Monday, February 14, 2022

We've Seen This Before - Vox Popoli (Vaccinations are, for the most part, worthless.)

A doctor conversant with the history of vaccination observes that the Covid pandemic and vaccination regime has almost perfectly followed the previous example of the smallpox epidemic and vaccination regime, including its eventual demise.

Vaccination was made compulsory in England in 1853, with stricter laws passed in 1867. In the United States, Massachusetts created a set of comprehensive vaccination laws in 1855 (which created the Supreme Court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts a case that is frequently cited about state enforced vaccination). Lemuel Shattuck emphasized the need for vaccination and pushed for house-to-house vaccination to be enforced by the authority of the City of Boston in an 1856 report, also noting ““The City has already provided that no unvaccinated child shall be admitted into the public schools.”

A situation emerged I term the vaccine positive feedback cycle. Keep in mind that most systems in nature are instead negative feedback systems. In these, when something occurs, it self-corrects the system and turns it off rather than accelerating it, as occurs in a positive feedback system.

The cycle is as follows:

A concerning disease exists

Immunization is cited as a potential solution to the problem

A preliminary immunization campaign is conducted and makes the problem worse

As the problem is now worse, the need for immunizations to address it increases and another campaign is conducted

This makes the problem worse

This increases the need for more aggressive measures to increase immunization

This makes the problem worse and further perpetuates the cycle, before long leading to very questionable governmental policies designed to force unwilling parties to vaccinate.

The underlying drivers of this process seem to be an unquestionable faith in vaccination, a conviction dating back to the days of smallpox, that vaccinating an ever increasing proportion of the population through vaccination can end epidemics (now termed herd immunity), and the government having limited options to address the issue besides immunizations and governmental force.

As widespread skepticism of the vaccination increased, enforcement increased, with no legal recourse available to opt out of the immunization regardless of the situation or physician recommendation. Reports are abound across the world of vaccination resistors being fined and jailed or forcefully vaccinated, with parents often opting to receive these punishment in order to spare their children from vaccination.

Assaults on officers enforcing vaccination occurred, and riots periodically broke out. This quote 1874 quote from Emeritus Professor F. W. Newman encapsulates the mood of the time: “Decorous and admissible language fails me, in alluding to that which might have seemed incredible thirty years ago—the commanding of vaccination on a second child of a family, when vaccination has killed the first; and then sending the father to prison for refusal.” Many reports of the horrific enforcement of these mandates and the resistance against them within the United States can be found in Chapters 8 and 9 of Dissolving Illusions. However, the most notable story occurred within England.

The manufacturing town of Leicester was subject to the England’s 1840 law requiring immunization, and the 1859 law requiring every child to be vaccinated within 3 months of birth. As refusal to vaccinate was punishable by fines or imprisonment or both, many vaccine refusers agreed to vaccinate. In spite of their high vaccination rates, a 1871-1872 smallpox epidemic occurred, with 3000 cases happening, of which 358 died, leading to growing skepticism of vaccination, and increasing enforcement of the vaccination mandates. In 1869, 2 criminal prosecutions occurred against vaccine refusers, while 1100 occurred in 1881 (a total of 6000 occurred during this period of prosecutions, with 64 imprisonments and 193 seizures of property being enacted against those too poor to pay the fines).

In 1884, 5000 court summons had been issued against the unvaccinated, a case load that completely overloaded the court system. Letters in local newspaper at this time revealed widespread disdain for the irrationality of the procedure and the medical profession’s steadfast defense of a dangerous practice that had clearly failed over the last 80 years.

Tensions reached a boiling point and on March 23, 1885, a large protest estimated at 80,000 to 100,000 people erupted. It was composed of citizens of all professions from across England and receive support from citizens across Europe who could not attend it. The procession was two miles long, with displays showing the popular sentiments against vaccination present throughout the crowd. The demonstration was successful, and the local government acceded to and acknowledged their demands for liberty.

The Smallpox Pandemic Response Was Eerily Similar To COVID

It is literally impossible for anyone who has even a basic grasp of history to believe that any government genuinely has the best interests of its people in mind at any time. The current governments had zero interest in protecting anyone from Covid, just as the governments of the late 1800s had no interest in actually protecting their people from smallpox.

Vaccinations are, for the most part, worthless. They simply haven’t done what they are supposed to have done. In every single historical case, from smallpox to measles, a review of the historical statistics will clearly demonstrate that the vast majority of the reduction in cases and deaths occurred years BEFORE any vaccinations were being administered.

It’s worth noting that the author recommends a book titled VACCINE SCIENCE REVISITED: Are Childhood Immunizations As Safe As Claimed? as being particularly informative about vaccines.