Tuesday, February 15, 2022

The Recurring Evils - Vox Popoli (But of course - America DaGood would never do that, eh? - CL)

 The Empire That Never Ended has several recurring evils that help identify its influence in the dead societies of the past, including child sacrifice:

Six mummified children thought to have been sacrificed hundreds of years ago, apparently to accompany a dead nobleman to the afterlife, have been unearthed in a tomb near Lima, archaeologists reported.

The tiny skeletons, wrapped tightly in cloth, were found in the grave of an important man, possibly a political figure, discovered last November at the dig site of Cajamarquilla about 24 kilometers (15 miles) east of Lima.

“The children could be close relatives and were placed… in different parts of the entrance of the tomb of the (nobleman’s) mummy, one on top of the other,” archaeologist Pieter Van Dalen, in charge of the dig, told AFP.

“The children, according to our working hypothesis, would have been sacrificed to accompany the mummy to the underworld,” says Van Dalen.

AC makes an important observation of the archeological discovery. What are the odds that so many distinct societies, separated by time, place, genetics, culture, and language, would reach precisely the same conclusion again and again?

All over the world, across great time frames, different cultures, with different people, who spoke different languages, on different continents, isolated from each other, all came to the conclusion that murdering an innocent child, sometimes with a knife, or sometimes by throwing them into fire, or sometimes another brutal means, and always something which would have to be horrifically traumatic to do, would give them some advantage. It doesn’t feel like chance.

This is what the current anti-Christian rulers of the West are working towards. This is what they have already been doing for years in secret places in the shadows. This is what they hope to institutionalize and practice openly in public. The evil is real and the darkness is rising.

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