Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The Only Way to Understand the Ukrainian Crisis Is by Placing Jewish Supremacist Power at the Front and Center of the Discussion, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review


The Russian-Ukrainian Crisis would be much better understood if people mentioned… guess what? Yes, Jewish Power or World Jewry. We speak of Russia, Ukraine, EU, US, UK, NATO, Biden Administration, ‘Neocons’, and so on, but the real movers and shakers are Jews because they directly control the US, the lone superpower, which in turn rules over EU(and Japan and the Asian Pussy Cats or Pussies).

When virtually all discussions of the crisis(even in alternative or dissident circles) fail to mention the Jews, it’s like talking about World War II without ever mentioning Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists. Could anyone understand World War II by just pointing to US, UK, Soviet Union, Germany, and etc.? No, it was a certain element in Germany, the National Socialist regime led by Hitler, that triggered the key events that led to all-out war. While Hitler couldn’t have brought about the calamity all by himself, the fact remains: No Hitler, No WWII.

The talk of Barack Obama and Joe Biden(among others) in relation to Ukraine doesn’t go very far. What were they in the key moment in 2014? Mere puppets of Jews. Bought-and-sold whores doing the bidding of their masters. They were actors, not the real players. Imagine discussing a movie as if the characters and story have an autonomy of their own while ignoring the roles of the screenwriter, director, and the producers. While one key virtue of democracies is the lack of an all-powerful ruler(who can turn tyrannical), the sure downside is most politicians are selected by the moneyed class

To really understand what’s happening in Ukraine(in relation to Russia), it is essential that we focus on the power of World Jewry. World + Jewry because Jewish Power, though concentrated in the US, is a vast network with global reach from NY to DC to SF to London to Paris to Berlin to Warsaw to Tel Aviv to etc. Would events be playing out as they are IF Jews were not in control of the West?

If we ignore or fail to notice Jewish Power, EU would appear the puppet of the US, but addressing the Jewish element paints a more accurate picture that has both US and EU subservient to Global Jewish Hegemony. In other words, goy politicians in US are no less puppets than ones in Europe are. It’s not so much US directing EU as Jewish Power directing goyim in both US and EU. Does anyone really think Biden has more power than Emmanuel Macron or the shabbos goy nobodies in Italy, Germany, or Sweden? Why did European leaders mostly ignore Donald Trump despite his bluster and tough guy act? Because, all said and done, they knew he was bent over to be rammed in the arse by his Zionist masters. No matter how tough a prison ‘bitch’ acts, the fact remains he can’t say NO to being buggered by his masters. Goyim in US and EU are all in the same club: Take it up the arse from Jewish Power Club. That’s what globo-homo boils down to, and it is indeed a fitting symbol of an age when the name of the game is to turn ‘bitch’ to be bung-donged by Jewish Power.

The dissident narrative blames the Anglo-American capitalist model for the ruination of Russia in the 1990s, but didn’t it do wonders for post-war Germany and Japan? As well as for certain East Asian nations and China beginning in the 1980s. If the Anglo-American capitalist model is to blame, why has it worked in some places?

Now, one could argue that Russians were too lazy, drunk, and inept to take advantage of new opportunities upon the fall of communism. Or one could blame communism’s prolonged impact on Russia for having suppressed and discouraged individual initiative and enterprise, so much so that Russians clung to the iron blanket than actively took advantage of new freedoms in the 1990s. There’s surely some truth to that. But would Russia have turned out so badly in the 1990s had Jews not controlled the West’s ‘aid package’ for the post-Soviet economy? Or if Russians had realized right away what the Jews were really up to and taken strong measures in favor of a more nationalist-minded reforms? Compare Germany after WWI and after WWII. The problems faced by Germans post-WWI didn’t just come from the Versailles Treaty. Rather, so much of the new order fell into the hands of rapacious Jews who freely plundered the whole country financially and ravaged it culturally. In contrast, despite far greater devastations of World War II, Germany recovered rapidly because the economy was in German hands and, furthermore, outside advice came from Anglo-American than Jewish sources. A typical Anglo-American worldview back then was that of George Kennan: Build up American power around the world but look for live-and-let-live solutions with other peoples. In contrast, a typical Jewish worldview is that of Victoria Nuland, Richard Perle, Paul Singer, and George Soros: We Jews must have it all, therefore it’s our ‘chosen’ right to subvert, corrupt, and meddle as we please to turn the entire world into our ‘bitch’.

One thing for sure, the triumphant US following WWII wasn’t ruled by Jews. And when China began their reforms in the 1980s, CCP was firmly in control and insisted on doing things its way, i.e. they would study the successful East Asian models, especially Singapore, and formulate their own policies of reform and experimentation. One thing for sure, they would not hand over the levers of power and control to foreigners.

In contrast, Russia in the 1990s handed control over to foreigners, especially Jews. Handing the keys to foreigners was bad enough. But the leading figures were Jewish, and this proved crucial due to Jewish character and agenda, as well as their contempt for Slavs. Anglos have a long history of exploitation and brutality, but they’ve also shown they can be magnanimous, reformist, and honorable. While the British pulled dirty tricks to wrest Hong Kong from China, they did turn a pile of dirt into a great city and allowed Chinese to prosper within the zone. And UK invested a great deal in India. It wasn’t just about take but give. In contrast, Jewish Power comes down to take and take, with Jews having ever more and goyim having ever less. Also, unlike Anglos who’ve shown the possibility of reflection, remorse, and amends, Jews never admit wrong, never apologize, and never try to make up.

It’s been noted Germany has been far more contrite than Japan after World War II, but even Japan admitted it was the aggressor against other Asian nations in the events that led to the attack on Pearl Harbor and all the hell that followed. But, have Jews ever expressed misgivings or remorse about anything they’d done throughout history? Maybe Jews sometimes feel sorry for what they’d done to fellow Jews — one bunch of Jews didn’t do enough to help out another bunch of Jews — , but they’ve hardly shown any remorse over the consequences of their acts on goyim. (There are outliers like Philip Weiss and Norman Finkelstein but they’re the exceptions that prove the rule.) If Anglo Morality is often about whites genuflecting on what wrongs they(and their ancestors) may have committed, Jewish Morality is about Jews accusing OTHERS of having wronged Jews or others. It never occurs to Jews that THEY may have done wrong to others, or maybe Jews know but don’t care as goyim are regarded as subhuman cattle. So, Jews will go on and on about ‘antisemitism’ or, on the subject of blacks, always point to white goy ‘racism’ but hardly mention Jewish exploitation of blacks. It’s always about Emmett Till than, say, black victims of Jewish Power in South Africa, where Jews, Anglos, and Boers long conspired to exploit the manpower and resources of the region. And Jews may go on and on about British Imperialism against China without mentioning Jews were the main peddlers of opium to the Chinese. Even when it comes to Zionism, many American Jews lamely claim that Israel’s abuses are more the result of fanatical Christian Zionist support. In other words, American Jews are oh-so-wonderful and apply humanitarian pressures on Israel, but there’s little they can do because Christian Zionist fanatics encourage Israel to act badly.

