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THE FOURTH TURNING endures as Canada falls to the UN Elites – Britain gives up all Covid Controls – Ukraine War takes Front of Stage – Letter from Great Britain [02-26-22]

Neil Howe describes The Fourth Turning

MY BOOK, “The Financial Jigsaw”, has now been accepted and published at my academic network.  Scroll down and Hit:  ‘View Full Text’ button for the complete book:.    I will also to email a free PDF on request to:

THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the theologian Paul Tillich’s famous book, ‘The Courage to Be’. Widely read in the days when an educated public read books, it is long forgotten.  In it, Tillich surveys the history of anxiety and fear and their relation to courage, religious faith, and the meaning of life.

His closing sentence – “The courage to be is rooted in the God who appears when God has disappeared in the anxiety of doubt” – became acclaimed as an astute description of the existential need to find a foundation for faith and courage when their foundations were shaking.

This is all getting a bit too serious, so let’s have a laugh and apply the best of efficacious medicine of  ‘Lilly the Pink’ with her amazing antidote to those suffering from the effects of this awful virus–0v4

But as Britain joins in at war in Europe this week, the Brits lead the way with their stiff upper lip and amazing bravery in the face of the enemy: Monty Python describes our great ‘Officer Class’:

BREAKING NEWS:  Ukraine called up its military reservists this week after Russia began moving troops into the country’s east, while Vladimir Putin expanded territorial claims made by two breakaway areas. Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said it was Putin’s “plan all along to invade Ukraine”. Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian president, ruled out a general mobilisation of the army while warning that Ukraine could face a battle for its very existence.  It’s a great divergence from the global economic problems we are facing and as Putin is also a WEF – Young Global Leader  in Russia I guess he is playing the Globalist’s game.  As usual – follow the money, as well as the gas and oil.

UPDATE (1): Thursday 0800 hrs GMT – It’s happened – Russian troops have moved into Ukraine on several fronts. I guess you will all have followed the news and developments, so enough said here – events are moving too fast.

UPDATE (2) I am getting word directly from sources in Kyiv that the Russian assault on Ukraine was carried out with “surprising” scale and coordination. Putin’s forces invaded from 3 directions, with tanks rolling into Ukraine from Belarus on the North, followed by paratroopers and amphibious assaults on Odessa and Mariupol.

The effort looks directed at taking out the entire Ukrainian leadership, a move that Putin describes as “De-Nazification” of the nation of Ukraine. Today I have reports directly from sources in Kyiv, as well as many videos that are being posted, depicting the missile strikes, helicopters, military tanks, paratroopers, etc.

Things are about to get super difficult for Americans and others around the world in terms of rising food prices, fuel shortages and prices, supply chain breakdown etc. Get prepared now while you still can. We are on a roll now – this is going to be bumpy!

UPDATE (3) BUT – let us note one significant word that Putin used above all others: “De-Nazification”. We all know that our world is controlled and driven by the foot-soldiers of Klaus Schwab’s WEF Global Young Leaders and yet those very naïve camp followers have no idea that the powers behind the curtain are the Banksters – the royal families of centuries ago; the neo-Nazis of post WW2, the Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan, and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Every one and all Neo Nazis driven by an insane obsession of retaining their wealth and control over the peasants of our world – the producers and DOERS who do all the work for a pittance and have been robbed of over $50 Trillion over the recent years as their predatory global financial system drains every last drop of assets from the poorest of our global community.

Well – not anymore.  The time has come to use the people’s inherent power to strike hard at the heart of their evil empire and regain what has been lost – the Canadian Truckers have led the way – we must follow up and keep the momentum running to a final victory and a Nuremburg 2 – when these Satanic Robber Barons are hanged, drawn and quartered. When the people yet again reclaim their birthright as history returns its favours upon the multitude of down-trodden peasants having borne the trials and tribulations of centuries of exploitation..

AND THUS EXPOSED:  IN THESE VOLATILE TIMES of the great ‘FOURTH TURNING’ everything in our world is upside down – some say: ‘Clown World’ – but it just might be for the better in the end.  In particular the 80 year cycle of Strauss & Howe has coincided with a 250 year cycle which indicates extreme change from a centralised global control system to one of decentralisation. What follows is a technical account of these cycles and I don’t expect my readers to indulge it thoroughly – but perhaps a quick scan might aid understanding:

I quote from a recent OffG article by Edward Curtin (an exceptional writer IMHO): “Primarily about Covid and the need to obey the authorities and submit to being jabbed with mRNA Covid “Vaccines” – the idolatrous religion of bio-security – this religion of fear goes much further and much deeper.

