Sunday, February 20, 2022

Forgiveness Eh? Uh, Nope. - by Karl Denninger

 It's starting.

It began with ClottAdams with his "well, if you were on the other side of this argument you didn't know you were right either" nonsense, where he went cognitive-seizure on someone who commented on one of his podcasts, using all manner of nasty words to describe the women who called out his bull****.

The politicians aren't offering any sort of apology, of course.  Nor compensation.  Nor personal consequences for the ruin they served up on you -- whether you personally got hammered by their business closures or other bull****, you got ****ed and you see it every time you go to the grocery store or gas station, so save me the crap about how "oh it didn't actually hurt me."  If you believe that you're too stupid to be permitted to consume oxygen.

Now its all over so-called "social media" too, with pleas to "bury the hatchet" as restrictions are lifted and "forgive."

Well, let me answer that request with just one word and if you don't want the rest, stop reading here:  NEVER.

Let me go through some details.  Damn near everyone who took the endpoint of your advice got nothing in exchange for the risk.

The endpoint?  The clot shots.

Even our Surgeon General and the Queen of England, along with basically all of both of their families, "took the advice" and got Covid anyway.  Spare me the bull**** about "it would have been worse" without them; you have zero evidence to back that up and what you claimed was that you wouldn't get the virus if you had the shot, which was a lie.  Indeed, the FDA continues to maintain, as they did originally along with the manufacturers, that the jabs PREVENT Covid-19.

They do not, and that is conclusively proved at this point.  Any claim otherwise is a lie and anyone coerced on that basis, which includes any claim of "protecting others", was and is an open and outrageous fraud.  Indeed the early data was that a very material percentage of people were already immune (e.g. Diamond Princess) so a reasonable hypothesis is that the shots in fact made it worse by destroying existing immunity to the virus.  There's plenty of evidence to back that up too, including the wildly high rate of people getting the virus again after having it and then getting jabbed while those who simply got the virus and refused jabs are not seeing the same thing happen to them (myself included.)

The fact is that all those people lied about the jabs.  Knowingly, intentionally, maliciously and for that every one of them should burn in Hell.  Indeed if they get sent there a bit early I'll tip a glass, not in mourning but in celebration.  Yeah, I hate every one of you ****ers that much.


Because your bull**** killed hundreds of thousands of people and will likely screw millions more with the side effects which are now showing up and they're nasty, disabling and killing those who took your jabs.  The immune system damage caused by these jabs is quite-likely to be permanent.

Meanwhile you and your ilk continued to protest that "massssskss" work even though we knew 40 years ago they were worthless.  They don't even work against bacterial infections in an operating room where everyone is (1) trained and (2) the pathogens involved are a hundred, a thousand or more times larger.  Yet the Neil Orr study proved conclusively that in the best possible setting for effectiveness they were..... worthless.

For 40 years the so-called medical "professionals" have used masks as a talisman and then translated that into the public, even though every one of said "professionals", if they performed the most-basic of diligence and read the Neil Orr study, knew that all said masks did was prevent the patient from seeing that they were drooled on.  That they were spewed with infectious pathogens did not change.  Masks in fact change nothing but appearances.  I appreciate not being directly spat on (its gross) so if you're directly over the top of me I appreciate that tiny bit of consideration but the doctor's mask does not stop him from infecting me with whatever he might have.

This of course led people to believe they were safe when they were not.  They got infected and some died.

Then there's the fact that we knew very early on that the only two transmission vectors that mattered were household, which you can't stop without forcibly dragging people out of their homes (unacceptable) and medical settings, which we can stop but haven't for decades and which even before Covid-19 killed 100,000 Americans a year.  How many did it get with Covid?  We don't know, do we, but you can add that to the 100,000 which we still don't fix because, well, that would mean profit is secondary and health is more-important.  Yeah, ok, pull the other one.

If that's not enough we knew very early on, by May of 2020, that Vitamin D deficiency was strongly associated with severe and fatal outcomes.  Vitamin D deficiency is of course encouraged by forcing people to remain indoors where they get no sunlight, and in addition, correcting it costs pennies even with reasonable supplementation.  We encouraged none of that, and later studies show an even stronger link.

And finally, as a topper, we discouraged or even banned the use of off-label medications, including those for which we had decades worth of safety data, at the earliest sign of trouble.  Given that a virus is by its nature an exponential replicator that's beyond stupid and well into the realm of intentional gross negligence and depraved indifference to human life, given that said off-label products are in some cases sold over the counter and in at least one other case is, by the data, literally one hundred times safer to use in humans than Tylenol.  The number of people sent home with nothing when infected until they choked to death number in the millions.

Once choking to death the hospital will be happy to fill your veins with Run-Death-Is-Near which is a three time loser for other indications, all on safety, and specifically it has a nasty propensity to destroy kidney function.  If it does that to you when you're trying to fight off immune dysregulation the odds of it killing you approach 100%.  Someone I knew just recently ended up cold and gone as a direct result of this and the paragraph above.  While he was a friend and not a family member if you think I'll forgive the ghouls who did that or those who cheer such a path on, ever, you're a prime candidate for a rubber room sealed against sound and a horny stallion to keep you company.  I hope it hurts.

And finally all of this crap, along with hero worship for those who were and are spreading the virus to the most-vulnerable has, does and will continue.

To those who say that people like myself "didn't know and we were guessing, but turned out to be right on all of it including the jabs" I say bull****.  Perhaps some were driven by some conspiracy theory but my opinions, which big tech has done what it can to censor, along with many others, were not wild conspiracy theories; they were driven by data and facts produced and put into public view over the space of decades, along with data produced during the pandemic itself.

Yes, some of it was deduction.  That's how thinking works; you form a hypothesis, you find data or design experiments that validate or refute it with an intent to refute, not validate, you test same and if the data says you likely are wrong you change your mind and then repeat the process.  That's exactly the process I've followed since February of 2020.  I didn't get it all right; nobody honest ever does.  But I got most of it right, including the stupidity and danger of the jabs, the worthlessness of masks and the ignored mitigations both in front of and in the event of infection, which have proved over time to work and materially reduce harm from the virus itself.

Indeed the latest scam out of JAMA is that the 4 billion human dose drug that shall not be named "doesn't work."  Really?  In the control group ten people died.  In the drug group of the same size three people died.  The headline says "it doesn't work."  Given that the odds of the drug hurting you, computed across tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of doses dispensed over more than a decade is approximately 1 in 600,000 would you like to gamble on reducing the risk of death from 10 to 3 or not, whether it works or not according to said "study", and who's decision is it to choose such a gamble?  Yet you have to read the actual study because the headline claims the exact opposite of what is the case and, once again, they rigged it by waiting until people got very sick and thus they did their level best to rig the results and when they failed they then played statistical games in how they analyzed the data in order to present a pre-determined conclusion.

So no, I will not forgive the people who did any of this or went along with it so long as they breathe because not only did they do all of the above they're still doing it and not one word of apology or act of penance has yet been seen -- nor do I expect it to be.  Indeed if your Christian then to be forgiven a sin you must not only admit you sinned but also, to the extent possible, make restitution to those you screwed, even if it results in the utter destruction of both yourself and your family.  Exactly zero evidence of any of that is on offer today.

As such I will forgive only their corpses and I don't give a crap how they become one.

You don't like my point of view?

Tough **** Karen; you caused it, you own it, and I'm not going to let you forget it.