It certainly doesn’t help that Jews are minorities in all countries(except Israel) and zelig-ishly launder all their tribal misdeeds as goy-national ones. So, even though Jews were the dominant sellers of opium in China, the blame falls on the ‘British’. Even though Jewish Power directed the US government to cook up lies about WMD to invade Iraq, the blame falls squarely on Bush, Cheney, and the State Department even though they signed onto war to appease Jewish Power. As for Russian economic fiasco in the 1990s, the official narrative blames Boris Yeltsin’s ineptitude even though the much bigger factor was Jewish exploitation of Yeltsin’s drunken stupor, ill health, and bumpkin ignorance of world affairs.

It’s no longer tenable to launder the crimes of Jewish Power as ‘national’ abuses or blunders when national sovereignty is being eroded in favor of shabbos goyim doing the bidding of the likes of George Soros, Paul Singer, Wall Street crooks, and Washington D.C. gangsters of Zion.

Imagine how better the Ukrainian Crisis would come into focus if, instead of treating it as a matter of contention among US, EU, Ukraine, and Russia, it was discussed as a Jewish Power play pitting shabbos goyim vs national goyim(like Putin). In THE GODFATHER PART 2, when Kay asks what happened with Pentangeli, Michael says, “It was between the brothers. I had nothing to do with it.” But in truth, he had everything to do with it. He used Pentangeli’s brother to silence Pentangeli, just like Hyman Roth played the Rosatos and Pentangeli to get at Michael. Likewise, Jewish Power will pretend it has nothing to do with Ukraine, Syria, or any other crisis, i.e. it’s really a matter among the goy nations, and Jews are merely sitting in an advisory capacity. But that’s utter BS as Jews are playing the role of puppet master with shabbos goy shills. The big tragedy is even Putin cannot spell this out. Why not?

Perhaps, calls against ‘antisemitism’ in the past were to protect vulnerable Jews. Today, it has only one meaning: Shut Up about Jewish Power. This black hole in the discourse has rendered ridiculous and absurd our understanding of foreign(and domestic) affairs. We are like Mick Jagger in GIMME SHELTER beseeching the crowd, “Brothers and Sisters, why are we fighting?” Yeah, Mick, never mind the concert was planned as a free-for-all, Hell’s Angels were recruited for security(and paid in free beer), half the crowd was zonked out on drugs, and the Stones were glorifying the Devil. Yeah, never mind all that. “Brothers and Sisters, why are we fighting?” LOL

Likewise, nothing makes sense about the so-called ‘new cold war’ unless we put Jewish Power at front and center of the discussion. Ukraine is like the Rosato Brothers in THE GODFATHER PART 2. (Imagine trying to discuss the power dynamics in that movie without ever mentioning the role of Hyman Roth, or of Michael Corleone for that matter.) The current Ukrainian regime wouldn’t dare act this way toward Russia but for the fact that it’s backed up by the Jews who control US and EU. Some in dissident circles speak of the alliance of Jews and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, but it misses the point. It is hardly a partnership of equals. Jews totally dominate, and the so-called ‘neo-nazis’ are mere muscle, the hitmen and bouncers. Also, naming the ‘neo-nazi’ element implies that Jewish Supremacism isn’t itself a moral disqualifier. No, the current policy must be tied to ‘neo-nazism’ to be discredited. But even if there were NO connection between Jews and ‘neo-nazis’, isn’t it enough that Jews are now acting like Nazis or worse to deserve our condemnation? Is Jewishness so holy that it can be criticized or condemned ONLY IN RELATION to some goy evil? It would suggest Jewishness per se is pristine and can never be wrong and can only be tainted by goy wrongs. It’s like the ‘mainstream conservative’ discourse about blacks in the US. Blacks are almost never blamed for their thuggery & criminality and only rebuked for choosing the Democrats with all the WRONG ideas. In other words, even when blacks destroy cities like Detroit, blackness isn’t at fault, only its having been misled by ‘socialist’ ideas of the Democratic Party. Likewise, never mind what Jewish Supremacism did to Ukraine. Just pretend that Jews misguidedly sided with the ‘neo-nazis’, the real bad guys.

There have been books about Hitler’s War, Stalin’s War, Churchill’s War, and etc. But what about the Jews’ War, or the Schwarz War? The failure to name(and blame) Jewish Power prevents the World from acting naturally. Unless Jewish supremacism is checked, global power dynamics will spin around the axis of Jewish megalomania than of humanity. It’s obvious that most European states would rather just do business with Russia. It’s also obvious that Russia has no desire to invade neighboring countries. Its hand was forced in Ukraine because of the Jew Coup via the Maidan Insurrection. And Jews could pull it off because they control the vast resources of the US and could count on the craven compliance of European governments. Many in the EU weren’t keen on what was happening, but Victoria Nuland, sort of like Madeleine Albright on steroids(or PMS 24/7), gave Europeans the middle finger because she’s one of those ‘made’ members of the Tribe.

After all, what were Europeans going to do about it when EU is a satellite of the US controlled by Jews? Besides, Europeans since World War II have foolishly agreed to worship Jews and the Holocaust, which has instilled generations of Europeans and whites the world over with the faith in Jews as pure-as-snow Anne Franks mass-murdered by Nazis for no reason at all. Having spiritually elevated the Jewish Tribe to holiness, Europeans are now caught in a trap. They chose to worship Jews as sacred victims of the Nazis, the worst people that ever lived, but they now find Jews acting as badly or even worse than the Nazis. But they can’t face up to this because they deified Jewishness. Scum like Nuland know this about the white psyche. No matter how wretchedly she speaks or acts, the mere fact of her Jewishness has whites trembling at her feet as if she’s god or something.

Yes, Jews control the gods. Her arrogance isn’t merely the expression of American Power and Jewish Money but the perverse manifestation of Jewish Deification. She belongs to the Holy Tribe which is now worshiped by Europeans as the new christ. Christianity maintains Jesus the Perfect Man was terribly wronged and murdered but ascended to Heaven and attained/revealed full Godhood. Holocaustianity says Jews as the Perfect People were horribly wronged and mass-murdered but rose from the grave to offer benediction to those whites who atone and repent at the feet of Jews. One thing for sure, whatever the real Jesus may have been, Jews were never a Perfect People but a bunch of a–holes like the rest of humanity. But because the West is now into the idolatry of actual groups(mainly Jews, blacks, and homos), things are getting increasingly worse. In the past, all sides invoked God as being on their side and did terrible things in His name. Still, no one could know for sure whose side God was on as God was bigger than any one people. Furthermore, as God didn’t exist, He had no real impact on world affairs. God could neither save or destroy the world; it was up to the actual forces on Earth. Still, if one must worship, let it be God.