Scenarios of fear have been rehearsed and produced for decades by the intelligence/IT/media giants on a multitude of issues, large and small.  They are rooted in a spiritually nihilistic political propaganda campaign that is exponentially increasing fear, anxiety, and despondency on a vast scale, which is its intent. Fearful people are easily cowered and controlled.

The elites know that regular people throughout the world are fed up with being subjected to violence and abuse in multiple forms, and if courage triumphs over their fears, they might join in worldwide solidarity and revolt, as they have been doing in various places recently.  To prevent this, the authorities must use terror tactics to divide and conquer them. If people dare to rise up and even question the propaganda, they have been and will be called terrorists for doing so. Dissent is now equated with terrorism and thus it must be censored.” The full article is here:

BUT what could be more representative of our current times than the recent fall of Canada, creating a dystopian abyss of the Globalist Predatory Elites?  It now appears that the nation of Canada has indeed descended to the depths of elitist corruption. The once-free country is now under UN Occupation and Globalist control, with no remaining mechanism for the restoration of democracy.  Trudeau and his Nazi deputy, GYL – Freeland, have declared that no one can speak against the government, or they will be hunted by police and prosecuted under some sort of emergency powers.

In doing this, Trudeau and Freeland have taken peaceful resolutions off the table and seem to be trying to invoke violence across the nation.  UN troops have landed in Canada and now occupy the nation, posing as Ottawa police in order to carry out acts of brutality against the citizens there. They have stolen the very money in the Trucker’s bank accounts much to the surprise and shock of the common people who had no idea that their money in the bank isn’t theirs!  Read my book for a clear understanding of this corrupt system and which was implemented in Cyprus on 1st April 2013 (and it wasn’t an April Fool joke).

It won’t be long before Trudeau orders the Canadian goon squads to open fire on innocent Canadian citizens. The first massacre isn’t far off, and it will be followed by the activation of Canada’s large-scale death camps which were built under the cover of “Covid” but were actually intended to carry out genocide against Canada’s own citizens. Get the full, horrifying details in this feature:

But, fear not – the True Brits will come to the rescue – perhaps!  Here’s some ‘time out’ from this overly serious stuff to remember what Britain stood for all those years ago:

HOWEVER – NOW we ask: where do we go since the ‘virus’ has mutated to nothing?  Well – it’s ‘Climate Change’ – what a surprise!  Excepting of course, yet another release of a ‘virus’ emerging, which some are speculating might be an Ebola or something similar.

Climate reporting at the Associated Press (AP) is about to see its “largest single expansion” thanks to a huge influx of “philanthropic grants” totalling $8 million. The AP actually announced on February 15 that it is no longer “wary,” as it once was, of accepting millions of dollars from outside special interest groups pushing a climate agenda.

Led by the Rockefeller Foundation and various other globalist groups, the new climate-funded AP will simply parrot whatever climate agenda is being pushed at any given time, passing it off as “journalism”. Keeping the climate hysteria going is an important part of the agenda because that is what drives the policy changes desired by the globalists, including the elimination of fossil fuels, meat, and other “pollution”.

Some doctors are even now diagnosing their patients with ‘climate change’ – that is how far gone the world has gotten due to climate propaganda.  From here on out, the AP will have its new climate team, which spans across not just the United States but also Africa, Brazil and India, push out climate story after climate story, all from the perspective that cow flatulence and gas-powered vehicles are killing the planet.

Over three years, the AP will actually rake in far more than just $8 million, and about 20 of its climate “journalists” will be new hires. The following five organizations are contributors to the effort:

  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • The Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Quadrivium
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • The Walton Family Foundation

What AP did not say, however, is that these changes violate the Society of Professional Journalists’ (SPJ) “Code of Ethics” for journalists.  So, regardless of ethics, which have in general been lost to the dumpster of history, the next ‘crisis’ is upon us.  So beware and be aware of the coming tide of propaganda from the Predatory Globalists as they try so hard to hold on to their failed model of centralised governmental control; because the tide of historical cycles cannot be stemmed by mere humans (or even Klaus Schwab) – this is bigger that the whole of humanity – it’s called NATURAL EVOLUTION and it’s bearing down on us rapidly.

SOCIETY versus STATE: Canada Reveals ‘The Core Conflict of Our Age’.  As predicted, if you study The Fourth Turning, “Justin Trudeau’s confrontation with the Canadian truckers may be the single most significant event of the Covid pandemic;  not because of its eventual outcome, whatever that may be, but because of what it symbolises.

It captures, in perfect microcosm, the tensions between the competing imperatives of the age: freedom versus security; the rule of law versus flexible ‘responsive’ governance; the priorities of the workers versus those of the Zooming bourgeoisie; the need for real-world human interaction and belonging versus the promises of splendid online isolation; the experiences of the common man, who knows where it hurts, versus those of the professional expert class, who know nothing that cannot be expressed as a formula.

