth, China’s racism and ethnocentrism serves China’s teleological worldview. History, in the Hegelian sense, is moving in China’s direction and the future belongs to it, China’s political beliefs, civilizational culture, and economic might triumphed over the West.

The truth always forces its way through the lies and deceit that cloak it over time. All of the lies that Americans have been told by their immigrant invaders, from “the proposition nation” to the “huddled masses”, the “melting pot”, “we are the world”, and “diversity is our strength” are going to be disproven in a conclusive, and possibly cataclysmic manner by the geopolitical rivalry with a unified and confident nation.

Both Russia and China have learned from their histories of subjugation as well as the massive series of unnecessary mistakes that led to the subjugation of the American nation.

Racism is nothing more, and nothing less, than the defense of one’s own people. It has nothing to do with skin color, hate, or any of the other globalist lies. To be anti-racist, to smugly declare that “you don’t see color”, is to literally and materially accede to the conquest and destruction of your self, your family, and your nation.

The Chinese have seen through the lies. The Russians have seen through the lies. Far too few Americans have, and that is why America is a broken, demoralized nation that literally doesn’t even know who or what it is. A nation can no more be an idea, or a piece of paper, or a claimed opinion, than a bird or a herd of cows can be. And both history and the observation of current events makes it perfectly clear that the nation that rejects racism and/or embraces equality and inclusivity will not survive.