But what happens when an actual people are worshiped, either as individuals(Hitler, Stalin, Mao) or as groups(Jews, blacks, and homos)? It is far more dangerous to worship a group than an individual. After all, however bad a megalomaniac tyrant may be, he is just one person and won’t live forever. After Stalin died, Soviet Union could halfway become a normal country. But even after crazy Jews like Sheldon Adelson kick the bucket, the madness continues because the West goes on worshiping the Jews. And as Jews are deemed sacred and godlike, we must pretend they’re founts of wisdom, truth, justice, and meaning. Even when they lie, it’s the truth. Even when they spit, it’s holy water. Even when they abuse others, it’s justice. Just ask the Palestinians. Zionists crush Palestinians, and all we get from US politicians is ‘Muh Israel’. God is said to be all-powerful but doesn’t exist and has no impact on us. In contrast, Jews are a people with all the flaws(and virtues) of other peoples, but they are worshiped as holy and godlike, and this has real world impact because, unlike God, they really do exist in the World. No matter how much one prays for God to smite the wicked, nothing comes of it. But Jewish Power can really trample on your rights and start wars. Nothing is crazier than worshiping an actual group of people as perfect. Atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins have warned of the dangers of worshiping things that don’t exist, i.e. worldly decisions shouldn’t be based on irrational faiths. Still, at the very least, there is the assurance of there being no God or gods to actually mess things up no matter how much people pray or make offerings. In contrast, rooting for Jews as a Holy Tribe has real world consequences because Jews, who really do exist, do control goy puppets who manage real world affairs of the West. Atheists would do better to worry about man worshiping really-existing man than man worshiping non-existent God. A child idolizing a gangster is a bigger problem than a child dreaming of Santa Claus.

The consequences of Jewish control of the gods illuminate the uselessness of liberal democracy when secularization succumbs to sacralization. Whatever one thinks of so-called Liberal Democracy, it has its advantages but if and only if honest debate about power is not only allowed but encouraged. Unlike a theocracy where certain forms of authority and/or dogma are deemed sacrosanct, unquestionable, and settled, liberal democracy works on the premise of open and honest secular debate on all matters. Thus, liberal democracy may seem soulless, unmoored, confused, and chaotic at times(as it holds nothing as sacred), but the advantage is the Power must justify itself on real talent, achievement, and results. The Power simply cannot invoke God or gods or whatever to justify its right to rule.

The problem of Iranian Democracy is that, no matter who wins the election, the ultimate authority is with the Islamic clergy whose power is beyond debate. Though the West distinguishes itself from the Iranian Model by claiming to practice secular ‘liberal democracy’, what has happened over the years is less the separation of Church and State than the union of State with the quasi-religion of Tridolatry, or the tri-idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos as the new trinity. (This makes the US neo-‘theomocracy’ worse than the Iranian kind, which has Allah and Muhammad as the highest holies. In contrast, the holiest of the holies in the US are Jewish gangsters, decadent homos, and Floydian blacks. Which would you rather revere and worship, Allah or Jewgromo Megalomania?) Jewish Power over the US, for instance, is striking similar to the hold that religious authorities have over Iran. No matter which side wins in Iran, it must bow down to the Muslim mullahs. Likewise, no matter who wins in the US, it comes down to ‘Muh Israel’, followed by ‘MLK is my god’ and ‘blessed be the holy homos’. Such obeisance is most dangerous in regard to Jews because they’re the ruling overlords of the US. A Liberal Democracy where one cannot even honestly discuss the Power is utterly worthless. It has betrayed its secular justification for power. Liberal Democracy comes with many problems, but its one saving grace is that all sides can name the power and openly discuss it. But Jews have used Holocaustianity and Zion-King Worship(enforced by SPLC, ADL, ACLU, AIPAC, J-Street, Jewish control of academia/media, and Jewish control of finance & all the hapless whore politicians) to render honest discussion of power impossible. In a way, it’s far worse than Iran. At least, there is a higher authority than even the mullahs: Muhammad and Allah. While the clerics claim to interpret and represent God, they don’t claim to be God. As such, even though they hold the ultimate authority in the political sphere, they too can be criticized to an extent as flawed and fallible human beings. In contrast, Jews(and blacks and homos) have become the highest holies in the West. There is no Jehovah, Jesus, Muhammad, or Allah above them. Angering blacks, pissing off homos, or upsetting Jews is a far graver ‘sin’ than blaspheming God in the West.

And as Jewish Power is so absolute, there is nowhere to turn to. For example, if you really dislike Christian Evangelicals, you can join the Democratic Party and put down the Christian dummies. Or, if you want to gripe about Muslims, you can join the GOP and whine about ‘terrorists'(even though US and Israel are really the biggest sponsors of Jihadi Terrorism against modernizing Muslim nations). You can join with the Democrats to howl about Russia-Russia-Russia, or you can join with the GOP to bleat about China-China-China. You can join with the Democrats(and RINOS) to blame it all on Whitey. You can join the GOP to gripe about immigrants, especially illegal ones. But no matter which way side you turn to, you can’t overturn the apple cart on ‘Muh Israel’ and ‘Holy Jews, let me kiss your arse’. Jews pulled down Donald Trump’s pants and bitch-raped his ass so many times, but all he says is ‘Muh Israel’. Even after Jews rigged the election in 2020 to oust him, all he says is how the ‘squad’ is taking over the Democratic Party(ROTFL) and denying Zionists total control of Congress, which the JEWS DESERVE TO HAVE according to the Don. What kind of pathetic country is this?

But the deafening silence about Jewish Power is global, even in countries where Jewish Power isn’t absolute(as in the US). Given how Jewish Media craps all over China, you’d think Chinese media would return the favor in kind. If Jewish Media bitch about the ‘genocide’ of Uighurs, Chinese Media could go on and on about the Zionist ‘genocide’ of Palestinians. But while Jews piss on Chinese, Chinese dare not point to Jewish Evil.

