Sunday, February 27, 2022

Perspectives on Ukraine…….as they develop…..

Keeping in mind that the first casualty of war is truth……

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine in Perspective | Energy Intelligence - After decades of ignoring Russia’s national security concerns, the West is confronted with a military invasion of Ukraine which serves as a precursor for a new Cold War that will define Russia’s relationship with the West for years to come.

The Russian Way of War – Gilbert Doctorow - What I am about to say should be self-evident to anyone following closely the move of Russian forces into Ukraine and having a recollection of what the same Russian general command did in Crimea and then did again in their Syrian campaign.  Regrettably, Western audiences do not find these observations on CNN, the BBC, The Financial Times and The New York Times……..

China Calls Out US Hypocrisy - Vox Popoli

False Narrative, Fake Hero - Vox Popoli

And here are sites I have found useful for realistic updates:

RUSSIA UKRAINE 1 - Being in a hotel, I have the opportunity to waste my time watching CNN. I am truly fascinated by how completely clueless the so-called experts, generals, politicians, that they have on are about this. They have no understanding of the Russian motives, they have no conception of what is actually going on, and they can’t see what is in front of their faces. My personal favourite is the US senator that says Russia is running out of food because it’s a communist country and therefore needs to conquer more agricultural land. This is a man whose office is bigger than your house, has a staff of dozens with a huge budget and that’s what he thinks is going on.

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