More than all of that, though, it gives us a lens through which to view a much deeper, much older conflict of much larger scope – one which underlies not just the struggles of the Covid age, but of modernity itself. On the one hand the state which seeks to make society transparent to its power; on the other, alternative sources of authority – the family, the church, the community, the firm, the farm, and the [sacrosanct] human individual.” Read the article here:

YET here is another observation of the fascist, Trudeau in Canada, who has passed the most draconian laws. “Even the staunchly ‘pro-globalist’ magazine ‘The Economist’ is shocked at Justin Trudeau’s treatment of Canadian Truckers, warning him to “stop policing thoughts.” The liberal elitist publication responded to Trudeau’s brutal crackdown on anti-vaccine mandate demonstrators, which included cops using police horses to trample disabled people.

Despite the magazine arguing that Trudeau was “right to enforce” vaccine mandates it also said that “the Truckers have every right to express their disagreement. A wise government would listen to them and respond politely, taking their complaints seriously and patiently explaining why covid restrictions, though onerous, are necessary for the time being,” the magazine innocently mis-stated; (they, as many others, are totally oblivious to the truth)

“Justin Trudeau has done the opposite. First, he refused to meet them. Then, seizing on the fact that a few of the protesters appeared to be bigots, he attempted to put all of them outside the boundaries of reasonable debate by condemning ‘the anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-black racism, homophobia and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over these past many days.”

HOWEVER – IN SOUTH AFRICA, I came across the remarkable concept of ‘UBUNTU’ and, due to my good friend Alex, I am reading this exciting book as a priority – (RFK is on hold) – because it goes to the very root of my belief that the New Emergent Economy, post GFC2, will require self-sufficient, local communities if we are to opt out and avoid the consequences of the Great Reset when CBDCs are introduced worldwide ensuring the Banksters’ total control of the populace using the one thing that is fundamental to all of us – MONEY the Bansters’ control systems

I am proud to have recently become a member of a local group of unvaxxed people, through a chance meeting with Alex, here in Bruton, UK where we are developing a strategy of a self-sufficient, off-grid, local economy as an antidote to the coming Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) despicable regime being planned and already being piloted in some countries.  China is way ahead of the Globalist cabal and I do not apologise for re-posting this short video explaining how it generally works in their CCP dominated world:

ZH has the details of this CBDC experiment launched here: “Jamaica is in the midst of launching – and perhaps more importantly marketing – its own e-currency. The country’s CBDC is called the Jam-Dex and it carries with it a tagline as relaxed as the nation’s reputation: “No cash, no problem”.

The Bank of Jamaica said it went through hundreds of suggestions to try and find a tagline for its CBDC, according to Yahoo Finance. We also hope, you know, that they actually tested the currency, too, and not just the marketing pitch.  The bank said the CBDC’s new slogan “is a phrase that instantly evokes Jamaica, and moreover, speaks to exactly the mood we want consumers and businesses to have when they are using ‘Jam-Dex.’ 

It’s a play on the country’s fame for being “content in the face of worry”, Yahoo wrote late this week. The logo for the CBDC – a crucial part of any good marketing campaign – is the nation’s national fruit, the ‘ackee’.  Jamaica took the digital currency for a test run in 2021, and Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has decided that it would be launched nationally this year. The Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank have already rolled out digital currencies of their own.”

COLLAPSE MONITOR:  With Omicron rapidly disappearing in the rear-view mirror, I will now concentrate on a range of topics of key issues in the coming weeks.  Economic collapse is the major focus point now that inflation is raging whilst the Fed has run out of runway. And of course we have the Ukraine debacle happening as a ‘policing event’.  The wonder of our current lexicon is its ability to obscure the true meaning of words and phrases. I am always reminded of the day that the Challenger space shuttle exploded and Huston exclaimed “We have a major malfunction”!  What could be more to the point and yet the understatement of the year!

THE NARRATIVE BATTLE:  EXCLUSIVE: Former Harvard Prof. Martin Kulldorff: ‘Science and Public Health Are Broken’This excellent report from one of the most respected scientists involved in the SARS2 narrative goes right to the heart of this vital conflict and is worth reading in full IMHO:

UNTIL NEXT WEEK:  “Don’t Stay Safe — Enjoy Life” – REMEMBER:  Tell Your Truth– Gently; Don’t Comply – Gently: Laugh At Them – Gently:  SPREAD THE WORD:  YOUR DAILY COVID NEWS (

Author: Austrian Peter

Peter J. Underwood is a retired international accountant and qualified humanistic counsellor living in Bruton, UK, with his wife, Yvonne. He pursued a career as an entrepreneur and business consultant, having founded several successful businesses in the UK and South Africa