But the silence is even more shocking among Russians. After all, while Jewish Media and goy puppets badmouth China as a diversion — for now, Jews have no realistic goal of taking over China — , it’s obvious that Jews are hellbent on unraveling the entire Russian power structure and taking over. Jews see Slavs as low-IQ moronic cattle whose destiny is to serve Jewish overlords. To an extent, Jewish arrogance is understandable given that self-rule hasn’t been a strong suit among the Slavs. For the longest time, Russia was ruled by Mongols. After the Mongols were gone, it wasn’t long before Russia was ruled by non-Russian Tsars, mostly of Germanic origin; also Germans built up most of modern Russia prior to the Revolution. And then, Russia fell under Bolshevik Rule composed of various ethnicities. At the very top, the majority were non-Russian. In the post-Stalin era, ethnic Russians gained greater control, but their lethargy and ineptitude ran the system to the ground until it finally collapsed in the early 90s. And then, it was Boris Yeltsin, a drunken bumpkin whom Jews could easily toy with. So, naturally, Jews feel Russians are easy picking. Jews see Russkies as slave-minded rubes who deserve to be ruled by a strong hand, be it Mongol, Germanic elites, or Jews.

Still, Jewish animus has less to do with avarice for Russia than with anxiety over US and EU. Incredibly, Jews have taken over the entire West. Anglos, once a proud people and rulers of the mightiest empire, have become a bunch of Anglo-cucks or Anglucks, among the sorriest deracinated and neutered saps that ever lived. Just look at Anglos in UK, Canada, Australia, and US, and it’s downright embarrassing. So, if Jews could own and tame the Anglos, who the hell are the Russians to say No or Nyet to Jewish Power? If the great Anglos kiss Jewish ass, surely lowly Slavs should do likewise. (Jews are rather okay with Poles because they are useful as self-loathing Slavs who cater to the West and eagerly kiss Jewish butt. That’s what Catholicism does to Slavs.)
That said, Russian refusal to kiss Jewish butt is especially threatening to Jews because the #1 priority of Jewish Power isn’t to take over Russia(even though it very much wants to) but to keep the West under its thumb. In other words, even if Russia were to vanish into a black hole this very second, Jews could easily get over it. Sure, they’d miss out on the opportunity of taking over vast territories with unlimited resources and potential helots, but they would also feel reassured by the absence of a Great White Power standing as counter-example to the White West. Jews have convinced most whites in the West that the current Western Model is the best one, the only one, and there’s no other way, so don’t even think about it. History moves only in one direction, the ‘liberal democratic’ one as defined by Jews, which amounts to a neo-theocratic obligation among whites as happy-sappy cucky-wucks kneeling and praying at the altar of Sacred Semites, Holy Homos, and Noble Negroes.

In the Jewish Mind, it’s totally intolerable and sacrilegious for anyone to ridicule Globo-Homo and BLM, but it’s totally great for Soros-funded Pussy Riot to disrupt services at Orthodox Churches and vandalize traditional Christian spaces. If Russia didn’t exist, there would be small dinky nations like Hungary saying NO to Soros-ism, but how long could they hold out? In contrast, Russia is vast and can weather Western efforts to sanction and subvert its economy. In the end, it was Russia that absorbed Napoleon’s blows and brought an end to his empire. And Russia was the graveyard of Hitler’s imperial ambitions. Of course, Jews can’t invade Russia outright themselves(or even get NATO goyim to do it for them). Most likely, Jews are bluffing about a major war between US and Russia. Jews know NATO won’t invade Russia and Russian won’t invade EU.

Then, why do Jews see Russia as a threat? Because Jews fear the rift between Western elitism(that totally cucks to Jews) and Western nationalist-populism may fester and grow. As long as the West is majority white, there’s always the chance, however small, that the goy white population may finally wake up, get sick of Jewish Power, and demand a return to white majority national sovereignty. Therefore, Jewish Power doesn’t feel totally secure UNLESS the West is made minority-white via mass immigration and race-mixing. That way, the diverse goyim will be too splintered and fragmented to form a solid mass of power. So, until then, Jewish Power must use cuck-elites and sufficiently ‘woke’ white minions to keep pushing the Great Replacement. (If Russia wasn’t white enough for Nazi Germany, it is too white for Jewish Supremacism.) Jews are committed to persuading whites that there’s no other way, and that the globo-homo-negro-shlomo momentum is unstoppable whether one supports or opposes it.

By Vox Day

But there stands Russia with different values and outlook, and with something resembling national sovereignty. This is why the Jewish-run State Department goes to great lengths to attack the ‘traditionalism’ of the Russian regime. So, even if the West cannot militarily or economically destroy Russia, Jewish Power pushes the stark dichotomy of the world, history, and morality divided between the ‘liberal democratic’ West and ‘autocratic’ Russia(and Iran and China). Never mind the so-called ‘liberal democracy’ now means total loss of national sovereignty, goy elites serving World Jewry than their own peoples, idolizing Negroes as magical, and celebrating homo-fecal-penetration & tranny-penis-cutting. But for enough idiots, mere mantras and labels are enough to get them onboard. So, even though the West is no longer ‘liberal’ or ‘democratic’ — it is essentially ethno-oligarchic — , plenty of shallow and/or status-seeking white dummies or whummies the pride of being on the ‘right side of history’. Right, because canonizing the likes of George Floyd and getting all teary-eyed over Pete Buttigieg taking a dong up his ass are the highest values that the current ‘liberal democratic’ West has to offer.

But, here is the great disappointment. While Russia doesn’t join in the Western submission to Jewish Supremacy, it nevertheless joins in the Western silence on Jewish Power. Russia will not bark on command by Jewish Power but won’t bark at Jewish Power either. Given that Jews use media to vilify Russian government, people, culture, history, and values, one would think Russia would return the favor in kind. If Jews(who control the West) endlessly go Russia-Russia-Russia, it’d be only natural for Russia to go Jew-Jew-Jew. If Jews are always Naming-the-Russians(even for things Russians didn’t do), why aren’t Russians naming the Jews, especially when Russians can point to so many Jewish abuses?

It’s as if Russia like the GOP vis-a-vis the Democrats? As we all know, the GOP is somewhat less submissive to the Jewish Agenda, which is why most Jews(who are Democrats) revile it constantly. However, despite its (limited)opposition to the Jewish Agenda, the GOP is no less deferential than the Democratic Party when it comes to Jews and Israel. Even as it defends the 2nd Amendment(and the NRA) to the utter dismay of Jewish Power, it remains reverential to Jews who seethe and spit on Republicans as subhuman cavemen. Even as Jews negatively associate gun violence with the Christian Right, American Conservatives never make a connection between anti-gun legislation and Jewish Power. Of course, many conservatives know of the connection on the personal level, but they dare not speak of it. So, even when Jews howl about all those bloody guns owned by Christo-Fascists, white conservatives are always careful not to name the Jew as the main enemy of gun rights.

