Sunday, February 20, 2022

JFK Assassination Coverup - Vox Popoli

I don’t know about you, but I never bought the “magic bullet” theory for a moment or believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was every anything but a patsy. It’s always been obvious that JFK was shot from a location in front of the car in which he was riding. Now there is documented evidence that this was the case, and that the physical evidence was tampered with by the U.S. Secret Service.

The Secret Service had the Presidential limousine shipped from Dallas to the White House garage the night of the assassination. Then they sent it to the Ford Factory at River Rouge in Detroit, where it was built, for refitting.

When a senior manager there, George S. Whitaker, came to work two days after the assassination, he was ordered to immediately report to the glass plant lab. He was let in through locked doors and found two of his men had already removed the limousine windshield.

As Whitaker said in a recorded interview: “And the windshield had a bullet hole in it, coming from the outside through…it was a good, clean bullet hole, right straight through, from the front. And you can tell, when the bullet hits the windshield, like when you hit a rock or something, what happens? The back chips out and the front may just have a pinhole in it…this had a clean round hole in the front and fragmentation coming out the back.”

In an interview a few months later he added: “The hole was about 4 or 6 inches to the right of the rear view mirror [as viewed from the front]. The impact had come from the front of the windshield. If you have spent 40 years in the glass [illegible] you know which way the impact was from.”

Following their orders, Whitaker had his men use the old windshield as a template, create and install a new one, and then once again following orders, they ground up and destroyed the original windshield with the bullet hole in it. The refurbished limousine was then sent back to the Secret Service in Washington.

Whitaker is far from the only witness who saw a bullet hole in the windshield. Several members of the Dallas Police, a nurse, and several doctors (and others) at Parkland Hospital noticed it when it was still parked outside while doctors were trying to save Kennedy. One motorcycle patrolman was quite specific: “There was a hole in the left front windshield…It was a hole, you could put a pencil through it…you could take a regular standard writing pencil…and stick [it] through there.”

Remember, the mainstream media’s official story is always false. The official stories have become so reliably unreliable that it would not be totally unreasonable to not only harbor doubts the details reported about the atomic bombings of Japan, the so-called Holocaust, and Operation Barbarossa, but the existence of World War II itself.

Just to be clear, I think there is sufficient evidence to indicate that World War II more or less happened in the general order of events claimed – although the reasons and motivations given for all the parties involved are almost certainly false I’m simply saying that the incredibly unreliability of the mainstream’s narratives, both current and historical, cast the possibility of reasonable doubt on literally everything we think we know about the world in which we live.