Saturday, February 19, 2022

Striking Evidence of Covid Vaccines Failure - By Vasko Kohlmayer

(How many times do we have to repeat the gathering evidence that DaVaxxes are not only NOT fulfilling their promises, but worse - they are showing a negative correlation to those promises as compared to DaNON- Vaxxed.

I suppose it comes down to the point where DaVaxxed true believers BEGIN reading the evidence.....and not just DaGovPravda! - CL)

A website called The Expose presents eye-opening evidence of vaccine failure in England. It does this by using the numbers reported by the British Government via its public health arm called the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

In case you do not know, the UKHSA “publishes a weekly Vaccine Surveillance Report, with each report containing four weeks’ worth of data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths by vaccination status.”

Using the data supplied by the UKHSA for week 5 of 2022The Expose constructed the chart below. It depicts Covid case rates per 100K people for three groups: unvaccinated (green), double vaccinated (red), and triple vaccinated (maroon).

The chart shows that those who have been injected with the Covid vaccines are much more likely to contract Covid-19 than those who have not been injected. This may come as a shock to true believers, but it is a fact that a vaccinated person in England is more likely to test positive for SARS-CoV-2 than their unvaccinated counterparts.

This means that the Covid vaccines have negative efficacy vis-à-vis infection. The double vaccinated posted the highest rate of this disease followed by the triple vaccinated. The unvaccinated are by far the safest cohort as far as infection is concerned.

As we can see, receiving a Covid-19 vaccine makes people more prone to contracting Covid-19. Apparently, the vaccines weaken one’s immune system so that it is less able to ward off the disease. Thus, not only do the vaccines not protect against the illness – as all good vaccines should do – but they increase one’s vulnerability to it.

Before we move further, just a couple of quick observations:

Do you remember when they claimed that this was the pandemic of the unvaccinated? This was never true. If anything, it is now more a pandemic of the vaccinated. Their constant efforts to deceive the public shows that the vaccinators and their collaborators in the media, public health and politics are inveterate liars and gaslighters.

Secondly, the data makes it clear that vaccine passports make no sense. The justification for the vaccine passport rests on the assumption that its bearer is free of infection because the vaccine will protect him from contracting the virus. This has been mostly true for all the other vaccines in history, but it is most definitely not true for the experimental Covid vaccines, which actually make people more likely to become infected. When Boris Johnson cancelled the vaccines passports in England last month, he was the first world leader to act in accordance with reason and science.

Given what we are seeing now, however, it may be necessary to reinstitute some form of vaccine passport, but for the opposite reason than the original one. We may need to know who the most likely super spreaders are. This would be the vaccinated.

Be that as it may, The Expose presents an even more powerful graphic of vaccinal failure. This chart shows the death rate for the double vaccinated (red) versus the unvaccinated (green).

As you can see, for all age cohorts above 50 – which is where the vast majority of Covid deaths occur – the death rates are consistently higher among the double vaccinated.

This means that if you are a British person who is 50 years of age or older and have received two doses of Covid vaccines, you are more likely to die of Covid-19 than those who have received none. And that differential is quite substantial. In the 70 to 79 cohort, the death rate among those who received two doses is double that of the unvaccinated; in the 80+ cohort it is even higher.

This being said, the UKHSA data also shows that the death rate for those who have received three doses of the vaccines is lower than the rates for both the double vaccinated and unvaccinated. The Expose does not provide us with a graphic for this subset of data, but this is not necessary in order to understand the data’s distressing implications.

The vaccines provide some level of protection against death (but not against infection) which, however, is of limited duration. The protective effect lasts for several months, and then wanes dramatically. It, however, does not just disappear but turns negative, making people more vulnerable to both infection and death. In other words, in a relatively short period of time – six to eight months – the shots weaken and undermine the human immune system making it more vulnerable to the ravages of the very disease against which they were meant to protect.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to receive a booster. The trouble with the booster, however, is essentially the same as with the initial shots. Its protective efficacy wanes and then turns negative again, which is why some people in England have already been administered a second booster (their fourth Covid shot in less than fourteen months). The problem is that the efficacy of the boosters is even more short-lived than that of the original two shots. This why the panicked and desperate British officials suggested in November of last year that the British people would be eligible for boosters every three months.

As things stand now, those who received their third or fourth shot less than three months ago are still to some degree protected against death. This situation, however, will soon change and the boostered will then be more likely to die from Covid than the unvaccinated. If they want to forestall this situation, they will have to get another shot and repeat the whole cycle. This will give them a few months’ worth of protection which will then turn negative. If they wish to be “protected” again, they will have to get yet another booster and so on.

This, however, cannot go on indefinitely, because evidence shows that repeated mRNA injections undermine and weaken the human immune system to the point of destruction. This is why the European Medicines Agency (EMA) warned that “frequent Covid-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune system and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune system and tire out people.”

This important piece of information was reported by Bloomberg in a wire titled “Frequent boosters spur warning on immune response.” The piece goes on to quote Marco Cavaleri, the Head of Biological Health Threats and Vaccines Strategy at EMA, who said that boosters “can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly.”

It is precisely for this reason that the health authorities in a number of countries have said that the fourth shot may not be “necessary.” They are using this kind of evasive language because they are afraid to openly admit the truth. The fact is that none of these shots were necessary for the vast majority of people. To inject more than half of the world’s population with insufficiently tested and experimental pharmaceuticals for a disease whose survival is more than 99.8 percent in the healthy is one of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity.

Tragically, there are hundreds of thousands of people in developed countries who have already received a fourth dose and have thus maxed out. When the protective effect of that dose wears off, they will find themselves in a bad situation. With their immune system weakened, they will be more vulnerable to Covid and a host of other diseases. And yet they can still thank God, for unlike hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens they did not die of clots, strokes, heart attacks and other side effects from the multiple doses of these beyond-few-months ineffective and dangerous vaccines.

The predicament of the current crop of double boosterees is the eventual fate of everyone who got caught up on the Covid-19 vaccination train.

This is the public health disaster that the vaccinators have wrought.