If anything, white conservatives will roll out some Jewish guy representing the minority position among Jews and pretend patriotic Jews are standing with gun-loving patriots. Or white conservatives will repeat the bogus nonsense about how the Nazis banned guns, which is not only untrue but nonsensical as a defense of Jews; after all, even if Jews had been armed to the teeth in Hitler’s Germany, they would have been vastly outnumbered by Germans with guns. 1% with guns is no match for 99% with guns.

The Jew Taboo sure makes people say dumb things. It’s like anyone who knows anything about Jewish Power knows that the great majority of Jews are behind the globo-homo and tranny-wanny agenda, but even most conservatives who oppose the agenda dare not name the Jewish Power and where it stands on the issue. Like the pro-gun folks, they roll out the odd Jew who, for whatever reason, opposes the agenda. Even when most Jews are pushing craziness, most people dare not call out on the connection between Jewish Power and the craziness. Instead, they desperately seek out some Jew who happens to agree with them and pretend he’s representative of the Jewish community.

But then, in an order where Jews have been sacralized, it’d be ‘Anti-Semitic’ to blame Jewish Power for anything or to even notice it has no regard for your sense of sanity and good will. So, you seek out some Jew who meets you halfway so you can boast, “With Jew on my side.” And more often than not, that particular Jew will not call out on the majority of Jews pushing the craziness. It’s as if, even for sane Jews, tribal solidarity trumps all else. Or, it suggests a con-game, whereby certain Jews pretend to be on your side to create the false impression that others may yet be ‘converted’. Overjoyed with having a holy Jew on your side, you dare not name the Jewish Power lest you offend your Jewish ally/friend. But can most Jews be won over to sanity and moderation? (Not that the majority of Jews are clinically insane, but Jews, who are so obsessed with power and control, must know that a world of sanity and fairness will limit Jewish Power, not least by noticing and calling out on Jewish abuses. In order for Jewish Power to be absolute, nothing must have higher claim on reality than Jewish will and power-lust do. It’s like the ‘logic’ of power George Orwell’s 1984. A world where 2 + 2 = 4 means there is a truth truer than the Power. For the Power to be absolute, 2 + 2 = 5 must be accepted as ‘true’ if the Power says so. That way, reality and truth have no meaning and value independent of the Power. Reality is what the Power says it is. Truth withers and bends to the will of the Power. And this is the logic of Jewish Power. Most Jews aren’t clinically insane, but they are obsessed with Jewish Power, and that means even unreality pushed by Jews must trump what seems real to the sane mind. It is one reason why Jews push tranny nuttery. Not because most Jews really believe that a man with penis and balls is a ‘woman’, but because it’s a test of Jewish Power to make goyim shut up and believe whatever Jewish Power insists is true.) If not, the Jewish ally has actually done more harm than good because your false hope prevented the naming of the problem lest the precious Jew’s feelings be hurt. This is why the only acceptable Jewish Ally is one who loudly calls out on Jewish Power as the main culprit behind ‘woke’ craziness. Jewish Allies who don’t call out on Jewish Power are worse than useless because they’re likely moles or plants whose hidden purpose is to mute an honest accounting of the Jewish Agenda. So delighted that a holy Jew has crossed over to your side, you fail to make a truthful assessment of what’s really happening and who’s making it happen. The litmus test must be whether the Jewish Ally admits that Jewish Power is behind the Plan or pretends otherwise.

Most likely, he or she will tell you, whatever the case may be, your first priority must be to support Israel! What the support for Israel has to do with gun rights, free speech, opposing mass immigration-invasion, moral defense against globo-homo, or countering financial de-platforming is anyone’s guess. Come to think of it, supporting Israel would only embolden the Jewish War on your people. After all, Israel and West Bank are a microcosm of what the Jewish Power is doing to whites in the West. Maybe deluded whites identify with WHITE Jews in Israel against BROWN Palestinians, but Jews see the whole world in terms of Jews vs goyim. Whites see white goyim and white Jews united against the browns, but Jews see white goyim and brown goyim as one and the same: Cattle to be controlled by Jews. So, from the Jewish perspective, whites are like Palestinians and, as such, exist to be suppressed, robbed of identity, and made to serve Jews. After all, everything in Israel and West Bank is geared in favor of Jews against Palestinians, and the same thing is happening in the West. Jews like Merrick Garland accuse white patriots of being ‘terrorists’ and use the deep state to hunt down white dissidents. Jews intend to take guns away from whites. Jews incite black violence against whites, just like Jews use ISIS to carry out violence in Syria. And just like Palestinians in West Bank are denied rights, water, and land, Jewish Power in increasingly using its monopoly to deny basic rights and services to whites. While Jews who support Zionist Wars and the ‘genocide’ of Palestinians have full access to all the services(and more), many white patriots have been de-banked simply for championing free speech and pissing off ADL. Just ask Andrew Torba of GAB. Zionist gangsters and thugs have full access to banks and Wall Street, but goofball Mike Lindell has been de-banked because he called foul on the 2020 election. Has anyone been de-banked for pushing the Russia Collusion Hoax? Also, given Israel turned the Holy Land into globo-homo Sodom and Gomorrah, how does supporting Israel jibe with being a cultural or social conservative? If white patriots are about defending their land, liberty, and rights from the agenda(pushed by Jews), supporting Israel is a weird way to go about it, especially given the modus operandi of the Jewish State is to dehumanize and disenfranchise Palestinians of basic rights on the very land of their ancestors.

With some white folks, there’s the sentimentality factor. Even as they despair of Jewish Power and Influence, they’ve been converted to Anne Frank Faith and have a Philosemitic soft spot for Jews. Despite all the evidence of Jewish hostility and perfidy, they still hold out for the hope that Jews shall finally see the light. They see Jews as somehow holier than whites. So, when a Jewish Ally comes their way, they are beside themselves with joy and dare not say or do anything that might offend Jewish sensibilities. They go on opposing the Jewish Agenda while praising Jewish Identity to high heaven, as if agenda and identity have no relation to one another. In truth, given the nature of Jewishness, a supremacist identity rooted in the Covenant, it’s hardly surprising that the Jewish agenda would be so hostile, devious, and subversive, laying the ground for total takeover. Does it make sense to separate the wolf’s identity from its behavior(as predator)? Wolf IS a predator. It’s like Nazi identity and Nazi agenda were one and the same. If not all Jews subscribe to the Jewish Agenda, it’s because they have qualms about the nature of their tribal identity. But any Jew who passionately embraces his identity will invariably act supremacist because subverting and ruling over goyim is part and parcel of what Jewish Identity is about. Jewishness isn’t merely an ethnicity, like Irish or German, but a mission of tribal power and domination. Jewishness combines identity with destiny. It’s like the difference between Italian and Roman. Italian just means someone from the Italian peninsula, but in the heyday of ancient glory, ‘Roman’ was inseparable from a sense of imperial ambition. To be ‘Roman’ came to mean something far greater than roots or residence in Rome. It came to mean someone invested in the empire and its expansion. Likewise, ‘American’ as a national identity is problematic because it became synonymous with insatiable ambition for more land, wealth, power, and self-righteousness. American-ness came to be linked with conquest, Manifest Destiny, expansive wars, endless growth, and the attempt to Americanize the world(or to world-ize America, which is now the case, but who can tell which is which as the world has been so Americanized). Americanism is an Imperial Identity, which makes it problematic on the national level. Combine Americanism and Jewish-ism, and we have a real problem. Despite the aggressive character of Americanism, at the very least, the ideal renders everyone who has adopted it as an equal, a ‘fellow American’. A drunken Irish-American and a dumb Polack-American are equals as Fellow Americans or American Citizens. In contrast, even as Jews have harnessed Americanism as a transformative global force, their mission is to rule over Americans and the Americanized world, not to be equal with them. The separatist/supremacist aspect of Jewish Identity prevents the Jewish Agenda from accepting goyim on equal terms.

