Saturday, February 12, 2022

We Are All Truckers Now - By Sally Zelikovsky

 As momentum from the Freedom Convoy in Canada mounts and works its way into the US, and similar convoys spring up in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, people are collectively standing up to two years of COVID restrictions, lies, misery, and abuse at the hands of our government masters. And we owe it all to Canada’s truckers. Oh, Canada’s truckers! We love you!

But it’s not just the truckers. It’s their families traveling with them. It’s the ordinary citizens bringing them fuel, hot drinks, and meals. It’s the throngs of people braving the cold and raising maple leaf flags in solidarity. It’s those sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on—hoping they don’t cave; praying they continue to resist. It’s the non-MSM journalists actually interviewing truckers and hearing their well-articulated grievances for the first time and revealing that, it turns out, they aren’t the Nazisterrorists, racists, white supremacistssmall fringe minority, or Neanderthals the Trudeau-Biden elites would have you believe.

The truckers make a clear case for freedom. They understand tyranny when they see it. As trucker after trucker emerges as Sikh, Jew, Black, Asian, Ukrainian, and regular white guy, they scoff at the simplistic and over-used, now ho-hum and fully anticipated, fabricated accusations that they are racist terrorists. Those who came to the West from far lands are afraid, however, that the misery and oppression they left behind in their home countries are coming to their adopted homelands.

No hoods. No swastikas. No Confederate flags. Those are all just government-fed fictions.

And what’s the reaction of the officials both in Canada and the US? To pressure GoFundMe to cancel the $10 million raised for the Freedom Convoy; freeze out truckers and their children by having police remove their fuel cans in sub-freezing weather; arrest an old man for honking his horn; and starve out truckers and their families by threatening to arrest people who bring them food and drink. Meanwhile, the Biden administration and Pete Buttigieg plot to find alternate routes around bridges facing long delays because of the truck convoy and the state of Michigan brandishes the possibility of forcibly removing the big rigs and their supporters from the Ambassador Bridge.

Oh, let’s not forget the Department of Homeland Security promising to investigate as a domestic terrorist anyone who articulates viewpoints about COVID at variance with official government agitatsiya—attempting to thwart a US convoy before it even starts. You got that? That’s an unconstitutional prior restraint on expression if you ask me.

Forget the politicians. They’re worthless. But the police both in Canada and the US are going to have to decide if they want to support those fighting for the right to live free or be the jackboots and brown shirts of fascists past, robotically doing the bidding of their masters.

This is no longer run-of-the-mill law enforcement—to protect and serve, ensuring peace and safety of the citizenry. This is about our governments using a virus as an excuse to restrict our ability to work, live, travel, speak, pray, and parent; as a cudgel to exert power over our lives; and to spread disinformation to keep us living in fear and pitting us against one another. The police are being used to arrest and detain law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizens whose views on COVID the authoritarians don’t like, but who have been forced to the brink and have no choice but to take bold (but peaceful and lawful) action to regain their lives and liberties.

Image: The Freedom Convoy.  YouTube screen grab.

So many have been champing at the bit waiting to do something—anything—to stop the insanity. But too many have been intimidated by the Biden administration’s persecution of the J6ers and ongoing threats from DHS that differing viewpoints about COVID or the 2020 election will be treated as mis-, dis-, and mal-information. This intimidation is intentional.

But the truckers took the initiative and freed us from those fears. It had to be them. They were the ones destined to take action because not only did they work during the plandemic to keep us heated, fed, and medicated, but they also essentially control the supply chain. No truckers? The supply chain collapses. They are the only ones who could force the government’s hand—just as America’s parents were the only ones who could stop the CRT curriculum, LGBTQ grooming, and damaging COVID mandates in our schools.

If the government arrests all the truckers—who will deliver our food? If the government allows the convoy, who will deliver our heating oil? If the government prevents them from assembling and protesting, the truckers have made it clear they will not resume driving and delivering. They will not yield until the mandates are history. It’s their way or the highway. They are the purple squirrels for this job.

They swooped down out of nowhere to stand between us and the government. And so it is incumbent on all of us to support them—whether we make a donation at GiveSendGo, hang a Canadian flag from our front porch, get in the car and join the anticipated US convoy to DC, bring them food, or cheer them on from the roadside. This is how the plandemic ends.

And if this persists for a few months, so be it. If we can’t get all the supplies we need, we’ll make the best of it. Dig into our doomsday closet supplies. Stock up while we still can. Make sure we have enough medication for a few months.

In this Government vs. The People standoff, we will win. Elites have nothing but disdain for the very people they depend on to live—people who work with their hands so the elites don’t have to; who build their homes and buildings; manufacture just about everything they need; repair their electrical, plumbing, and heating systems; install their AC and repair their cars; care for their kids; deliver their food, fuel, building supplies, new ovens, whatever. Teachers, nurses, gas station attendants. The very people the left claims to care about are now domestic terrorists and racists. We’ll survive but the elites will fall apart.

We’ve lost so much: our loved ones, our health, our freedoms, our dreams, our jobs, our prosperity, and our humanity. We’ve lost the very essence of what it is to be an American or a Canadian.

This is our “let’s roll” moment. The truckers gave us this moment. Let’s not squander it because we are too busy or too scared. And we are legion. This movement is international and, unlike a worldwide Marxist movement, it’s a force for good. Truckers of the world, unite!

We’re all truckers now!

As for the rest of you? Truck you, you mother truckers!