My dear TV western armchair generals,

I get it, I promise.  I really do!

Your entire life you have been trained to see a successful military operations like so:

Victory US style!

Begin by bombing the shit of the “hadjis” or “sand niggers” with bombs and missiles, then flatten their town à la Fallujah, then move in with heavy armor and shoot everything which still moves or breathes.

Then distribute chewing-gums to a few kids while on video.

Then take the city center, drop a statue in front your embedded presstitutes, and then declare victory.

Then, after declaring victory, stay another 20 years or so (Blinken was clearly projecting!), ruin it completely, then leave it again and declare another brilliant victory.

And don’t forget to declare urbi at orbi that you reserve the “right” to bomb the shit out of them anytime you deem it is needed.  And fuck their sovereignty or anybody else’s while we are at it!

Lastly, once home, don’t forget to “thank” your “veterans” for their “service”.

I get it.

Now YOU try, please!!

Now, in spite of this conditioning, please at least try to understand the following points:

First, the Russians do not see Ukrainian as Hadjis but as their own brothers.

Second many/most LDNR soliders have relatives in the Nazi occupied Ukraine.

Third, yes, Russia can turn any Ukrainian city into Fallujah, but who do you think will then have to pay for its reconstruction?

Fourth, please understand that the double goals of 1) denazification and 2) disarmament implies that any person which is not a Nazi or is not armed and hostile is not, repeat, NOT the target of the Russian armed forces.

Fifth,  the Ukie military was 80% defeated on Day 1.  Get that?  It was gone as a coherent fighting force.  THAT is why they are blowing up bridges, distributing weapons and releasing convicted criminals.  NOT because they are winning!  I mean – how stupid are you if you believe that?  Ukie stupid?


Right now you are the object of probably the biggest PSYOP operation in history. If you realize that and treat these PSYOPs as you should, that is as “informational warfare from the bad guys” you will be able to tell your kind and grandkids “I never believed that crap”. Good for you!

But if you don’t, well then, just don’t tell too much about you in 2022 to your kind and grandkids, save yourself the ridicule and embarrassment…

That’s it. My very last attempt to wake you up.  From now on, I will pretend like you don’t exist and instantly ban any comments parroting kind of self-evident nonsense.

Now I will quietly leave your room, switch off the lights, and let you watch your TVs.


PS: I know the blogs load slow.  We made hardware changes and we might have to do more.  But that costs (lots) of money and time.  We are doing our best with our means, but with both UncleShmuel and Soros out there to “get us” to the tune of billions of dollars spent, they are definitely winning and holding the upper hand in this informational war.  Wanna help?  SPREAD THE INFO as much as you can and SEND MORE MONEY for our IT.  That is what “Biden” and Soros have that we don’t: many people and many dollars.  That’s just a fact.