For other whites, their reticence on the Jewish Question is more a matter of reality than sentimentality. Even if one is utterly cold-eyed(and cold-hearted about the Jews), there is the inescapable fact that the West is still the dominant force in the world and, furthermore, Jews not only control it financially and politically(with its brainwashed, bought, and/or blackmailed whores) but control its gods. Therefore, the highest gods of the West are determined by Jews, and it’s hazardous for anyone to blaspheme those gods. Needless to say, Jews placed themselves at the center of the New Trinity that also includes Homos and Blacks. If the West weren’t so dominant, it wouldn’t matter what its gods are. For example, no one cares about what gods the Eskimos or New Guinean primitives worship. But the gods of the West do matter because the best-connected, most highly trained, and most privileged members believe in them.

If people around the world are careful not to insult the Muslim World due to their reliance on oil and resources of the Middle East & North Africa(and out of fear of Muslim Jihadi retribution against infidel blasphemy), imagine how the world must feel about the gods of the far more powerful West. For all the conceit about secular ‘liberal democratic values’, the West has a new set of gods that are worshiped devoutly by its elite classes and status-seekers. For Western white folks, MLK and Mandela are now bigger than god and jesus. No one is ‘canceled’ for badmouthing God or Old Time Religion(though Judaism and Islam get a break, at least from whites and Christians) but insufficient reverence for Negrolatry will land you in hot water. And same goes for Queertianity. Indeed, for many Western secular-sacrosanct(or ‘seculosanct’) folks, the core justification for their anti-Russian hostility, now bordering on crusade, is Putin’s Evil Empire worships God & Jesus over Homos & Trannies. To the ‘seculosanct’ mind, even god and jesus exist to affirm and appease the vanity of wondrous toots and fruits. Oh my, the nerves of those backward cave-dwelling Russians to reject the cheers and chants of Globo-Homo! It’s as blasphemous to them as heathens-rejecting-Christ was to Western Christians when Jesus was their King of kings.

Still, however much blacks and homos may be revered in the West, they aren’t the ones with direct control over the most powerful institutions and industries. Jews got the real power. So, while Russia may still be tolerable to the West for its lack of enthusiasm for BLM and Globo-Homo, it would face serious(and I mean SERIOUS) repercussions if it were to openly name the Jewish Power. While Jews agitate Russia with Globo-Homo and seek to replace Russian Holies with BLM, they would completely lose their minds if Russia were to Name the Jew and waged counter-war on World Jewry. If you think the Jewish War on Russia is pretty intense now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Putin naming the Jew would be tantamount to New Hitlerism in the eyes of the West, even triggering Jews toward pushing for World War III(and with the full support of Western goyim who worship Jewishness). In other words, Jews wouldn’t merely work to encircle and weaken Russia but do EVERYTHING in its arsenal to lay Russia to waste. As the Jewish Demand is the West’s Command, Russia still treads carefully where Jewishness is concerned, not least because Jews hold some very powerful positions within Russia itself — as too many Russians are drunk, dim-witted, and/or slovenly, Russia still relies heavily on non-Russian talents and know-how.

Now, this wasn’t always so. There was a time when France and Russia competed neck-and-neck as the most ‘Anti-Semitic’ nation in Europe, with Poles and Austrians being top-contenders. But after WWII that led to Europe’s demise and dependence on the US that came under Jewish Power that made Holocaustianity the new faith, the West became wholly servile to Jews in every conceivable way. Even if the West can tolerate Russia’s banning of ‘gay pride’ parades and lack of passion for BLM, it would go into total crusade-mode if there was even the slightest hint that Russia is taking on the Jews. So, even as Putin doesn’t suck up to the likes of George Soros and US Jews, he has to make a show of being Jew-friendly, meaning he dares not name-the-Jewish-Power that is behind the anti-Russian campaign. Putin knows that Naming-the-Jew would be the Western equivalent of Mocking-the-Prophet in the Muslim World. One thing for sure, it goes to show that the secularism proved a sham because it merely substituted traditional gods with new ones selected by the Power. And these new gods stink to high heaven. George Floyd and Harvey Milk indeed.

But then, imagine if Putin had a giant pair of balls and bit the bullet, damned the torpedoes, and spilled the beans on the pernicious role of Jewish Power in global politics, culture, and finance. As Russia has built a partnership with China, Iran, and other nations over the years as bulwark against the US and EU, it may be worth it for Putin to take the plunge, especially as vile Jewish Power shows no sign of letting up. Besides, Jewish animus against Russia is less about ancestral angst than current power-lust. Some argue that the likes of Victoria Nuland are fired up by what Russians did to Jews long ago, but that’s bogus. If it’s about revenge, surely Jews know they got even and then some with the Bolshevik Revolution that killed millions of Christian Slavs and destroyed 50,000 churches. If anything, there was worldwide Jewish support for Soviet Union. It was almost as if Jews forgot their ancient hatreds and came to love Russia. And in the 1990s, Jews hardly exhibited anti-Russian sentiments as Russia was their bitch-whore to rape and exploit. Jewish Rage flared up when Putin began to make his moves against the Jewish oligarchs, said “No Thanks” to Globo-Homo, and lent support(however limited) to Iran & Syria.

