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They all “died suddenly” just this past week (February 8-14) – The Burning Platform - Guest Post by Mark Crispin Miller

 Go to Google Type in "died suddenly' Then click on news. Wake up peeps!!! - America's best pics and videos

Before we note all those whose “sudden deaths” made news just this past week—“unexpected deaths” with no reported cause, or due to heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cardiac arrest or swift, aggressive cancers (all known to be “adverse events” post-“vaccination”)—let’s review how this unprecedented global spike in sudden death has been deliberately obscured by “our free press.”

While honest doctors, nurses, cops, EMTs, nuns and undertakers have attested to this horror, which they have seen, with their own eyes, unfolding daily since the “vaccinations” started, and even though it’s been statistically confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by official figures from the life insurance industry and the Department of Defense, the media, both corporate and “alternative,” has not just blacked it out, but keeps on struggling to “explain” it all away, with claims that would be laughable, if they were not engaged in systematic Holocaust denial.

Since people always pay attention when celebrities drop dead, especially when they die before their time, the media jumped to spread the (fake) news, based on a statement from his family, who based it on an iffy coroner’s report, that Bob Saget died because he (somehow) hit his head, and, instead of going to the ER, figured he would sleep it off, and died that night—as happens all the time, “our free press” blared in unison. “What happened to Bob Saget is extremely tragic, but unfortunately not uncommon,” Pfizer cheerleader Dr. Leana Wen told People. “Every year, more than 61,000 Americans die from traumatic brain injury, and many of these are due to falls.” “Bob Saget’s head injury death a tragic reminder of Natasha Richardson’s,” grieved CNN misleadingly, while many other propaganda mills attacked our heads with yelps of pseudo-motherly concern about them: “What to do if you hit your head, according to trauma experts” (NPR); “What should I do if I hit my head? Understanding head trauma” (Washington Post); “What To Do If You Hit Your Head Really Hard” (Mens Health); “Doctors advise what to do after you hit your head” (MSN); “Head Injuries Are Dangerous, And It’s Not That Easy To Tell When One Is Serious. Here’s What To Know” (Buzzfeed).

There are two problems with this victim-blaming story that Bob Saget banged his head, and died because he didn’t get it checked at once (just like Natasha Richardson). First, several medical experts who reviewed the coroner’s report have found it inconsistent with Saget’s very badly fractured skull. His injury was so severe, a concussion expert told the Epoch Times, that “I doubt he was lucid, and doubt he thought, ‘I’m just going to sleep this off.’” “This is significant trauma,” a neurosurgeon told the New York Times. “This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 or 30 feet.”

Thus Saget’s head was injured more spectacularly than Natasha Richardson’s (she having hurt it in a fall while skiing, stayed conscious, with no fractures, but shortly got an agonizing headache, and died of an epidural hematoma two days later). So did somebody break into Saget’s hotel room in Orlando with a baseball bat, and do him in? The Orange Country Sheriff’s Office, like the Orange County Medical Examiner, were oddly disinclined to entertain that possibility, perceiving no signs of “foul play”; nor, clearly, has the media gone there, either, preferring to treat Saget’s sudden passing as this really sad enigma: “Mystery still surrounds what Saget hit his head on. Police have closed the investigation, so the question may never be answered,” sighs MSN.

Actually, no “mystery surrounds what Saget hit his head on.” What “mystery surrounds” is why Bob Saget fell so hard; and that is not so much a “mystery” as a forbidden question, since that collapse was more than likely caused by Saget’s booster—a third shot that he jokingly reported on his podcast on December 13: “I went to the pharmacy the other day. I got a booster shot and I should’ve gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt, so I’m a little in pain.” Since that gem was only one of Saget’s many bits of “vaccination” schtick (“I’ve been vaccinated five to six times a day and I feel great!” he tweeted in July), his “vaccination” status was no secret. The other problem with those articles about the beloved comedian’s “head injury,” then, is that they make no mention of his having got the jab, repeatedly—as they all surely would have done, if they were works of journalism, written for our benefit, and not just further propaganda for the jab, crafted to keep everybody unaware that he was “vaccinated,” so that we’ll all be that much readier to get more shots ourselves.

This blackout is but one of several tricks that “our free press” has played this week to normalize the ever-growing global toll of those “vaccines.” All those women have been “dying suddenly” because they’re so upset, says ABC News: “

‘Broken heart’ cases surge during COVID, especially among women

Potentially deadly heart condition is triggered by intense emotional stress.

And all those children have been “dying suddenly” because it’s in their genes, says Science:

Geneticists find clues to sudden unexplained child deaths

And all those athletes “dying suddenly”? Well, it turns out that they’re not, because that whole story is a “far-right” myth, which “has been debunked repeatedly,” the Washington Post assures us:

How the falsehood of athletes dying of coronavirus vaccines spread

(Compare that disgraceful piece with this deft online illustration of the awful truth:

While the media thus variously thunders that Big Lie—again, an evil din of Holocaust denial—here and there, the painful truth has quietly come out:

Woman Died of Allergic Reaction to COVID Vaccine, Autopsy Confirms

Autopsy Confirms NY College Student Died From “COVID-19 Vaccine-Related Myocarditis”

And then there’s this rare article, by Dr. Justus Hope, in the Desert Review—a newspaper serving the Imperial Valley in Southern California, about the likelihood that “vaccination” killed two high school athletes on the same day:

Lightning strikes twice – Two high schools sudden deaths on the same day

(Both deaths covered in that article are noted down below, among the five students who “died suddenly” in the United States just this past week, while still others died in the UK and Ireland.)

Here, then, are the names of those whose “sudden deaths” made news throughout this second week of February, 2022. There will be all too many more as time goes on. In our pain as we continue tracking them, let us all devote ourselves to bringing those complicit “journalists”—every single one of them— to justice by and by; for they too, like so many doctors and professors, are accomplices to this unprecedented crime against humanity.

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