Saturday, February 26, 2022

China is Unimpressed - Vox Popoli

 The imperial US rhetoric attempting to paint Vladimir Putin as the Hitlerist of all the Hitlers that ever Hitlered does not appear to be impressing China. Just as it is failing to convince anyone outside of the Anglo-European globohomo-controlled government-media order:

Since dramatic changes took place in Ukraine, the US, which had repeatedly promised to protect Kiev at critical moments and continued to “add fuel to the fire” of the situation, has once again come into the spotlight. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a video speech complained that Western countries have abandoned Ukraine and left it to defend itself alone. Some Western netizens even asked: Where has the US been which provoked the war and said it “stands with Ukraine?”

However, has the US really disappeared? On the contrary, it is quite busy gaining more “strategic interests” from the flames of war in Ukraine. The latest remarks by the US on the Ukraine situation released by the White House have underlined two points: First, turning Russia into “a pariah on the international stage” through sanctions and other measures; second, NATO has been “more united and more determined than ever” and this is “good news.”

As for Ukraine, which Washington uses as a pawn, in addition to reiterating that the US wouldn’t send troops there, Washington only simply said it “will support the Ukrainian people as they defend their country,” and “will provide humanitarian relief to ease their suffering.” Washington has once again displayed its selfishness and hypocrisy to the world. People have seen that after the US pushed Ukraine into the fire, it stood aside, pretending to care about the country and saying “I support you, keep fighting!”

It is fair to say the evolution of the situation in Ukraine until today is a geopolitical tragedy. From the very beginning, it’s a bitter result of the US’ strategic selfishness and shortsightedness. As early as 1998 when the US Senate approved NATO’s eastward expansion plan, the late senior US diplomat George Kennan had foreseen today’s tragedy. He said then, “This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves.”

The US often talks about humanity, justice and morality, but what it really does is calculating interests. Washington’s strategic selfishness and hypocrisy have been laid bare again and again in international political practices. Reports indicate that at least 37 million people have been displaced in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya and Syria as a direct result of the wars fought by the US since September 11, 2001. There is even a saying that wherever the US “intervenes,” conflicts, chaos and terrorism will appear.

US’ real strategic color of selfishness, hypocrisy revealed in Ukraine crisis, Global Times, 25 February 2022

The Chinese leadership knows perfectly well precisely who, and what, is responsible for the current Russo-Ukrainian war. Notice how the official Chinese English-language mouthpiece for the CCP is very careful not to attack the American people, but focuses entirely on “the US” and “Washington”. They clearly understand the difference between the nation and The Empire That Never Ended which rules over it.