If Jews in the past were bitter about Jewish merchants being roughed up by Cossacks and Jewish religion badmouthed by the Russian Orthodox Church, Jews today with their sense of supremacist entitlement simply cannot tolerate ANYTHING that stands in the way of total Jewish Control. Indeed, consider Jewish attitude toward White America. Unlike in Europe, Jews didn’t face much in the way of overt ‘antisemitism’ in the US. And among the whites, Anglo-Americans or Wasps were most helpful toward Jews. Jews gained so much in the White Christian environment of America, and yet, there’s no lack of virulent Jewish hatred against White America. But why? Did White Americans act like Cossacks and plunder Jewish businesses and rape Jewish women? (Black violence against Jews was most pogrom-like in the US, but notice Jews suppress their negative vibes against blacks because the real key to their power is control over whites, not least with ‘guilt’ feelings about blacks.) No, White Americans didn’t routinely bash Jews. So, why the hatred? Because Jews are addicted to supremacism and gag at even the slightest whiff of white identity, pride, and agency. Isn’t it remarkable how the current Jewish Hatred for Russia is nearly identical with its hatred for the ‘Deplorables’? Donald Trump cucked to a large extent, but he swaggered like Foghorn Leghorn with a big pair of balls, and Jews were utterly triggered by this and pushed BLM riots and Covid-nuttery to take him out. 2020 was America’s own Maidan Mania and Regime Change, the Color or Challah Revolution baked by Jewish Power.

Those who point to History to explain Jewish hostility to Russia are missing(or evading) the point. If the animus is really historical, why were so many Jews supportive of Russia during the first half of the 20th century, indeed even against the capitalist US? While Jews have long memory and history matters a great deal to them, Jewish Emotions are more about the present and the future than the past. Consider that Jews had better relations with Arabs/Muslims than with Christian Europeans, but after WWII Jewish Zionists became murderously hateful toward Arabs. During Shah’s reign, Jews were rather favorably disposed toward Iran, but with the rise of the Islamic Regime with its staunch support for the Palestinians, Jews became pathologically anti-Iranian. Because Venezuela has sought better relations with Iran, Jews now hate that country.

Pointing to past history to explain current Jewish behavior toward Russia is a kind of sentimentality. Even as one disapproves of the Jewish attitude, there’s an element of sympathy for past Jewish suffering at the hands of Russians(which, by the way, is vastly exaggerated because most Jews lived in the Polish part of the Russian Empire, and many of the thugs involved in pogroms were a hodge-podge of Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, and others). It is a way of implying that Jews are the way they are due to deep scars of historic trauma. But that is foolish. In truth, Jews are animated against Russia because they are supremely arrogant with their tribal power and hegemony. They feel, “If we rule over the great Anglos, lowly Slavs have no reason not to kiss our arse.” Imagine you tamed a great horse and ride upon it but some third-rate donkey stubbornly refused to do as you command. Imagine you tamed a German Shepherd to obey your commands, but some mangy mutt won’t listen. In the Jewish Mind, it’s a great geographical injustice that the lowly Slavs should possess so much territory with vast resources. (It’s like how John Wayne felt about the American Indians. Them red savages were too backward and useless to have all that land, and so, the cowboys were right to take it.) Russians deserve to serve Jews, not be masters of their own land because Slavs suck, or so Jews feel. In this, Jewish view of Slavs isn’t much different from that of Hitler: natural-born Slavic helots must serve the superior race/tribe. So, let’s drop the pretense that the likes of William Kristol, Victoria Nuland, Stinkin’ Blinken, and Adam Schiff are motivated by historical trauma, as if still haunted by epigenetic nightmares of KKKossacks riding into Jewish ghettos and raping Jewish women and stealing liquor. No, their worldview is much like that of Der Fuhrer upon the defeat of France: “The world is our oyster”.

Failing to discuss Jewish Power is like describing a football match without ever mentioning the role of the quarterback on one of the teams. Or it’s like describing a boxing match without mentioning the identity of one of the fighters. Suppose a boxer is up against Rocky Marciano. Discussed are Marciano’s gloves, fists, arms, torso, legs, feet, and etc. BUT, for some reason, all those features aren’t linked to Marciano the person, the athlete. That’d be pretty absurd, wouldn’t it. Marciano’s physical attributes are being used to serve his ego as champion. They don’t exist independently of his personal pride. Same goes for current world affairs because discussion of Russia, US, EU, Canada, UK, NATO, Ukraine, and etc. simply doesn’t get to the essence of the real power acting as mover and shaker of events: Jewish Supremacist Power, or JSP, aka World Jewry.

Just imagine how the world can change if the Jewish Power was named(and blamed, and given credit when it’s due). While Jews operate through US power, fact remains the current US policy has no bearing on Most American goyim who have no global ambition, no tribal arrogance, and no reason to hate Russia. Apart from some groups like Polish Americans, Lithuanian Americans, and Finnish-Americans with a historical gripe about Russia, most Americans have no reason to hate Russia or even care about it. Indeed, if not for Jews, most Americans would have no beef with Arabs and Iranians either. It’s telling that Japanese-Americans, who were ‘interned’ during World War II, are less bitter in their feelings toward White America. (If most Japanese-Americans are ‘liberal’ leaning on ‘woke’, it’s because they are suckass conformists who always go with the dominant narrative. No wonder Francis Fukuyama has his head up the Zionist ass and is always badmouthing Russia to be on the good side of his Jewish masters. Stupid yellow dog but then surrounded by white dogs who act the same way.)

US foreign policy is utterly Judeo-centric. America’s moral proselytization and wailings about Human Rights are catered to serve Jewish Power. So, we are made to weep about Kurds whenever it is to Zionist interests for US to intervene in Syria. Jews don’t care about Kurds, and neither do most Americans. But when Trump dangled the possibility of leaving Syria, Jewish Media ran with “But what about the Kurds?”, cynically employing the Kurdish Question to maintain Jewish-controlled US imperialism in the region. Of course, plenty of white dummies or whummies who knew little or nothing about the Kurds(and hardly gave any thought on the matter) joined the Jewish media chorus because their feeble hearts and minds are totally controlled by Jews. If US cares so much about human rights, how about occupying West Bank and protecting Palestinians from Zionist settler-invaders? Or how about using its muscle to return Golan Heights to Syria?

How interesting that the politics of American sympathy always correlates with Jewish global interests. Jews insist on US military presence in Syria, and so, the Kurd Question enters the News Cycle whenever there’s talk of US leaving. And as Jews see Ukraine as the bridge for finally conquering and subjugating Russia, we are expected to care about those poor poor beleaguered Ukrainians. Meanwhile, never mind the near-genocidal conditions in Yemen brought upon by a key US ally Saudi Arabia, done with the full blessing of the Jewish-controlled State Department.

