Thursday, February 10, 2022

Killshot is Cancer Shot - Vox Popoli

 Further to last night’s Darkstream, more and more evidence is coming in that indicates the mRNA vaccines are triggering existing cancers in the bodies of the vaccinated.

Item 1: Anecdotal evidence and the DMED database show “cancer coming back with a vengeance”.

The DMED database shows the rate of cancer is up by 3X after the COVID vaccines rolled out. See ACT OF WAR: Thanks to COVID “vaccines,” the military’s cancer rate has more than TRIPLED

In talking with Ryan Cole about this, he believes this is primarily due to accelerating existing cancers (ones people already know they have or recent cancers that people never realized were there) rather than creating new cases of cancer.

The bottom line is that don’t be surprised when after the jab, you suddenly have a relapse or a new cancer.

Item 2: No one who was infected with Covid should have ever gotten vaccinated against it. Natural immunity remains as strong as it was at the start even 20 months later, while the vaxxes only offered limited protection for 3-6 months.

The screamfest has been that “oh, if you had Covid, you’ll get it again so you need the jab.”

There was never any evidence for this claim. Now, we have duration data out 20 months, basically the entire pandemic, and… I’ll just quote it:

Among 295 reported COVID-confirmed participants, 293 (99%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 44%; ≥500 U/mL, 27%; ≥1000 U/mL, 15%). A median of 8.7 (IQR, 1.9-12.9; range, 0-20) months passed since reported COVID-19 diagnosis. The median anti-RBD level among those who tested positive was 205 (IQR, 61-535) U/mL. There was no evidence of association between time after infection and antibody titer (0.8% increase [95% CI, –2.4% to 4.2%] per month, P = .62)

There was no evidence of deterioration of protection, such as it is. Yet we know, factually, that when you get jabbed the titers disintegrate over the space of just a few months. There was never evidence this would happen in people who got the virus and recovered.

Item 3: The mRNA and the spike proteins migrate to and persist in the lymph nodes. This may explain the connection between the vaxxes and cancer.

This study asserts that the mRNA and the spike protein produced persists for weeks in lymph node germinal centers in human patients. Having worked with mRNA for decades, I can attest that this is highly unusual.

Remember that mRNA is not new technology. Moderna has been trying to commercialize it for about a decade now for various indications, including cancer. Cancer, of course, is a disease where very high risks are tolerated because the alternative is basically always death, and any sort of bad thing is better than death.

But they’ve never made it work. The reason is that every time they had enough dose to get the results they also got toxicity; the injected stuff got broken down too fast otherwise, and if you raised the dose the toxicity went up enough that you couldn’t get an effect without screwing the patient.

This is the history of mRNA — until now. It’s why it has never been deployed in human disease before; it’s not for lack of trying.

Malone hypothesizes that what changed was the substitution of pseudouridine (a synthetic that does not exist in nature) for uridine is the reason the mRNA jabs are able to produce the spike without being destroyed first. Well, that solves one problem but produces another; the body is incapable of clearing it because it doesn’t recognize it as foreign.

So now what is injected migrates through the body and is taken up instead of staying at the injection site, doing its thing and being rapidly degraded and cleared. That the latter happens is known because we have the Japanese data, which they demanded Pfizer produce, that show wildly-elevated presence in the ovaries, among other tissues. This should not have happened, but it does.

We knew this early last year and yet did nothing with that information. Now we know why, and its much, much worse than my base working hypothesis — that it was simply a function of the very high vascularization found in muscle tissue. Nope.

It was only a matter of time before the long-term adverse effects of the vaxxes began to show themselves. The fact that the Fake Biden Administration has declared a new war on cancer is a pretty solid indication of what those long-term adverse effects are anticipated to be.