Friday, February 18, 2022

State Of The Union 2022 - By Walter Gelles

It’s One Big Hoax from A to Z,

this scam they’re pulling on you and me.
They shoot you up with the toxic “vaccine”
so you manufacture the spike protein,
billions of them and you can’t undo it.
One day you definitely will rue it.
The “vaccine” is a kill-shot…destroys your immunity
and harms your organs with impunity.

The “monster-virus” is weaker than the flu.
Fauci’s a liar and a murderer too,
killing people with Remdesivir
while his partner Gates ramps up the Fear
through his ownership of the W.H.O.
and the Pharma-paid News Media’s endless flow of
propaganda and blatant lies
to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

The PCR test is a proven fraud
devised by Gates and his Big Pharma friends.
It can’t tell Covid from the common cold.
It’s being deployed for evil ends.
The tons of JUNK DATA it generated
got you locked-down and vaccinated.

The plandemic’s a hoax from A to Z.
It’s designed to destroy your liberty,
to implant you with a microchip
so your booster schedule will never slip
and every move you make will be tracked.
It’s not a “conspiracy.”  It is fact.

WAKE UP and stop this utter madness
or you and your loved ones will face great sadness
when you become a “useless eater”
impoverished, sick, a jab-repeater,
a New World Order slave who’s happy
wearing your useless, absurd face-nappy.
Wake up and stop this disgusting fraud
before it kills us all, by God!

The plandemic is a giant con,
it’s a scamdemic from soup to nuts
and if you still want the genetic “vaccine”
you’re sleepwalking, brainwashed, or nuts.

Note:  This State Of The Union message was not delivered by Resident Joseph Biden, an unelected, cognitively-impaired China puppet who has received tens of millions of dollars in bribes from China and Ukraine and who is currently attempting to force every American man, woman, and child to be injected with an experimental, dangerous, and often lethal genetic-manipulation treatment (falsely-labeled “vaccine”) modeled on a blueprint supplied by Communist China.

This “gene therapy” is being coercively administered in an Act Of Treason to the U.S. Armed Services where it has already led to an explosion of vaccine-induced deaths, injuries, and diseases including cancers.

That’s the true State Of The Union today, folks, along with:

* rampant inflation;
* soaring crime rates especially in Democrat-run cities;
* a completely corrupt news media in the service of the CIA, the ruling elite, and Big Pharma;
* censorship of anything that contradicts the lying Official Narrative about the Covid “vaccines” or the 9/11 false-flag operation;
* escalating pseudo-medical fascist tyranny whose goal is to coerce every person into getting the kill-shots and tracking every individual with a digital ID;
* millions of small businesses and jobs wiped out by the illegal, unnecessary lockdowns;
* hunger, poverty, despair, rapidly growing homelessness;
* a spineless, immoral Congress bought-and-paid-for by corporate donors and Big Pharma;
* countless illegal aliens pouring in across the border courtesy of both political parties; and
* poisonous wokeism funded by “liberal” foundations in an effort to destroy the educational system and peoples’ minds.

What we need is a major distraction from all of this—say, a war with Russia, triggered by Washington’s refusal to guarantee to Putin that we will not place nuclear missiles in Ukraine four minutes’ striking-distance from Moscow.  That would be a good diversion from the misery and destruction we have inflicted upon ourselves.

Meanwhile, our great nation is on track to achieve significant depopulation over the next five years as the effects of the Covid “vaccines” kick in.  And people who do not die from these bioweapon injections could face a life of endless medical problems as a result of receiving this grotesque “gene therapy” which killed off nearly all the ferrets, mice, monkeys, cats, etc. in all previous clinical trials for a gene-based coronavirus vaccine.  Now all the “human guinea pigs” who rolled up their sleeves and took part in this insanely reckless global medical experiment—without ever being informed of the risks involved—will learn their fate.

Good night, and God bless America!

Copyright © Walter Gelles