Putin has been a cautious and at times even a masterful leader. Most of the time, caution and moderation are ideal. But there are times for boldness, and Putin must step up to the plate and finally name the Jewish Power. Unless named, it will carry on the same way because it’s never blamed for anything. People blame the Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, John McCain, Pentagon, John Kerry, CIA, State Department, and etc. Some will name the Neocons or Neolibs. And key Jewish figures will be named as individuals. By now, many people have heard of Victoria Nuland on Tucker Carlson’s show. But it’s not enough to name Nuland as a mere individual because it lends the false impression that she’s just a nasty individual with personal issues. No, she’s part of a tribal power complex and ethno-supremacist agenda. She is an agent of the Tribe, not just an individual. She serves World Jewry, not the US or the so-called West or even herself. Same goes for Stinkin’ Blinken.

If Putin or some other prominent goy figure were to name the Jewish Power, he will get a lot of flak, but the cat will finally be out of the bag and future discourse will have to take it into account. It has to be done. Just think of how much the current events in Ukraine would come into focus by naming Jewish Power and its key role. We can have 20/20 vision on what is happening. But without naming Jewish Power, it’s all a blur where we are allowed only to read the big letters: US, EU, NATO, RUSS, UKR, etc. No, get a real pair of glasses and see what’s happening for what it really is. It’s Russia, with Iran and China, being harassed and threatened by Jewish Power through its myriad puppets — Western goy actors can’t even be regarded as allies of Jews as they’re utterly spineless at the feet of Jewish Power. The relation between Jewish elites and white goyim is essentially that of Master and Slave. Trump was a slave too but somewhat uppity, which displeased Jews a great deal. Jews are so powerful that the use Antifa and BLM as pogrom squads against White America. Jews use the law to protect to their goons. What were BLM riots in 2020 but a national pogrom instigated by Jews to terrify White America? But what did white goyim do? They took the knee and volunteered to wash stinky Negro feet.

At this point, if someone in dissident circles abstains from naming the Jewish Power in the Ukrainian Equation and just goes on blabbering about Joe Biden, US, UK, EU, NATO, ‘Neocons’, and etc., he should just give it up. Seeing more clearly than the MSM isn’t good enough. It isn’t enough to make out the general outline of the target. The bull’s eye must be spotted clearly and aimed with total precision. In MIDNIGHT RUN, there comes the moment when it must be said loud and clear, “Serrano’s got the disks, Serrano’s got the disks.” In our time, it is time for people to finally shout the obvious: “It’s the Jews, it’s the Jews.”

It’s an irony of ironies. We’ve been told so often World War II wasn’t averted because people failed to spell out the true nature of Hitler’s character and ambitions. It’s like what Clemenza says in THE GODFATHER: Hitler shouldn’t have been allowed to get away with ‘Munich’. In our time, US as the lone superpower is controlled by pathological Jewish Supremacists who are ramping tensions all over the world out of tribal megalomania. With their control of media, they misdirect people’s attention to the Russian ‘threat’, Chinese ‘threat’, Iranian ‘threat’, and etc. when it’s the Tribe that is pushing for unipolar Jewish global hegemony whereby no other power is allowed to have its own sphere of influence. So, we are supposed to prepare for war over Ukraine or Taiwan when there would be no problems in those parts of the world if Jewish Power wasn’t so hellbent on absolute control over the whole glob. The ‘Munich’ Moment in our time has been fomented by pathological Jewish Power that not only rails at Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and etc. but also at NATO members Poland and Hungary(for not bending over to George Soros) and at White American Patriots who want no more wars and oppose the Great Replacement — to the likes of Merrick Garland and countless Jewish elites, those whites are ‘terrorists’.
Hitler is long dead and Nazi Germany is ancient history. Current History is about pathological Jews, and it is they who must not be appeased in the Neo-Munich Moment. But how can there be any truth when no one dares to mention the biggest power in the world? ‘Biden Administration’? Really? At the very least, call it ‘Puppet Biden Administration’. Puppet to whom or what? Jewish supremacism, that’s what.

Naming the Jewish Power will not only save the world from World War III but enable a better understanding of the past. World War II didn’t happen out of the blue because one bad character, Adolf Hitler, duped a cowardly world. Yes, he was pathological and evil, but would he have become Der Fuhrer if Jewish Power hadn’t messed up Europe with communism, financial capitalism, and cultural degeneration? Furthermore, in retaliation against Hitler’s anti-Jewish policies, didn’t World Jewry recklessly stoke tensions that only drove Hitler crazier? (Jews had every right to loathe Hitler, but they had no right to embroil the whole world in their feud with Germany, which, by the way, Jews could have avoided with saner behavior during the Weimar years, later topped by their rapaciousness in Russia of the 90s. One would think that given Russia ended up with Putin than with Slavo-Hitler, Jews would feel relieved but Nope. Instead, they are once again playing with fire and stoking tensions beyond anything during the Cold War. And all over what? Ukrainian security? No, it’s about owning Ukraine as a Zionic bridgehead to subvert and destroy Russia. It’s just another ‘West Bank’ for Jews.) In World War II, many peoples were victims but also instigators. Jews were no different. And now, in the year of 2022, the only pathological power threatening the whole world is Jewish. In the late 1930s, there were several major players in the imperial game: US, UK, France, Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, Italy. Today, there is only one superpower, the US, which has dominion over EU and East Asian pussy nations. And US is controlled by pathological Jewish Supremacists. No well-informed person could believe current Russia and China have imperial ambitions. Russia was provoked into intervening in Ukraine due to the Jewish-led coup. And China has claimed Taiwan for centuries, and the island fell out of its orbit only because of Western/Japanese aggression against China. As for Iran, it has no nukes while Israel has lots. Also, it’s the Jewish Zionist crazies who made Trump tear up the Iran nuclear deal, and the Jews-around-Biden have done precious little to restart the deal. Given the insane Yinon Plan and Jewish-America’s murderous hostility toward Iran, would it be wrong for Iranians to acquire nukes at this point, if only for self-preservation against Jewish Supremacism that has reached Kurtzian levels(in APOCALYPSE NOW)?

All those who complain that the world of the 1930s failed to speak out against Nazi Germany should listen to themselves and not repeat the same mistake. This time, it’s the Jewzis, not the Nazis, who threaten the world. People need to Name the Jewish Power that has gone bonkers. For many, the main lesson of WWII is Germans are eternally guilty and Jews are eternally holy, which is really stupid. But, if the lesson of WWII is that we should reject racial supremacism and that no people should dehumanize, then the notion of ‘eternal guilt’ and ‘eternal sanctity’ must be rejected as neo-supremacist. We need to realize Germans could be evil but also be good. And it also means Jews could be good but also be evil. No people possess some essential-eternal trait. Victimizer could become victimized, and the victimized could become victimizer. The main supremacist and victimizing force in the current world is Jewish, and it has to be named. Otherwise, just give it up. 

A Connection? 

In essence…it always was…and still is…a War on Christ!