Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The West’s Desperate Effort to Switch the Enemy from Covid to Putin By Martin Armstrong

From the outset, my position was that Ukraine should have been split according to language. Borders have been drawn by politicians, and this policy has given us so many problems over the years. It is language and culture that should define a national border. Ukraine is exerting old-world imperialistic philosophy. While Putin ordered Russian troops Monday to “maintain peace” in two separatist territories in eastern Ukraine shortly after recognizing the Russian-backed areas as independent, naturally the West and Ukraine are claiming this is illegal. Putin has often referred to Ukraine as “little Russia.”

However, what is being ignored here is that those two regions are predominantly ethnically Russian which happened to be allocated to Ukraine because of the Soviet Union as was the case with Crimea. From the outset, I argued that Ukraine should have been split according to the dominant language. There are many Russians living in the West who simply speak Ukrainian to blend in. On April 25, 2019, Ukraine passed what became a discrimination act against Eastern Ukraine where the dominant language spoken is Russian. According to the Language Law, the use of Ukrainian is mandatory throughout the entire territory of Ukraine “in the exercise of powers by public authorities and local self-government bodies, as well as in other spheres of public life, as defined by this Law.” This is what has instigated the separatist movement that Putin has recognized and the West intentionally seeks to suppress the people in those areas all for political posturing.

Putin lamented the Soviet Union’s collapse which I have stated before was a sore issue with Putin. He recognized the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic and made very clear that he views Ukraine historically as part of Russia. As I have stated before, the Russ capital was Kyiv. The Mongols invaded in 1240AD and destroyed their capital leaving only the Golden Gate still standing. Kyiv was originally the first capital of Russia. It took nearly 100 years later for Moscow to rise as a city. All that remains of the ancient capital of Kyiv are the ruins known as the Golden Gate constructed during the 11th Century. Putin’s statement some press call “false” and that only illustrates either their stupidity or their deliberate false narrative.

warned back in 2013 that our model highlighted Ukraine as the tipping point in the rise of the War Cycle. Putin did say: This was a speech to the Russian people to justify a war. In fact, he once again explicitly threatened one. Russia entered Crimea in Feb/March 2014 which was on time with our War Cycle that turned up in 2014. This is the chart from the 2011 WEC in Philadelphia. We are now approaching 8.6 years into this cycle and this is the first critical turning point.

Ivan Mazepa was a Ukrainian who supported the Swedish against the Russians. The Battle of Poltava on June 27th, 1709 was a turning point in Russian history. This was a battle, where Peter the Great and the Russians defeated the Swedish army at a turning point in a war with Sweden. Poltava is actually in Ukraine, and Ivan Mazepa remains a Ukrainian hero and a traitor to Russia to this very day. This was the decisive battle that placed Russia as a major power on the European stage of politics. So here we are facing the 309.6-year cycle and we see Ukraine matched against Russia once again.

Meanwhile, the West has been on its hands and knees begging for Putin to invade Ukraine. They know that rarely will the people throw out of power a government during a war. This is what they are counting on and it is why Biden refused any concession to Putin. That was a slap in the face and Europe is so weak it could not muster the strength to defend itself from Russia. But the covert benefit is that the EU will use this to create an EU army and this solidifies power over all European states. The White House bluntly said that Biden’s potential summit with Putin to talk through the crisis was probably off. This is the time when you should be talking and the fact that Biden withdraws illustrates their desire to keep Russia and a threat to Europe for all the elections in 2022.

The Kremlin decree signed by Putin did NOT specify whether or when Russian troops would enter Ukrainian territory. It came as President Joe Biden signed an executive order to sanction any Americans who invest in the eastern Ukraine regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, which are the two separatist regions that have sought independence from Ukraine. All Biden will ever do is make matter worse because this appears to be the true agenda that they need Putin and the new enemy as COVID uprisings appear and they now need to change the emergency.

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